LUSH Valentine’s Day 2016 reviews, photos: The Kiss, Prince Charming, Unicorn Horn

Monday, February 8, 2016

LUSH Valentine's Day 2016 review

The products: LUSH The Kiss Lip Gloss and Lip Scrub, Prince Charming Shower Cream, and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Lush has six pretty-in-pink, limited edition launches out for Valentine’s Day this year, and like they did with their fruity holiday releases, they’ve subverted expectations juuust a little bit with pomegranate and mandarin scented products. (Don’t worry, there are a few rose-scented ones as well, for all of us traditionalists.)

I tried out three of them and photographed one more, but I have to admit: my heart’s just not in it this year.

LUSH The Kiss Lipgloss swatch review

The Kiss Lip Gloss ($8.95 CAD) and Lip Scrub ($9.95 CAD)

Lush’s product page for The Kiss Lip Gloss leads you to believe that it’ll leave your lips shiny and pink, but while I do actually like this balm, it’s just that: a balm. It’s relatively hydrating and completely transparent, with a sheer, frosty shimmer finish and a scent that reminds me (and the others that I’ve asked) more of bubblegum than citrus. It’s not shiny, and it’s not pigmented, much less glossy and opaque (as it’s swatched on the Lush site.)

LUSH The Kiss Lip Scrub review

The Kiss comes in Lip Scrub format as well, and its twinkling pink sugar bits and edible red hearts had my hopes up high. But, like the last Lush scrub I tried, this one left my skin over-scrubbed and raw, and even though it’s described clearly as a “caster sugar scrub,” it’s half salt sea salt — so when you take Lush’s advice and lick up the excess, you end up with a very literal bitter, salty mouthful of disappointment. 

I have loved Lush’s lip products in the past, but these ones just aren’t working for me at all.

LUSH Prince Charming, The Kiss review swatches

The Kiss Lip Gloss swatch (yes, really), The Kiss Lip Scrub, and Prince Charming Shower Cream x2

LUSH Prince Charming Shower Cream review stain

Prince Charming Shower Cream ($9.95 CAD)

You’re killin’ me, Lush. You guys make some seriously awesome products (I’ve got, like, two measly uses of Gorgeous left and it makes me want to cry), and then there’s… this business.

For a company that prides itself on its natural, eco-friendly image, it’s weird to me that Lush keeps making all of these practically fluorescent Shower Creams. Like Lord of Misrule, Prince Charming can and will stain you and your shower, so watch out.

I get synthetic pomegranate & vanilla notes from this one, and while it does leave my skin feeling lovely and soft, that’s no excuse for staining. It performs more ore less okay under the spray of the shower, but if you apply this to dry skin, it WILL stain you pink with a vengeance.

So stop it, Lush. Seriously. No one else ever even has this problem.

LUSH Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb review photos

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ($7.95 CAD)

It turns out I still hate baths, so I can’t really tell you anything about the Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar except LOOK, YOU GUYS. IT IS A RAINBOW UNICORN HORN AND IT IS COVERED IN GLITTER.

You need. Hell, I need, and I already have one. I wonder if I could tolerate a bath if I could convince boyfriend to sterilize the tub for me beforehand…

(Good for foaming up two baths, or for a single evening of super-plush lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli dreams.)

LUSH Unicorn Horn review photos

The verdict?

I loved that LUSH gave us something a little different this year, with pink products that don’t smell like roses, cocoa, or vanilla, but honestly… I’m a fan of the classics.

None of these products really “spoke” to me (well, aside from the unicorn horn, but who doesn’t that speak to), and love the idea of gifting your darling a bar of Roses All the Way Soap, or surprising them with a massage with of Lush’s classic massage bars. (I have Tender is the Night, which by some miracle still hasn’t gone bad, and I LOVE it.) I say skip the Lush Valentine’s Day launches this year, folks, and go with a tried-and-true from the brand instead.

Available: Limited edition at Lush stores and while supplies last!

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16 Responses to “LUSH Valentine’s Day 2016 reviews, photos: The Kiss, Prince Charming, Unicorn Horn”

  1. Oh no! I had no issues with staining with Prince Charming but I wondered a little about that. I LOVE the unicorn horn, obviously. I agree though I also recommended the Tender is the Night massage bar because it is just so lovely! I …also still have mine from 2014. Shh!
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  2. Oh noes, I didn't notice that with Prince Charming… I love the smell.
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  3. silvermoon3, on February 9th, 2016 at 8:07 am said:

    Huh. I've never cared for V Day, personally, lol, but don't get all bent when others do… Still, I feel vaguely disappointed that this is the best they can do – staining, and sweet yet ickily salty scrub you're to lick?! Sigh.

    But what keeps me away, as you suggest, is their "we're natural!" posturing, when really, they tease you with a generous amount of Natural, and real (e.g. essential oil scents), then basically ruin that with a hit of synthetic to, I dunno, make it "pop"/last unnantual number of hours… Ruining it for me, really.

    An example: a number if years ago I wanted a body powder and thought to try theirs out. Perusing their menu of scented body powders, I located the one offering the scent profile fitting my preferences. Great! Being an avid label reader, I was happy with everything until… It truly *was* natural, and naturally scented, but then they bumped the scent with synthetic. Why?!

    Annoyed, I finally decided to give it a try, reasoning it it is 97.5% natural or whatever that's still really good, right? Maybe, except that the fake scent seemed cloying to me, and despite my extended efforts to get used to it, I found the scent was grating on my nerves more and more, giving me a bit of a headache often with use. Boo!

    Why do that, Lush? It's like that with SO. MUCH. if your stuff! Couldn't you leave a clear path of 100% naturally scented bombs, powders, and such?? I, and many others, would be so, so grateful! I'd actually shop there – just never again in person!

  4. Prince Charming is SO good as a gel… the cream sounds troublesome.
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  5. icequeen81, on February 9th, 2016 at 1:18 pm said:

    They look so great

  6. I love the lip scrub – the valentines day release is one of my favourites! I also feel like they changed up the formula for Prince Charming… It was part of a gift set that I received last year and it seemed more like a gel than a cream consistency? Less sparkly and artificially pink for sure!

    The unicorn horn looks super cute though, but I'm debating whether or not to pick it up or to fall back on the classics and just go for the Sex Bomb.
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  7. Loved the look of the scrub, but salty? How weird and definitely a deal breaker! My regular mint scrub is all sugar. My lips are constantly flaking and a washcloth is the best way for me to exfoliate, but if they've been prepped with a balm for a while the Lush scrub is okay at getting most of the flakes. Glad I didn't run out and buy this one based on looks alone!
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  8. esharp1978, on February 9th, 2016 at 11:09 pm said:

    None of these are me per se. I'm having a Dexter moment for the shower gel, though.
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