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L'Occitane Cedrat After-Shave gel lotion review

The product: L’Occitane Cédrat Shower Gel and After-Shave Cream Gel for him

The one thing that strikes me every Decem-burr (yay!) is that I never do enough of a “gift guide for him.” Dudes deserve product too, so if you have a Mr. in your life who needs a little spoiling this season, this post is for you!

(And him.)

L'Occitane Cedrat After-Shave review

My partner and I couldn’t test out the Cedrat After-Shave Cream Gel ($36 CAD) because it contains silicones, but I had to include it in this post–it’s just so gorgeously packaged! Formulated with Corsican cédrat (citron), it’s meant to hydrate, mattify, and energize the skin, reducing irritation after shaving with a lightweight “melting texture.”

Hilariously, L’Occitane describes the cedrat as an “eminently masculine fruit” with its “thick and rough bark,” which is so unbelievably, comically unnecessary. Men’s marketing, you guys. It gets me every time.

L'Occitane cedrat shower gel review citron

I did give the Cedrat Shower Gel ($22 CAD) a go, though, and I was happily impressed. It’s a 2-in-1 cleanser for the body and hair, and it does a great job of both. It’s lightly scented with a faint herby-citrus fragrance and a hint (not a hit) of woods in the base, and it is great as a shampoo — richly lathering, yet completely non-stripping. 

(I’m serious, you guys. I went from Kérastase to this, and I liked this one more.)

L'Occitane Cedrat review men's skincare

The verdict?

The L’Occitane Cédrat line has a very unexpected, earthy-citrus fragrance to it, but I was really impressed with what I saw from the range. I think it’ll be a big hit for fans of vetiver and other earthy, subtle scents — just make sure not to get it confused with the brand’s Cèdre range, like I foolishly did!

Availability: $8.50 CAD & up at L’Occitane stores and online.

L'Occitane Dedrat shower gel shampoo review

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  • esharp1978

    Sounds like both my Mr. and I would like the smell. I'm all about Cédrat!
    My recent post Georges Duboeuf 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau

    • It's a really interesting one! I still haven't decided if I'm a fan yet — I LOVED the body wash/shampoo, but I'm not sure if the scent seemed less exciting in comparison to the formula because I didn't like it, or because the formula was just *that* good! ;)

  • silvermoon3

    Ooh, haha! I foolishly thought of cèdre when I saw the post title, too. Rather different, oui?! Lol.

    I'll have to check these out sometime… If I can put down the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. products we've used and loved in my house for many years now! (They're from Camrose, AB, if you're not familiar!).

    All natural, for real, refreshingly. Essential oils form the scents… Too many yummy "flavours" as I refer to them in .y silly way to list, but one fave is lemongrass or their "masculine" citron blend…

    Just got an order in the mail (they closed our store down here, though it's quite popular, due to building issues…) so I've refreshed my adoration all over again! Your post has me mentally comparing and considering the scebts, etc. Yum. Lol.

    Hmm. Kinda sounds like maybe I should… Write about it, and not in random comments on my favourite blogger's website?!


    Thanks for sharing, Rae! I love their hand creams, of course, so nice to learn of another L'Occitane product!

    • silvermoon3

      Forgot to add I'm surprised and impressed to hear about its performance as a shampoo! Wow!

      • Right?? I wrapped it up after finishing this review to give to my partner as part of his Christmas present (he usually gets second dibs–after my mom–on any products that I'm not keeping, but I've been tucking away a couple goodies especially for him over the past few months), but I might have to steal it back!

        My hair felt clean and silky for a whopping THREE days after I used the Cedrat shower gel/shampoo last; I don't want to give that up!

    • Oui! Very, very different, indeed! :P

      I grew up with a Rocky Mountain Soap Co. right by my house, but I never paid them much attention until their recent re-branding. I see them everywhere, now, and I'm itching to give the line a try! (I tried out their lemongrass foaming hand soap this evening and man, that stuff is GOOD. I didn't know that hand soap possibly could feel that luxurious until today!)

      I hope you guys get a new Rocky Mountain shop soon! And yes, so much yes — if you were to start up your own blog, I would be all over it. ;)

      (PS: Aww, thank you! I feel like I shouldn't play favourites, but you're one of my favourite commenters, too. ;) I always smile when I see a new comment from you in my inbox, and I just know that any review that you wrote would be just as funny and thoughtful as your comments are!)

  • You’re way too kind. Your photos are stunning and what a great post. I absolutely love this range and have gifted it to some amazing reactions! L’Occitane is so good!!! xx

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