Maybelline ColorBlur Cream Matte Pencil lipstick review, swatches, photos

Maybelline ColorBlur I Like to Mauve It review swatches photos

The product: Maybelline ColorBlur by LipStudio Cream Matte Pencil & Smudger

↳ in 10 Fast & Fuchsia, 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, 35 Plum Please, 40 My-My Magenta, and 50 I Like to Mauve It

This summer, Maybelline launched a new take on the matte lip that caught my eye immediately: their ColorBlur pencils, which, while perhaps not singular in formula, are entirely unique in execution. 

Maybelline Color Blur Lip Color review swatches

The concept & packaging: The ColorBlur Cream Matte Pencils are twist-up matte lip pencils packaged in thin, matte packaging (which feels surprisingly chic for the drugstore).

On one end is a tapered lip pencil; on the other, a dual-sided, asymmetrical silicone smudger that does a delivers a softly or sharply defined lip without getting a single fingertip dirty. The smudger comfortably creates a “softly blurred look” by blending the pencil from the centre of the lip outwards, and is not anything like the sad little smudging ends you sometimes see on eyeliners — you know the ones.

Maybelline Color Blur photos swatches review

Maybelline ColorBlur silicone smudger

Maybelline Color Blur I Like to Mauve It review swatches

Maybelline ColorBlur Cream Matte Pencils (L-R) in I Like to Mauve It, My-My Magenta, Plum Please, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, and Fast & Fuchsia

The shades: There are ten ColorBlur shades currently available, and I got to try five of them. First, two gorgeous pinks: 10 Fast & Fuchsia, a vivid coral pink, and 40 My-My Magenta, an intense, blue-based pink. Next, 50 I Like to Mauve Ita pretty MLBB lip colour that I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of — it’s been living in my purse for weeks.

Finally, there’s the orange-red 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, and 35 Plum Please, a dark plum/red… but more about that in a minute.

Maybelline Color Blur My My Magenta review swatches photos

 Maybelline ColorBlur Matte Lip Pencil swatches in 10 Fast & Fuchsia, 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, 35 Plum Please, 40 My-My Magenta, and 50 I Like to Mauve It

The formula: The ColorBlur formula is vivid, super-smooth, and easy to work with, but after an hour or two (like with all mattes, and many non-matte lipsticks), I do find it to be too drying for me.

However, the formula applies very evenly, without catching on lines or migrating when I press my lips together. The exception to this rule is no. 35 Plum Please, which catches on everything — you can even see it in the swatch. But don’t fret! There’s a fix to this problem.

Maybelline Color Blur Cherry Cherry Bang Bang review swatches

 Maybelline ColorBlur swatches in Fast & Fuchsia, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, Plum Please, My-My Magenta, and I Like to Mauve It Maybelline Fast and Fuchsia ColorBlur review  swatches

 Maybelline ColorBlur Cream Matte Lip Pencils, from top to bottom: Fast & Fuchsia, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, Plum Please, My-My Magenta, and I Like to Mauve It

The ColorBlur secret: For some reason, the ColorBlur pencils play very, very nicely with petroleum-based moisturizers. It makes them comfortable, softly glossy, and in the case of Plum Please, both even and absolutely gorgeous. 

I couldn’t get quite the same results with lip balm as I could using German Nivea Creme, which seemed to disturb the formula just enough to make it forgiving and hydrating while leaving the colour vivid and opaque. (For a still-matte finish, I bet they would work brilliantly with a silicone-based mattifying moisturizer, too!)

Maybelline Color Blur Plum Please swatches

Maybelline ColorBlur in Plum, Please swatched (L) and swatched with Nivea overtop (R)

I snapped a quick shot of Plum Please before and after the Nivea (above), as well as a full-face shot of how gloriously it pairs with Nivea. My apologies for the graininess; in my excitement, I took these photos late at night!

Also wearing: Annabelle EyeInk2 MistakeProof Eyeliner in Black ($10.95 CAD), Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in 04 Massive Midnight ($17 USD/$25 CAD — I am obsessed with this mascara right now!!), Lise Watier Ombre Velours Suprême in Pêche Velours and Rose Thé Velours ($25 CAD); Senna Matte Eye Color in Sphinx and Intrigue to contour ($18 USD), applied with the Make Up For Ever 150 Precision Blush Brush ($40 USD/$46 CAD — I swear, this brush gives the most killer cheekbones).

Maybelline Color Blur Plum Please FOTD swatches makeup look review

Wearing Maybelline ColorBlur in Plum, Please with Nivea overtop — I was surprised by how much I loved this lip!

The verdict?

From the one-of-a-kind smudger to the super-smooth formula, I’ve really enjoyed using the Maybelline ColorBlur lip pencils. They’re not flawless (I wish they were more hydrating), but all matte pencils are at least a little bit drying, and Maybelline totally nailed the colour range with these.

My opinion? Unless you have really dry lips, the ColorBlur lip pencils are definitely worth checking out — if not for the forgiving formula and great colour range, then for the fact that they’re so unique.

Availability: $11.99 CAD at drugstores and mass market retailers. Available online (US) at Ulta & Amazon.

Maybelline Color Blur Lipstick review

Maybelline ColorBlur Cream Matte Pencil and Smudger review

Maybelline Color Blur Fast and Fuchsia review swatches

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  • Nice, I was wondering about these. The pink shades draw my attention as always, I will have to pick one up!
    My recent post Fall Prelude- A Makeup Look Feat. UD Naked 3 Palette

  • You're looking so pretty in the picture! ;D

    I like the idea of having a silicone smudger because I always mess the lip lines a bit when I wear full coverage lip colors. They remind me of L'Oreal Le Matte (this one has no smudging tip, though).
    BTW, I've noticed the main ingredient in these is dimethicone. Do you find it okay to wear these for an extended period of time? I usually have no issues with cones but silicone based matte lip colors do get uncomfortable a short time after.
    My recent post Samples | Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Embrace Of Cashmere & Seas Of Illuminations Sea Of Clouds

    • Aww, thanks Lena! <3

      I love love LOVE the smudger on these — I want a smudger on all of my lipsticks now, lol! :P

      I find that these get quite drying after a couple hours, but the pigments themselves stay well. Does that answer your question?

  • I really thought I was going to be obsessed with these, but I also find the formula to be too drying on my lips and that's a bit of a dealbreaker for me. Such gorgeous shades though!
    My recent post EMPTIES: August 2015

    • Same here, Trysh! I still wear them layered with Nivea or lip balm sometimes, but I wasn't as crazy about them as I thought I would be!

  • These look amazing! Even though it's gonna be AGES until we have them in Spain- that if we have them at all D:
    Fast & Fuchsia and Cherry Cherry Bang Bang are my favorite from your swatches ^_^ Also interesting what you did with the lipbalm! And it does look gorgeous.
    Looking back at the last picture… are they aiming with this the korean trend of "gradient" lips? hmmm

    • Yikes. International wait times are the worst! :(

      They are definitely aiming at the whole Korean gradient lip trend with these! If you went over your lips with foundation, these would be PERFECT for creating a super fast gradient lip. (And without getting your fingers dirty, too!)

  • MissMolotov

    That is a great tip about using nivea!! I have this in one color, the bright orange, and love it!

    • I'm so glad to hear you're loving the formula! :) The Nivea definitely makes these more wearable for me, but you lose that gorgeous matte finish, unfortunately.

  • thebeautycollection

    I'm really interested in trying these out when they get to Australia…