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Odacite Po+R dry skin dehydration review

As a beauty blogger, I try a lot of stuff for work you guys! And, as a result, it’s rare that I ever get to fully finish products that I like, much less hit pan and buy them again.

The Odacité Pomegranate + Rose a Geranium Serum Concentrate ($42 USD/$49 CAD), though — it’s the first of a few exceptions that I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across.

One in one out Odacite PoR

It feels like just yesterday that I reviewed Po+R on theNotice for the first time, and my skin has been in heaven since then. Just a drop or two every couple of days, added into my moisturizer, keeps my super-dry skin glowing and hydrated.

It’s kind of a godsend, honestly — I’ve had stubborn dry patches that have hung around since high school, but since starting on Odacité oils, I’ve been happily patch-free.

One in one out skincare favourites

I also–no surprise here–have been recommending their oils to people left and right. (To everyone who actually has to deal with me in person: I’m sorry and also I have NO REGRETS). So, when I finally ran out of my first bottle if Po+R after eight-odd months of use…

I immediately ran out to the nearest Detox Market to replenish my skincare stash with another.

Availability: $42 USD/$49 CAD at The Detox Market (CA).

Odacite oil dehydrated skin dryness review

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    I really really really need to look into Odacite! I try not to hoard too much skincare though. This might have to wait until I can finish an oil or two that I currently have!
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    • YES oh my god, Sunny. Definitely put it next on your list of things to try! (I really like their eye cream and day cream, too.)

    • BooBooNinja

      I'm the same way. I'm not over-the-top with my skin care stash, but I'm aiming to streamline it. This oil is on my to-try list.

  • TheOriginalBURP

    Thanks for sharing this Serum, Rae! I'm a bit scared of serums because they're so pricey, but I may check this one out based on your recommendation. :-)

    Gil |

    • These ones are fairly small, so they're not too pricey! I think this one ($49) is as expensive as the Odacité Pure Elements range gets :)

  • scoo06

    Now I HAVE to try this! :D I have been dealing with sort of dry skin around my brows lately and I know this only because if I use highlighter on my brown bone it tends to "sit" on the skin and look ashy! Either ways my skin is dry and I know it so this sounds perfect! Giving it a go very soon Rae and then will report back! :-)
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    • Woo boo! Hope you love it, Divya — can't wait to read your thoughts!

  • This sounds amazing! I really need to pay a visit to The Detox Market soon and pick up a bottle!
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  • My skin is oily but at the same time dehydrated, so I'm wondering if adding a drop of this to my moisturizer would be a good idea or not… What do you reckon?
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    • Hmm… do you use any oils right now, Melissa? If it's oily and dehydrated, I bet an oil suited toward oily skin would take care of the dehydration — something like jojoba or grapeseed, which will hydrate and balance with a lighter texture. Odacité do a peach/cypress oil that would probably work well for you, actually!

      The Po+R would definitely sort out your dehydration, but I think it'll feel too heavy on oily skin — it has a thick texture that I LOVE the feeling of, but it might seem stifling if your skin produces its own oils.

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