MIYU Beauty: A Sunday Well Spent Giveaway!

MIYU Beauty A Sunday Well Spent giveaway

My mom is not your stereotypical mom.

You can’t just get her flowers and bubble bath on Mother’s Day, and she’s happier with a hammer than a hammam, but even then… I mean, all moms deserve a little pampering. They put up with a lot from us young (and not so young) ‘uns, and everyone likes to get a little spoiled every now and then — no matter how practical and utilitarian they are.

MIYU Beauty giveaway review A Sunday Well Spent

Today, I have a really exciting giveaway for one of your moms (or yourself)! MIYU Beauty, who make those really pretty Beauty Essences and Teas that I reviewed last year, has offered to share one of their limited edition A Sunday Well Spent kits with a lucky reader of theNotice.

The kit ($100 value) is designed to de-stress even the busiest of moms, and includes:

A Sunday Well Spent MIYU Beauty

This giveaway is open to all readers of legal age (or with parental consent) in Canada & the US, and closes at midnight on May 3rd. To enter, just use the widget below!

Good luck!!

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Images courtesy of MIYU Beauty.

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  • Monika

    Your remark about your mom reminds me of that one time I gifted my mom with some bath salts from Sephora, only to find a still full tub of them in her bathroom cupboard a year later :/ But she has been better at pampering herself lately, and she's the queen of body lotions; while I remember to use one maybe once a week, she applies it every single day!
    My recent post Grey Pearl Dupe? Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick no. 25

    • Hahaha that is EXACTLY the kind of thing my mom would pull!! I find that the bigger the bottle, though, the less the issue — once it becomes a "gotta use it up" type deal instead of a "I don't want to run out," she does a little better :p

  • Helene

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favourite memories of my mom usually always have something to do with cooking: learning how to smoke meats and making preserves.

  • Katherine

    My favorite memory is when my mom came to visit me during my first year of college. She was game for any adventure and loved going out late at night with me and my friends for snack runs. We had such a blast!

  • My favorite moment would definitely be when I left for college away from home. She dropped me off with my dad and looked so upset and later told me she couldn't sleep for days. Haha

  • What a wonderful giveaway! My mother in law would be very happy with that package!

    My mom lives in Poland so I don't see her often and it's heartbreaking, that's why all the memories we have are extra precious to me!
    My recent post ColourPop does Spring!

  • miriam ling

    My favorite memory of my mom is from my childhood. Every night she would come read stories to me, and I would always ask her for more. She didn't always oblige, but I credit my love of books to her!

  • Lulle

    Everything looks so pretty!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway :)
    My recent post REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water: a burning rose…

  • Karol

    My favourite memory would be the one on one talks I have with my mom starting from my late teens. We'd talk about life lessons, and she'd always leave me with some wisdom.

  • melissa

    best memory of time spent with my mom would be a spa day we had together and just of all the times we're spent baking or cooking together… appreciate the lessons so much more now that I have to cook for my own family!

  • Kasia

    My favorite moment with my mom was gossiping with her after school about everything while she made us sandwiches.

  • Sonya J

    My favorite memories of my mom and I are when we spend days shopping together!

  • Mel

    My favourite memories with my mom is when we travelled together.

  • Jeannie Lam

    My favourite memory with my mom is learning to make dessert with her. She taught me so many amazing recipes.

  • Vanessa

    One of my favorite memories of my mom is when she made a doll that "looked like me" because the stores weren't selling any with my features… thanks mom!

  • Sara

    Wow that phone case is so absolutely stunning! I love it.

  • Anna

    I'm visiting my mom next week and I'm looking forward to creating some new favorite memories with her :)

  • I can't think of just one moment! Recently bonding over makeup (she doesn't wear much, but she has been interested in trying new products and asks me for advice). I've had fun recommending and gifting products!
    My recent post One Hand Washes the Other Helping Hands Review, Photos

  • Ali

    I love shopping with my mom, whether we buy anything or not!

  • Toby

    Thanks for the generous giveaway! My favourite memory is trips to Banff with my parents when I was a kid. :D

  • Jonquil Alexia

    My favorite memory of my Mom is when she learned German driving laws so we girls could go out & enjoy our time when my Dad was stationed there.

  • Monica@theRiteofAging

    My mother passed away 13 years ago but I still remember the Easter season. She would keep the foil wrappings from seasonal chocolates for us to then cover foam peanuts. We would pick up an old broken branch from the yard and create an "Easter tree"!

  • Cynthia Chatham

    My FAVORITE memory of my mom is when she was scheduled to work and I had a field trip that I really wanted her to attend to with me. I was at school feeling sad because I saw other classmates bring their mom. 15 minutes before leaving to the school field trip my mother showed up and SURPRISED me by taking the day off. I will never forget how happy I was to spend the day with her at my school field trip and not feeling left out.

  • My favorite memory of my mom and i are spending some wonderful time together for evening walks in the park outside! :) ty!

  • Alison

    Amongst all the lovely memories of long walks, beautiful gestures and balmy evenings I can't help but think about how great my Mom was at just making me laugh!

    One of my favorite memories of my Mother was our mutual plotting for when I had my first boyfriend – you know, that awkward age when they're still a bit clueless. Naturally, this was derailed when I got sick in my early teens, but the basic plan was that we were going to play on the fact that because of my ladylike manners and Asian appearance paired with the fact that I generally got good grades, most people just seemed to just assume that I had these crazy strict, evil Chinese parents that were forcing me to get good grades (Um, what, stereotype?!) – when nothing could be further than the truth. My Mother is absolutely wonderful, and used to joke that if I brought any teenage boy home, in order to "screen him" (ie, for fun and a story), she would dress up as my evil Chinese Mother and terrify the living daylights out of him. She'd put on an accent and go "WHY YOU DATE MY DAUGHTER? ARE YOU RICH? ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE ME GRANDCHILDREN?" – and the fun thing is that if we had the chance, we absolutely would have done it, too. We'd gt one of Mum's huge guy friends to play my Father and have him ominously crack his knuckles in the background while we just terrified a helpless teenage boy, who probably would have believed the whole thing. (We're terrible people and we're not sorry)

    It's not a gorgeous, pretty memory but it's pretty indicative of how we are – we're close and I'm lucky enough to have a Mother who is not just my Mother but also a great friend. Naturally any boy who couldn't cope with that wasn't worth his salt! XD I would have died laughing if we could only have done it!

  • latanya

    my mom teaching me how to make biscuits from scratch

  • Alison

    Oh, and Rae lovely, I accidentally entered the widget without remembering that I don't live in the States or Canada! (*facepalm*) So even though my chances of winning are less than 1%, I hope there is a way to re-draw on the tiny, tiny chance that you draw my name!

  • bonnie

    My favourite memory with my mom is when we used to go to Fabricland and pick out cloth to make dresses. I wish we still did that.

  • shaunie

    My favorite memory is when she was there for my 1st grade school play.

  • Lan Nguyen

    My favorite memory of my mom is when we parked under the stars one night and opened up the moon roof in her car and talked about life and experiences together. I was in middle school

  • christinadragan

    My favourite memory of my mom was when she first taught me how to ride a bike. I love how much time she spent with me when I was a child in the outdoors.

  • Lauren E.

    My mom cuddling me when I was ill. We didnt get much time together because she worked a lot, but when I was sick she was always there for me

  • Hrm, seems like it's all food memories for me. My mom is a dedicated foodie. I remember eating steamed blue crabs at the table. It was a huge mess, but so much fun. Hot pot was a nice communal meal too.
    My recent post Aoyama/Shibuya/Ebisu Tokyo Food Recommendations

  • prairiebelle

    My favorite memory is a girls weekend shopping trip to the states with my mom. It was just the two of us, lots of shopping, eating, talking and bonding

  • Nisha B

    My favourite memory of me and my mom has to be when I first took her out to a restaurant. I was able to pay for her food and mine and I finally felt like I was giving back to a woman who had given me so much.

  • Carol M (Luska S)

    One of my favourite memories was when we went on a shopping spree to the States.

  • andrea amy

    My Mom coming out with me and my friends when I was 18. We went to a night club!

  • Mary

    My favorite memory was going to Paris with my Grandmother when I was 16. She is such a traveler and has amazing style, so she knew all the best stops to visit.

  • Ann

    My favourite memory with my madre is when we sit at home making dinner. I just treasure every moment with her because she's getting older and I know she won't be around forever. I never take a moment for granted

  • Rose

    When I was in grade 1-3 my mom used to work nights, so I didn't get to see her often during the week. I missed her so much I would write her letters and leave them on her pillow every night, and I'd wake up with her letter beside my pillow in the morning. She's kept every single one of them!

  • aneres12

    I love going out for brisks walks with my Mom when it's warm out :)