Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals “Greys” 8-Pan Palette swatches, review, photos | Super sleek + super affordable, with a side of extra-super-awesome

Clinique Wear Everywhere Greys Palette review

The product: Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette in Wear Everywhere Greys

This palette, you guys, is everything.

“Pretty. Simple. Overstuffed makeup bags everywhere are rejoicing.

Life is complicated. With Clinique, pretty is easy. Mistake proof combinations exist within every palette. Go matte, go shimmery, and get creative. There are no wrong answers.”

-Clinique, preachin’ the truth

The shades: Clinique is always great at telling you which shadows are what, and this palette is no exception. In Wear Everywhere Greys, you’ll find Fawn Satin (Matte, from the Seashell Pink duo), a pinky satin-matte; High Tea (Matte, LE), a lovely purpley taupe; Mushroom (Super Shimmer LE), a gorgeous taupe that is not the same as the one in the Nutcracker Act I eyeshadow palette (see it worn here); and Grey Matters (Matte, LE), a dark grey-brown.

Clinique Nutcracker Mushroom swatch vs Wear Everywhere Greys Mushroom

Clinique The Nutcracker Suite’s Mushroom (L) vs. the Wear Everywhere Greys’ Mushroom (R). You could have used ANY OTHER NAME, Clinique. Why would you do this.

Fifth comes the bright, white Sugar Cane (Soft Shimmer, permanent), then the neutral Silver Lining (Super Shimmer, permanent; not too blue!), both from the regular line. The palette finishes off with two insanely buttery liner/crease shades: Stormy (Soft Shimmer, LE), a gorgeous neutral-warm brown, and Stroke of Midnight (Matte, permanent), your standard soft black.

The formula: Clinique has played around with a lot of different eyeshadow formulations over the past couple of years, and while this palette doesn’t represent the very, very best of them, it’s still really good. Some of the shades feel a little dry in the pan (keep that in mind if you look at these in-store), but when you actually use them, they work perfectly — zero fall-down, easy to blend, and really well-pigmented.

Clinique Wear Everywhere Greys review swatches 8 pan

Clinique Wear Everywhere Greys swatches

Clinique Greys 8 pan Neutrals palette review

With primer, I get all-day wear out of these (which is really rare for me). The buttery, pigmented Mattes and Soft Shimmers are the best performers in the palette, while the few Super Shimmers remind me a lot of Clinique’s old Colour Surge eyeshadows — they feel drier and almost gritty when swatched, but still apply really gently and smoothly to the lid.

Overall, this Wear Everywhere Neutrals palette is of excellent quality, and there are no poor performers in Greys that drag the rest down.

Clinique 8 pan palette Greys review Wear Everywhere Neutrals

Just the right size! And shades!

The verdict?

Okay, okay, okay: here is the most exciting part of this post. I don’t care if you wear a lot of eyeshadow or only very little, you need one of the Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals palettes, because they’re foolproof and only freakin’ $40!!!

Are these palettes perfect perfect? Eh, not technically — but if you want a monochromatic palette, these are your very best bet. They’ll leave you crease- and fallout-free, and strike the perfect balance between variety & simplicity. (Plus: $40!! And just as well-thought-out as the Shu Uemura Prêt-à-Palettes, which are more than twice the price!)

Availability: $36 USD/$40 CAD at Clinique counters & online.

Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals 8 pan palette packaging

Super sleek, super slim Wear Everywhere Neutrals packaging

Clinique Mushroom All About Eyes swatch - Wear Everywhere, Nutcracker

Clinique Mushroom from Wear Everywhere Greys / Clinique Mushroom from The Nutcracker Suite swatches

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  • These look so good, especially because they are a little warmer, not too silver.
    My counter has the palettes but no tester so I am waiting at the moment to try it out.
    Thanks for this review.
    My recent post Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

    • The tones in these are just right! Cool enough that none of them make my eyes look irritated (I can't pull off a lot of warm shades), but neutral enough that not a single one pulls blue.

  • A cool neutral palette. I don't need… but I want!

    My recent post Fun with Macro

    • I think I want more of these, too (which never happens to me — usually it's like, eh, I have one, I'm set)!

  • mostlysunnybunny

    OOO majorly intrigued! I like the fact that it isn't overly warm. Will definitely have to look into it!
    My recent post I Get That Fun Summer Vibe from Givenchy ColoreCreation!

    • I hope you like it, Sunny! It's the best of ALL worlds: interesting, cool/neutral, and just gorgeous ;)

  • This looks awesome!
    Kudos to Clinique for refining the basics rather than bringing out fancy packaging or embossing the surface (which they have shown that they are capable – Cheek Pops)

    I definitely want one. :)

    • Yes!!! Clinique does such an amazing job of proving that "boring" can be a GREAT thing. There's no one better! ;)

  • natalieheather

    Wow, those look absolutely amazing! I love all the shades, too. It's so prettttyyyyyyyyyy.
    My recent post Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

  • beautyreflections2013

    My recent post Avène Hydrance Optimale Serum

  • Oh my, the shades in this palette is seriously gorgeous! I love the taupes and the dark browns! That last shade is soo amazingly deep! Love your swatches!
    My recent post Review: Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare!

    • Thanks, Sharlynn! I bet this palette (or the brown/neutrals one) would look amazing on you!!

  • Larie

    Ooooh, pretty *__* Greys and I don't get along fabulously, but there are so many other options! :D
    My recent post FOTD: Your Soul is Evergreen (Clarins Garden Escape Palette)

    • I'm imagining you in the purple or greens palette now… <3 <3

  • Alix

    Looks great, but I can't help wondering — who needs/uses a stark white eyeshadow?

    • Ooh! I do, I do!! They're pretty much the only shade I can highlight my inner corners with — and, applied sparingly, they add great depth if you just blend them onto the very centre of your lid ;)

  • Katherine T.

    When these first came out, I was so excited, I wanted one in gray, green, blue, purple, etc. But I swatched these at the counter and crossed them off the list because many of the colors were so dry and chalky, but after reading your review, I might re-consider. It's interesting how some of the colors swatch poorly but apply just fine . I really love the very wearable colors, the value, and portability. At the worse, if they don't work out for me, I can return. Thanks for the review!

    • Katherine, you HAVE to go back for these. I was so distraught when I swatched Wear Everywhere Greys because it felt so sub-par in the pan, but I promise you, these apply way better than they swatch!! They're not quite as good as Clinique's regular quad/duo shadows, but they're still very much workable (and well worth the $36). I've been reaching for Greys a lot this month!

    • Meeeee too. Clinique did such a good job with these palettes!

  • blushparade

    Wow, that's such a beautiful palette!! I haven't try much Clinique makeup to be honest, but judging by this I might have to put a solution to that. :P
    My recent post Blog Reads of the Week #5

    • Oh my god, you haaaave to. Clinique is one of the most underrated beauty brands out there imo — they still haven't managed to chip away at their boring old image (you know: awful green packaging and a skincare line that was centred entirely around DDML), but they are putting out some great stuff nowadays!!

      And yes: these palettes are the perfect place to start. I would go with either one of these or with a quad (if you really want to be wowed!)

  • Oh My God, they are totally delicious.

  • kristenglambunctious

    LOL, Rae! "Clinique, preachin’ the truth" These palettes look pretty intriguing and the price is great!
    My recent post FIVE FAVE! | Lipsticks

    • Heh. :P It really is true, though!! These palettes are so hard to mess up!

  • sylirael

    A gorgeous, butter, COOL-TONED palette that is from a brand that is actually available to me?! MUCH EXCITE. :-D Assuming they brought these Down Under, anyway.

    Funnily, 'Mushroom' is more appropriate here from a theme standpoint (unless there were fungal components to the Nutcracker that I have forgotten). I am still convinced, however, that most companies let a poorly-programmed AI shade-name most of their products. Might be a similar one to the computer they allow to write their ad copy (except that one they gave whatever the computer equivalent of a valium/acid cocktail is and a thesaurus to).
    My recent post Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll #8

    • Yesssss!!!

      Do you think the AI is angry that all it gets to do is name colours? Is that why the "Snowflake Suite" quad had a Mushroom shade in it, and also why Mushroom was re-used to frustrate Clinique's fanbase?

  • Woah, I gotta dig this one out and swatch it ASAP, the shades look sooo gorgeous swatched!

  • I love Mushroom and High Tea but there are some shades that I wouldn't normally use … I can imagine this palette to be a staple for many out there! Will definitely check it out when I see it in store!

    X Alice
    My recent post New In from Clarins

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