Dreaming in taffeta: A Clinique The Nutcracker Act I makeup look

I may not have been crazy about the (dusty) qualities of Clinique’s The Nutcracker Act I palette, but I’ll be darned if I let that get in between me & my pinks.

Here’s a really quick makeup look that I put together while testing out a whole bunch of new products this month — literally none of what I used here was from my regular “kit”. (Scare quotes because I don’t actually have, like, a makeup artist kit. It’s pretty much just a drawer-full of boring stuff that I use all the time.)

Clinique Nutcracker Act I pink makeup look

See? Not that pink. (I wish it was more pink!)

There’s a proper product listing below, but for this look, I used all four shades of Snowflake Suite shadows from the palette, plus a Stila brow pen (LOVE) and Cover FX Cream Foundation that I picked up with my Optimum points — I’ll work on getting reviews up on both for tN’s silicone-free series, because they’re both really excellent!!

I also used Make Up For Ever’s new Graphic Liner pen in this look, which I’m crazy about (the wear is so good), plus a pair of Esqido Mink Lashes. They’re crazy pretty (also seen here), but I have to trim them down a lot to make the thick band–which is supposed to last for 25 uses–stop making my eyes sting and tear. I haven’t decided if I like them or not yet, but I’ll let you know when I know!

Clinique Nutcracker Act I palette review swatches

Shop the look

Clinique The Nutcracker Act I Palette ($36 USD)

Snowflake Suite All About Shadow Quad – Sugar Cane, Crystal Pink, Mushroom, and Boron

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner ($24 USD/$29 CAD)

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in Medium ($21 USD/$27 CAD)

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in G20 ($42 USD/$39 CAD!!!)

Esqido Mink Lashes in Unforgettable ($36 USD)

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  • Rae, this look is so pretty!
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  • Why you so innocently pretty, Rae :) And those fluttery lashes!
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    • Aww :) Thanks, lovely — I could say the same of you!!

      (Except, you know. Your fluttery lashes are actually YOUR fluttery lashes, and I will forever be jealous!)

  • sylirael

    Dear Ms Chen,

    I am writing to you once again on behalf of my employer to remind you that in publishing this post you are in breach of the injunction laid last year against 'those incredible watercolour makeup looks I'm so damn envious of, jeez'. My employer wishes you to know that she considers this one a particular affront, as it involves a ballet theme, which is 'like [her] favourite thing ever, yo'. Further transgressions are strongly discouraged, as they will incur further passive aggressive communication and my employer will be forced to 'seriously throw the biggest stealth tantrum the world has ever not quite seen'.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Wishing you a pleasant day,

    Bill Orcsworthy,
    Rogue Industries LLC Legal Department
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    • Hi Bill,

      I am so sorry for bringing up this sensitive subject for your employer. If you could please remind her that, should we ever meet, I would be (quote) "BEYOND EXCITED to create a whole freaking handful of watercolour looks just for her," I would very much appreciate it — thank you. As much as I adore your employer, I hesitate to partake in any actions that would cause her to throw any form of tantrum, stealth or not; however, needs must in the beauty blogging world.

      Please send her my regards. It has been lovely to hear from you again, and I hope you are doing well in these blisteringly cold (if you don't live here; heh) months. (We are having the nicest winter EVER, Bill; it's been heavenly.)

      Take care,

      Rae Chen,
      A Whale

  • Those Esqido lashes. I always wanted them but it's a little crazy to get them when I won't be wearing them right?
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    • I say pass on 'em. They're gorgeous, but I think they're too expensive for what they are — $36/pair!!! (And the bands are so ouch.)

  • LOVE what you did here! So subtle but gorgeous and enough color! I love the lashes too, they're perfect for your eyes!

  • This is a beautiful look!
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  • Ooooh this is a great look! It's so soft and wearable! Love it.
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  • Jaa

    Those lashes again! I'm so in love!!! They pair nicely with the soft eye makeup! :)

    • They're absolutely perfect for this kind of soft, pretty makeup look! I adore the way they photograph :)

  • Such a pretty eye look, Rae! And LOL at "It’s pretty much just a drawer-full of boring stuff that I use all the time."
    My recent post Loves & Lemons | January 2015

    • Thanks, my sweet! <3 And :p My drawer is the most boring drawer.