Lunette menstrual cup re-review & giveaway

Lunette cup wash giveaway

Do you remember way back when when I reviewed the Lunette menstrual cup for theNotice? It’s been a while, but I still love my Lunette just as much as I did then (which is a LOT). So, when they contacted me this month to see if I wanted to give one away to one of you, the answer was, of course: yes!!

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About the Lunette

Lunette cup review giveaway

from my original Lunette review (with size comparisons!)

I love my Lunette for two reasons: 1) the über-comfortable product, and 2) the brand. Lunette has a wonderful, friendly site, and a great education section on everything from the female anatomy to how to choose, use and care for your cup. Using a menstrual cup for the first time can be a little scary, especially for a teen, but I found that they made the transition the easiest & least… threatening.

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups can be worn for up to twelve hours, last for years, and create virtually no waste — so instead of going through an entire box of tampons every month, you just empty and rinse your cup between uses, boil at the end of your period, and re-use the next month. No need to worry about running out of tampons, and you save around $70/year in the cost of thick pads & tampons.

Lunette size 1 vs 2

Lunette menstrual cup – model 1 vs model 2

Of the three cups I’ve tried (Lunette size 1, Diva cup size 1 & 2), the Lunette is the most comfortable and easiest to use. It washes out with the least hassle, can’t be felt while being worn, and is easy to insert and remove after a little bit of practice (just a few tries should do it!)

If you’re not sure which cup size is best for you, there’s a great size guide on the Lunette site — check that out if you want to read more.

Enter to win

Lunette menstrual cup giveaway

win me!

Lunette has generously offered one of our North American readers the chance to win a Lunette cup in the size of their choice, plus a bottle of their pH-balanced Feelbetter Liquid Wash to keep it clean. I know using your first menstrual cup is a little, uh, terrifying, so hopefully this’ll be the push some of you need to take the leap!

It’s worth it, I promise. You create so much less waste, save a ton of money (for me, I think it would be around $700 over the lifespan of the cup!), and they’re so comfortable and easy to use. Pair that with no dry-tampon feeling and a whole ZERO reported cases of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), and I think it’s an easy decision to make.

Availability: Can’t wait? You can buy the Lunette cup ($39.99) and wash ($9.99) on their site. And you can order them in different colours!

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  • m

    this looks scary, but sounds so much better than pads/tampons!

    • sneekyninjaa

      It isn't scary at all! I swear :)

  • Mindy

    I think I'm a small but I'm currently using a diva cup which I heard is bigger of the "small" sizes among cups.

    • Lilli

      The small Lunette is also made out of softer silicone, so it's easier to use for a smaller user.

  • Vanessa

    I tried something like this — I still have it.
    Insertion was just too cringe-worthy.
    I've been using the softcup (disposable, but also a cup).

    But lunette has a smaller, softer version — which I'd be really excited to try.
    I'm for menstral cups all the way — there's no going back to tampons for me.

  • Alison

    Ahh, the Lunette. I'm afraid that I'm already the proud owner and promoter of a Lunette (I love how flexible they are, aside from all the other obvious benefits and lack of associating with Toxic Shock Syndrome), so I won't be participating in the giveaway, but I think this is grand. <3

  • i've been wondering about these actually and have heard of the diva cup so woudln't mind winning just to try it out. i'm not sure what size i would be though..will have to investigate.

    • The Lunette's a lot easier to work with than the Diva Cup imo, Jenn! ;)

  • Helena

    This giveaway is brilliant! Whoever wins is in for a treat.
    I have a Mooncup/MCUK in size B–IIRC (it's been a couple years now!) I chose it for its availability and small size…sometimes it still feels too large and rigid and is a pain in the nethers to get in/out, especially when my nails are long and I'm cramping (+ low cervix in a tiny box = not fun). But it is still SO MUCH BETTER THAN TAMPONS, and pads are basically diapers so there isn't even a comparison there. Takes a few minutes to pop it in, and then I don't have to think about my period for half a damn day instead of itching and leaking and changing every time I go to the bathroom.

    • I feel you, Helena! Some days it's like my cervix is RIGHT THERE, ouch. It's one of the main reasons why I love the Lunette so much — the little bell-body means less on the stabbing, more on the getting on with my day.

  • crystal

    I currently use (only 1 I have) meluna & love it! I really want to try lunette size 1? I think lol

  • Lauren

    The small size would probably work best for me, and the Lunette wash sounds lovely!

  • sherry blamer

    I would want the size 2 cup.

  • AlexisB

    I'd need a Model 2

  • Ok, so, I'd be down with these, but the idea of boiling (er – where do you keep a pot for that?) and then emptying it while using it kind of creeps me out. Not the blood itself, but like, public bathrooms? I think we've had this discussion before, but reassure me, Rae, that this is not gross and people will not think I'm a killer.
    My recent post Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Swatches

    • Krystal

      Actually, Lunette makes a wash for it so you never have to boil it if you don't want to. Also I've emptied mine in public restrooms before without incident. You just wipe it out with toilet paper, wipe your hands and go on your merry way.

      • The wash is actually for rinsing the cup in-between uses, Krystal — not in-between cycles! At the end of your period, it's important to boil the cup for 5-10 minutes to sterilize. If you can't get to boiling it right away, you can use the wash in the meantime, but you do really need to boil it (or sterilize it with a Cupwipe or alcohol) before using it the next month!

    • I proooomise people won't think you're a killer. But, I totally have to agree with you on this one — it's super awkward. Single-stalled washrooms are your friend.

      I have a lighter flow now that I'm FINALLY on hormonal birth control, but I used to just use the larger sized cup & hope for the best. (Not sure what your flow is like, but cups can be worn for up to 12 hours, unlike tampons!) If you do need to empty it, their Cupwipes are a good way to sterilize on the go — no water needed. They're just alcohol + water, though, so any alcohol wipe should do (just make sure to let it dry fully before re-inserting!) And wash your hands first, but duh, you already knew that.

      DOCTOR Larie. :D :D

  • Jen D

    maybe a size 2? I'd definitely defer to expert opinion ;)

  • Mae A.

    I would love to win a size 1 :-)

  • tristen Loyd

    I would like to try this out. A friend of mine uses lunette and has for years. She told me about how much she enjoys hers and I would love to see how this works.

  • natalie d

    Oooh, I would love a Lunette! They sound fantastic! (model 1 for me)

  • Allie Alderman

    I would love to try a Lunette cup. I currently have a Diva and am not completely satisfied with it. I use cloth pads and sea sponges also.

    • Can I ask what you think of the sea sponges, Allie? I've always been curious about them, but too chicken to try them without any personal reassurances! >.<

  • Krystal

    I'd love the size 1

  • Rebecca H.

    Lunette Cup Model 2

  • Hannah

    I'd love to try size 2!

  • Danielle

    I'd like the size 1. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jessica

    I'd like to try out the size 2 Lunette cup!

  • Lenallure

    Great giveaway! I only use tampons when I have to and this actually shortens the duration of each period. I've been always curious about menstrual cups like this. I would love to try Lunette. :)
    My recent post FOTD – Strawberry Pink

  • BooBooNinja

    I'd take the smallest one.
    I have the Diva cup but could use it for only a few days. Inserting it was too uncomfortable for me. It looks like the Lunette may be the right fit (har har harrr) for me.

  • Bon

    I'm still very curious about this.. I think I'd try the model 2

  • Candice

    I have been wanting to try a lunette for ages! I would want the smaller size. :)

  • Stephanie R

    I would love to try a Lunette cup! Model 1 for me! What a great and generous giveway :)

  • Violet

    I think size 1?

  • sarah sar

    Size 1 for me please!

  • ktran

    Kindara blog it today and I've been doing research on it all day. Looking forward to try #2!

  • Katherine

    Awesome giveaway! I'd be size 1.

  • Eleanor

    I'd like to give this lunette a try… i'll go for a model 2 tho. ^_^

  • linda

    always wanted to try this!

  • Rebecca

    I'd need a model 2 :) thanks for this great giveaway!!

  • Ashlyn B.

    I've looked into a reusable cup in place of tampons but never bought one. I'd love to give the model/size 1 a try!

  • overcoming_fear

    I have my period at the moment (tmi? sorry!) and that dry tampon feeling is THE WORST. My flow can be pretty light at times, so I would definitely be interested in trying this out. If I were to try this, I'd probably use this in Size 1.

    And can I just say how refreshing it is to see you posting about this????! First the vibrator review, now menstrual cups…..this is stuff that people never talk about that I would love to be educated about! So thank you so much for this!

    In summary – you're gorgeous, keep doing what you're doing, you're awesome!!! :D <3

    • Thank you so much for this comment! <3 It means so much to me when readers respond well to posts that are really important to me (like this one, and the vibrator review — I have two more coming up soon!), and this comment made my week.

      *beams at you*

  • Emily

    Based on the Lunette information, I think I'd be best starting off with a 1. Thank you too for this giveaway! I'd love to finally get to try one of these…

  • Stacy Z

    I think the smaller size would work for me! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • beck03

    I would love to get my hands on a size one. I currently have a different brand. The size one is just slightly too small, which is smaller than the size one of Lunette and the size two is bigger than the size two for Lunette, which is too big for me. The size one of Lunette is in between these two sizes, so it might be the perfect fit!

  • brit

    i'd like the size 1

  • katie s

    I'd try 2 cause I've had a baybay

  • Ciaran

    I would love to try a size 2, to be able to abandon the icky tampons and pads.

  • betty r

    #2 ! I am currently using softcups and a great as they are , theyre messy =[ I want to try the lunette

  • Ashley

    I would LOVE to win a Model 1 :)

  • Audrey G

    I would like to try Size 2

  • sneekyninjaa

    I want to try the Lunette size 1 so bad! I have a LaLunaCup which is virtually the same design :)

  • cathyahh

    Interesting. I've heard about these menstrual cups, but haven't tried any yet! I would love to try it though.

  • Mary

    I want the model 2. I have diva cup 1 and 2 and my cervix is on the lower end so a size 2 sounds like it would fit.

  • betty r

    I really hope I win! Im done with pads and tampons . I use softcups and those are just messy! Ive always wanted to try a Lunette!

  • Betsy Avery

    I'd love to win a small cup!

  • Kim

    I think model 1 would work. Hopefully. ^^

  • kim

    I think model 1 would work. ^^ forgot to put email in last comment. :x

  • Laura

    I'd love the model 1, I've been researching cups for ages, and I'd love a Lunette!

  • Elisa

    I would love to try a Lunette – size 2 would be my pick.

  • Amber M

    I'd love to try out a size 1

  • Intrigued about menstrual cups — never tried one! I think I'd need the size 2.
    My recent post Hand Cuffs

  • Chloe

    I think size 1 is probably the best fit for me after reading the descriptions on their site. Thanks! I've always been interested in cups but have never actually ventured to try one.

  • jackiebolen

    The Lunette is a really solid menstrual cup! It worked way better for me than the Diva Cup.