LUSH Furze, The Voice of Reason: Reviews, Photos | Gorilla Perfumes Vol. 2

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Volume Two

The product: LUSH Gorilla Perfumes – Furze & The Voice of Reason

↳ from Volume Two, the 2013 Gorilla Perfumes collection

I had meant to get this review up first, but my plans were thwarted by Sikkim Girls’ undeniable, heady scent. With that in mind, here’s a very quick rundown of the “feel” of the most recent Gorilla Perfumes collection, overviewed earlier on theNotice.

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Vol 2 reviews

The four scents I’ll be reviewing are all vegan, alcohol-based, and very, very LUSH. There’s something interesting about all of them, really, and I don’t think LUSH fans will be disappointed: despite their “mainstream” alcohol base, they still smell like something a super-cool tree-hugging environmentalist would wear.

Giving off a vibe more akin to a LUSH store than a perfume counter, Gorilla Perfumes layer well (if you ask in-store, the sales associates should be able to show you some layering duos so surefire they’ve named them), and all seem a little earthy in their base notes. For quick reviews of the entire line, I really enjoyed this post over at Perfume Posse — its a great “primer” for Volume Two on the whole.

Y’know. If you didn’t like mine enough (hysterical sobbing).

LUSH Furze, Sikkim Girls


Furze is a bit of a weird one: it opens coconutty and brash, almost like a sour garden – fresh and bright, but with a clinical, acidic surprise.

Had Furze been softer around the edges, as it was promised to be, I think I’d have have been a lot more fond of it. As it is, though, I’m on the fence: I think it’s an interesting take on your classic summer coconut scents (you know, the ones you see in everything from perfume to sunscreen), but I’m not sure if it’s the good kind of interesting.

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Furze

Furze dries down to a wisp of vanilla against the skin (deliciously soft, but you have to push your nose right up to the skin to smell it.) I’d have loved to see this open with a creamy coconut & then settle into a vanilla halfway through, but as it is, Furze is a “skip” for me. 

A fun fact, though: LUSH perfumer Simon Constantine, one-half of Gorilla Perfumes, keeps furze bushes in his backyard to protect the home from curses and hexes.

LUSH Furze review

The overview

It’s a bit like: A coconut rendition of Lavanilla (Lesnoixdecoco?), or an olfactory rendition of a nondescript, coconut beach drink. You know the kind — obnoxiously coloured straw, maybe a flower or pineapple sitting awkwardly on the rim, either too much or not nearly enough rum.

You might notice: Vanilla, coconut, mimosa, neroli

Availability: Online & in select stores now, $14.95 – $44.95 CAD. (Featured here: 25 ml, $24.95 CAD).

LUSH The Voice of Reason, Sun

The Voice of Reason


If your voice within is a bottle of barbecue sauce in an otherwise cool, underground dive, then The Voice of Reason is probably your spirit animal (and you should stock up now.)

LUSH The Voice of Reason

For most of us, however, The Voice of Reason is going to be unexpectedly unwearable. Instead of being smoky like, er, burning wood or tobacco, it’s smoky like a sweet, sticky barbecue sauce from some nondescript chain restaurant. Sure, it’ll make overcooked ribs edible, but is that really what you want to be associated with?

The barbecue sauce vibes do fade over time (becoming a little less condiment and a little more campfire), but overall, I think it’s a pass. 

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes The Voice of Reason

More than anything else, this scent makes me curious about others like it: smokey scents, that is, not saucy ones. I’d like to try something like Solstice Scents Private Eye next — with similarly burning notes plus the addition of pink and black pepper (have I told you recently how much I adore peppery openings?), I have high hopes it could be what I wished The Voice of Reason was.

LUSH The Voice of Reason review

The overview

It’s a bit like: The Food Network’s answer to Serge Lutens Chergui. Warm, smoky, and… generically edible.

You might notice: Sandalwood, buddahwood, rose

Availability: Online & in select stores now, $24.95 – $174.95 CAD. (Featured here: 9 ml, $24.95 CAD)

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes packaging, review

Gorilla Perfumes packaging (tubes)

LUSH Furze

Another shot of LUSH Gorilla Perfumes’ Furze

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16 Responses to “LUSH Furze, The Voice of Reason: Reviews, Photos | Gorilla Perfumes Vol. 2”

  1. Connü, on August 21st, 2013 at 6:42 am said:

    "furze" is sooo weird as a name. I can´t get over it because in my language it´s almost like "farts".

  2. LOL I don't get BBQ ribs at all with Voice Of Reason-just smoke, cigarettes and booze and I like that hahaha! It's the most unique scent I've ever come across.
    My recent post You Must Buy, Buy, Buy, Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad in Chai, Chai, Chai!

  3. I actually really love Furze! But The Voice of Reason was a definite pass in my books.

  4. Ah! I knew it would work for someone out there — I love it in theory, but it just doesn't work on my skin :(

  5. Ha! I love the idea of the Voice of Reason, but it's just too…. sticky for me. :p If you love it, though, I think you'd be a big fan of Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur & Serge Lutens Chergui, too!

  6. Oh, man >.< Awkward! Furze is actually a kind of bush — I wonder if it goes by any other name.

  7. Connü, on August 21st, 2013 at 2:57 pm said:

    It´s a bush? I need to google that. It hopefully has a different name in German though. ^^;

  8. abeautifulzen, on August 21st, 2013 at 4:12 pm said:

    the voice of reason is represented by a man in an afro and a man that looks like harrison ford who both smell like barbeque…..i wonder what kind of conversation that would be lol

    My recent post Liebster Award? (the post where you can witness just how dull I am)

  9. Jessica, on August 21st, 2013 at 7:06 pm said:

    THIS SENTENCE: "If your voice within is a bottle of barbecue sauce in an otherwise cool, underground dive, then The Voice of Reason is probably your spirit animal (and you should stock up now.)" My husband and I both laughed at how funny and true it is (I've smelled the Voice of Reason). I love the way you word things, Rae. *flails*'

    ♥ Jessica
    My recent post Insta-Vamp for Fall with Dior Ensorcelante

  10. Bahaha. I was going to write the same thing. It could be the most amazing smell in the world – There's no way I'd put a bottle that says "farts" on my vanity…

  11. Damn, Rae! Fantastic review!! I mean you dropped "spirit animal" in re: BBQ spare ribs perfume! Thank you for brightening my day with that! :D
    My recent post Weekend Wrap-Up

  12. Hahaha! Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall for THAT :p

  13. I am flailing right back at you, darling ;o) Mwah!

  14. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, Kristen! Perfume posts can get so boring once you've read one or two or fifteen… I like to keep you guys on your toes :p

    Thank you! ♥

  15. I like furze the best. I'd love to see like some of the classic bath bomb scents made into perfumes in the future!

  16. Ooh, that would certainly be cool! Do you have any bath bomb favourites, Krystle? I haven't tried any of them yet (!!), but I've been thinking about changing that soon ;)

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