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About the collection

The facts

Like the first collection of Gorilla fragrances, Volume 2 features nine new unisex fragrances, available in six sizes. They’re limited edition for the year, available online and in these ten shops throughout the summer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them end up joining the permanent range. (My money’s on Sikkim Girls, and maybe Flower’s Barrow).

LUSH Devil's Nightcap The Bug Voice of Reason Gorilla Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes The Voice of Reason, Devil’s Nightcap, & The Bug

The line ranges from $14.95-$174.95 CAD, with prices varying by fragrance and size. I haven’t spoken to anyone at LUSH about why this is, but I’d bet it’s based upon the varying ingredients and percent of perfume solids by volume — the more expensive ones tend to have better wear time and sillage.

These vegan*, natural-synthetic blend perfumes are alcohol-based, which took me by surprise. With five splash bottles and one dropper, I had expected an oil base!

(*With the exception of Hellstone.)

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes sizes

The feelings

Created by the father-son team of perfumers Mark and Simon Constantine, Volume 2 was inspired by music, emotions, literary figures, and the British countryside. Meant to be “an antidote to boring mass-market scents,” each fragrance has a story behind it, and sometimes sits a little discordant.

(For a more “normal” scent, try something like Furze or The Sun; for something completely unexpected, give The Voice of Reason or The Bug a sniff.)

LUSH Sikkim Girls Hellstone Sun Gorilla Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes The Sun, Sikkim Girls, and Hellstone

LUSH Flower's Barrow Furze Euphoria Gorilla Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria, Furze, and Flower’s Barrow

Volume 2: The fragrance lineup

Read the stories behind these fragrances here. In the meantime, here’s how LUSH describes the notes in each of these!

Sikkim Girls: A blend of frangipani, jasmine, vanilla and tuberose conjures up exotic climes and heady possibilities.

Hellstone: The essence of Hellstone is captured in heavy Joboba and Beeswax, anointing the skin with a sensual, warm undertone. The scent of newly turned earth and roots ripped from deep burial into fiery air are represented by Vetivert and Cumin.

LUSH The Bug Gorilla Vol 2

Devil’s Nightcap: A walk through whispering oak woods on a dark night. The old English trees moan and creak around you. Druids murmur as they prepare their herbal concoctions. Clary Sage, to sharpen perception and to show the auras of the ancient magic that abounds, Ylang Ylang to befuddle and delight the senses.

The Voice of Reason: Sandalwood and Buddhawood to pull you into the club and let the jazz, Coffee and Cigarettes soak into your skin, senses and soul. Rose beats at the heart of the matter.

The Bug: This fragrance jumps out to interrupt our information technology haze with a wake up call in the form of stimulating Galbanum and punchy Black Pepper. The beat resonates to a Sandalwood and Tonka Bassline unmistakable in its urgency.

LUSH Euphoria Gorilla Vol 2

Flower’s Barrow: Sage and thyme pull you back through the ages to times gone by. Ripe, bursting Blackcurrant and sweet Geranium are the tang of sea air and the wild plants that entwine against ancient stone in a leafy embrace. A breathy, rose kiss will leave you charmed among the ruins and a sweet end to your encounter.

Euphoria: A perfect blend including clary Sage to soothe and stir, Lime, Grapefruit and Neroli to uplift and invigorate. Let your heart sing out!

The Sun: Vibrant, zesty Orange, tangy Tangerine and a Mimosa fizz recline atop sultry Sandalwood for a real taste of The Sun. Good day sunshine!

Furze: Warm Vanilla like a honeyed Caramel snuggle and Coconut cuddles and kisses leaving you smelling mouthwatering and delicious… swoon!

More on the Gorilla Perfumes Volume 2 coming up soon!

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  • Sikkim Girls, and like…the last FIVE sound appealing to me. Reading Hellstone, though, I swear I read "freshly turned death" and I was like O_O. But earth. Earth is much more reasonable. All of the differently shaded bottles and sizes are kind of making me twitch a little bit, though. I like order.

    And dislike LUSH stores. I feel like their sales associates are WAY TOO HYPED UP ALL THE TIME and it makes me tired. Also S refuses to go in because the last time we were there, the sales associate kept trying to make him smell things and by the time we got out he was like -_- with a little bit of >:( thrown in. Usually he's patient, but those LUSH SAs, lol!
    My recent post Embracing Pink: Dior Addict Gloss 576 Bed of Roses

    • Hmm. I think you'd really like Flower's Barrow, Larie! Maybe The Sun and Euphoria as splash-type fragrances, too.

      (If you get a chance, will you give The Bug a sniff for me as well, please? It's not very wearable, but I think you'd find the composition really interesting!)

      I actually really like our LUSH stores! Our SAs sound a little more tame (and less pushy) than yours — LUSH is one of the only shops I can think of where you can go in and ask for a sample of one product, then somehow end up leaving with like four different sample slices of soap and a whole bunch of obscure product tips.

      Then again, maybe I just seem like less of a pushover than S :p

  • Margaret

    Hmmm…interesting. I wanna try out these. But I need to get free samples of it first and get to choose the best one to purchase.

  • Amy

    A little different, but I am LOVING the new packaging. Odd, right?

  • fieran

    This is so cool. I've heard a lot about Sikkim Girls..tempted to test it out. Might have to drop by Lush, here, but I don't think they will have it as Norway always gets general cosmetic collections much later than other countries. Oh the drama :)
    My recent post Hitched

    • All of the fragrances in Volume 2 are currently listed on the LUSH Norway site, Fieran! I'm not sure if they're in stores or only online, but you should be able to get your hands on a bottle if you choose to :) (Er, I can read the names and see the pictures, but… I have no idea what the rest of it says :p)

      I think Sikkim Girls is the highlight of this collection, honestly. Some of the scents were more "accessible" (The Sun) or more interesting (The Bug), but it seemed like the most well-blended and gripping. I hope you love it!

      • fieran

        *Hangs head in shame* I should have checked the Lush Norway site :(

        I did find them, as you saw on Instagram ;) Thanks for looking them up for me! *HUG*
        My recent post Hitched

  • I definitely want to give these a try, but I'm an oil perfume loyalist, so I'm a little disappointed they went the alcohol route with these. I love, love, love the artwork, however.
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