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CC Creams (Or, The Trend That Just Won’t Die)

Okay, I’ll admit it: I am really over this BB trend. It was a little tired even at its launch, and while it’s given us some fantastic products, I feel like most of them are duds.

Which would be fine! That could be said about anything. But, well — anything doesn’t stretch on for BBs, CCs, DDs… it’s time to let it go, dear Beauty Industry Gods. Nobody asked for a BB shampoo. This is the opposite of what we wanted.

Two Tidbits of Tech

Neither of which, unfortunately, are phasers set to stun. 

(They totally could be, though. I mean, look at those things!)

Look! Pretty Eyeliners.

Yeah, this section really didn’t need to exist as a standalone — it’s only one product, but in a ton of different shades. SEPHORA COLLECTION (typing that always makes me feel like an angry green rage monster) came out with a new formula, and–while this would not typically be exciting,–some of the shadees are pretty. Like, really, really pretty.

Check out that green! That beige! That pink! Eyeliners usually launch in black, brown, grey; maybe navy and plum if we’re lucky. These Waterproof Contour Eye Pencils ($9 USD/$11 CAD) are launching in thirty-five shades, though, which — well, that’s a pretty darn big step up from three or four.

So, okay. I’m maybe a little over-excited. But can you really fault me for it?

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  • m

    am definitely with you about the bb trend… it's really getting ridiculous!
    My recent post tsukiji fish market

  • Liz


    "This is the last thing we wanted." SO TRUE. I'm not reading or touching any more BB/alphabet-related stuff.

    I want one of those gadgets to pretend to stun people in the streets. Piu piu!
    My recent post Minimal Makeup Capsule

    • It's so hard not to, though — some of them really are good! :(

      Piu! Piu piu piu! :D

  • abeautifulzen

    phasers set to stun indeed! i'm pretty over western companies trying but failing to produce a good bb cream. there has been some success for sure but i'm sticking to my asian beauty products. don't fix what aint broke right?
    My recent post Selected Travel Photos: Thailand

    • The Marcelle one is pretty good! ;)

      I'd love to be able to try asian BBs, but the language barrier is just too much for me — it's hard enough to avoid 'cones as it is, you know? Not being able to read the ingredients list just makes it that much more difficult! :p

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    BB, CC, DD… I wish they stopped yesterday!

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  • I think I'll just wear sunscreen and foundation…or tinted moisturizer ;-)
    My recent post Venice – April 2012

  • BB for hair now that was funny, I guess just had to be done but let's hope it stops at CC for DD would remind us of a bra size!

  • Toby

    Ooooo! FOUR shades of purple! :D How many purple eyeliners do I really NEED…? (all of them)

    Also: I never thanked you for that shu primer mousse review, because I am a cavewoman & terribly remiss in my manners. My apologies, & a belated thank you! I really love your swatches. :)

    • All of them! :D And you are very, very welcome, my dear :) I hope they helped!

  • omg I straight-up lost it when I got to "this is the opposite of what we wanted." BB Shampoo. I just can't even deal anymore.
    My recent post Kitchen Adventures | (Formerly) Healthy Banana Soft Serve

  • I am sooooo over BB, CC and whateverwhatever creams too, lol :-) I don't think I was actually ever, uhm, under them, lol :-) Just gimme my skin care and my foundation, kthxbye.