Lise Watier Sweet Lips “Pistachio” Yummy Lip Balm: Review, Photos | & something sweet for your lips, too

Lise Watier Something Sweet Summer 2013 collection

The product: Lise Watier Sweet Lips Yummy Lip Balm in Pistachio

Launching alongside the new Lise Watier Something Sweet perfumePistachio is one of three limited-edition Sweet Lips Yummy Lip Balms made to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. (I would love to say “sweet teeth,” but I think that would just be weird. And, yes, the “yummy” is right there in the sugary-sweet name!)

Lise Watier Sweet Lips yummy lip balm

Enriched with Vitamin E & shea butter, the macaron-inspired Sweet Lips balms apply as slightly-shimmery, surprisingly lightweight clear lip balms. I haven’t tried Sweet Berry or Chocolate, but I think Pistachio would be my favourite of the bunch even if I had: there’s something very novel about applying such a tasty-smelling blue lip balm, even if it’s practically clear!

Lise Watier Pistachio Macaron lip balm

The verdict?

While Something Sweet was, well, too sweet for me, Lise Watier’s Pistachio Sweet Lips Yummy Lip Balm hits the nail right on the head. The light, delicious fragrance dissipates quickly, but smells mouthwatering and edible in the super-cute tin. It may be more sugar than substance, but I’d take a wonderful gourmand lip balm over a pot of opaque blue any day!

Availability: $12.50 CAD for 9 g, exclusively at Shopper’s Drug Mart (Pharmaprix in Québec). Limited edition, but available in Sweet Berry, Pistachio, and Chocolate until they sell out.

PS: This little macaron closes very securely, and once you finish the balm (which, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you totally will), I bet this purse-friendly pot would make for awesome, macaron-inspired storage, too.

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  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    I wouldn't think pistachio would be blue… maybe greenish with some yellow? LOL! It does look very cute though

    My recent post Finally! A Face Oil That Works For Me: Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Essence Oil

    • My thoughts exactly, Lily! It doesn't smell entirely pistachio-ish, either — creative liberties, I suppose :p

  • Molly

    Ooh this looks gorgeous! Love the packaging.

    Molly x

  • My Lucite Dreams

    Yum.. I love Pistachio

  • Kate & Zena

    The packaging is really cute, but lip balm that has a taste? Ewwwww. I've always hated those. They make my throat mucusy (gross, I know.)

    The color is cute though. I'd like a dress in that color!

    • Eep! That sounds like a pretty darn good reason to avoid flavoured lipbalms if you ask me! This one is taste-free, though — it's all in the scent ;)

      (Which, I mean, okay. Would probably still bug you. I think you'd look great in this lovely light blue, though! ;))

    • PS: I really do think you should give Elementary a try — it's very, very different from the BBC's Sherlock! Different in the ways it nods to the books (and the ways it doesn't); fantastic representation of a male-female non-sexual relationship; not super misogynistic or racist (the way Sherlock is), etc etc etc.

      Anyhow. Ignore me if you've tried it, but I definitely think it's worth watching a few episodes!

      • Kate & Zena

        I have so much to watch it's cray cray! We just added Castle to our lineup. We have been laughing so hard to that show. "IT MUST HAVE BEEN ALIENS!!!!" God, I love Castle.

        Zena says hi, by the way. She's rather depressed. Puppy is in the washing machine.

        • Ahh, Castle! I don't follow religiously, but I love how campy and tongue-in-cheek the writing can be — and, okay, so I maybe have a huge crush on Stana Katic's face. And makeup. And hair, gah.

          Hi, Zena! Hope you're feeling a little more upbeat today ;)

  • kerker

    Packaging is mega cute and love the name of this gloss!! Pistachio is my favourite macaron flavour.
    My recent post Hydra-Oil Replenishing Body Cream

    • It's one of my favourites too, kerker! I do have a soft spot for lemon and rose as well, though ;)

  • Jessica

    Hmmm…this is def interesting. the packaging is so cute and the formula looks okay. Well I think I wanna check out this one. Kinda curious on its scent:)

    • It's very sweet, and pretty tasty-smelling, Jessica! I think you'd like it :)

  • What an interesting scent for a lip balm. I'm not sure how I'd like it, I'd be very interested to try it. The packaging is very cute :)
    My recent post URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Beauty Balm | An Unexpected Favorite + A Giveaway

    • To be honest, it's not that pistachio-ish — more of savoury-sweet with an edge of nuttiness than straight-up pistachio. It's definitely not disappointing, though! ;)