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!Ralph Lauren x Essie pink

Out this spring from Ralph Lauren is a bit of an interesting collaboration: for each of their four Big Pony Women’s fragrances, Ralph Lauren has teamed up with Essie Weingarten herself to create a matching Essie nail varnish.

On top of that–if, perhaps, you’re looking for a little nail inspiration!–Essie Canada had Rita Remark, lead national nail artist, to create a custom nail look for each fragrance.

Essie x Rita Remark x Ralph Lauren

The product: Ralph Lauren x essie SENSUAL (Ralph Lauren Big Pony Woman & essie in Pink #2)

Big Pony Woman Pink #2 isn’t exactly my kind of fragrance. With notes of of cranberry and tonka mousse (and only those two), this fruity floriental is just one in a vast number of sticky-sweet perfumes today.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh–okay, I’m definitely being a bit harsh–but for someone who wears men’s colognes almost exclusively… great marketing and cute collaboration aside, this post should have been a pass for me.

!Ralph Lauren Big Pony body spray

!Ralph Lauren #2 fragrance

Essie review - pink Ralph Lauren polish

The Big Pony sets’ saving grace, however, are the bright, vibrant Essie nail varnishes. I’m not always swayed by their polishes (I find the dense narrow brush difficult to work with), but #2 Pink is one of the few Essies I’ve easily managed to get smooth, glossy nails out of in just two coats.

I’m not nearly nail-savvy enough to manage Rita Remark’s criss-cross nail art, I’m afraid, but I loved the specific hue of this creamy blue-pink nonetheless. It may not be the most unique shade, but it’s a great pick for a pink untouched by this season’s fluorescent polish trend!

Essie nail swatch - Ralph Lauren pink #2 polish

Try it if…

There’s a Ralph Lauren Big Pony scent that you already know you love, but otherwise, pass. These sets would make great gifts, however — while I wasn’t a fan of the saccharine #2, it wouldn’t be a stretch for me to imagine an Aquolina-Pink-Sugar-loving teenage girl adoring this cotton-wrapped confection.

Also in the range are #1 Blue (grapefruit & blue lotus), #3 Yellow (pear & mimosa), and #4 Purple (wild cherry & purple amber).

!Ralph Lauren Essie 2


What’s in the set varies a little by area, but each include a fragrance & its matching nail polish.

In Québec, exclusive to Jean Couteau, the sets contain a 30ml fragrance, 50g body mist, and a full-sized Essie nail polish ($47 CAD; pictured in this review). For the rest of Canada, the sets contain a 50ml fragrance and full-sized Essie nail polish, and can be found at The Bay and Sears ($67 CAD).

!RL x Essie


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  • I haven't tried any of these yet, but I'd sure love to :-)
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  • I've been surprisingly pleased about this whole Big Pony release from RL. Whilst I'm usually not a Ralph girl, I actually loved every variant from this collection. Hoping to grab myself a collection mini to keep.
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    • I'm so glad to hear you liked this collection of sets! As I said, I'm probably pickier than most :p I would definitely recommend grabbing one of these if you love the scents — the polishes are all exclusive to Ralph Lauren, but so worth having around ;)

  • Sam M

    I bought this set and was worried as I dislike essie nail polish a lot. But I found this nail polish great for some reason. And this perfume is amazing in my eyes.

    • I'm so glad to hear you liked the set, Sam! The polish *is* even better than usual, isn't it? :p

  • Ely

    My gf loves this Big Pony release from RL as well. She likes every variant just like one of the earlier commenters. She is def a Ralph girl, though, haha.

    • Oh, wow! I'm super picky about my fragrances, but I think it's brilliant that she lucked out & likes all four of these. I feel like they'd all have to have impressively coherent overtones, yeah?