Clarins Rouge Eclat, Instagram, and Anastasia Bold & Beautiful | A brief update…

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I feel like I’ve managed to get away with surprisingly few “teaser” posts recently, but that is possibly just because I’ve been cheating & not posting at all. Either way, here’s a brief update on why there isn’t a proper post for today!

(But not an actual, proper post. Apologies.)

Clarins Rouge Eclat (Spring 2013)

Clarins Palette Eclat - Rouge Eclat Spring 2013 face palette

Clarins Rouge Eclat Face Palette (Palette Eclat) & Rouge Eclat Lipstick (in Red Wine)

I wanted to have a teaser up for this today, but it just didn’t happen — I was up until three editing photos before I gave up and went to bed. I always overshoot collections (one of the main reasons why it takes me so long to get new material up on the blog), and the hundreds of images were just too overwhelming.

A snap review, though: Spring this year is going to be amazingI am absolutely loving the bits of Clarins Rouge Eclat that I have on hand; from the gorgeous detailing, to the textures and pigment… the collection is quite impressive so far, even by Clarins’ own high standards.

[Finally] On Instagram: theNotice

No promises, but we’ll see how it goes. Follow here for early teasers, trivial updates, and the occasional makeup look/full-face swatch!

theNotice on Instagram

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit

Another “coming up”! I just got this one yesterday (haven’t even opened it up to swatch yet), but I am so smitten with the aesthetic — the entire concept is based around classic novels & book characters; how awesome is that?

Out next month (February 2013) as part of the brand’s Spring offerings.

Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit

Have a wonderful Thursday, my dears!

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14 Responses to “Clarins Rouge Eclat, Instagram, and Anastasia Bold & Beautiful | A brief update…”

  1. mostlysunnybunny, on January 17th, 2013 at 12:32 pm said:

    Happy Tuesday, Rae! Belgium has been just about as covered with snow, though I'm relatively sure it's MUCH colder where you are! The Clarins powder is pretty!
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  2. welcome to instagram it is so fun you will love it! that clarins powder looks fantastic! xx. gigi.

  3. Love the Clarins compact! I haven't gotten into Instagram much, yet. Not easy to take pictures with an iPad. :)
    My recent post Drew Barrymore's Flower Cosmetics

  4. The Clarins spring collection looks so gorgeous.

  5. My Lucite Dreams, on January 18th, 2013 at 5:07 pm said:

    The Anastasia palette it lovely! I'm not even sure what's in it but I love, reminiscent of a novel, you are s right! I love Instagram, will be following :-)

  6. It looks like some fun posts headed our way! I look forward to the review of the clarins palette especially. I know you mentioned it was scented which doesn't usually bother me… but even if it did, I'll see by your swatches/review if it's pretty enough to overlook the scent :) Have a great day!

  7. Both look really promising! I really do like teaser posts, so keep them coming :p. And about overshooting, well I guess we all have that problem no? ;) It's ok! hehe
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  8. Thanks (belatedly), Sunny! :) It's actually been really warm here recently — cooled down again yesterday, but last week was all around of above zero. Crazy weather :/

  9. Thanks, Gigi! It's hugely addictive :s

    Review of the powder asap!

  10. Eep! I can imagine — way more cumbersome than a phone.

    Clarins always kills it with their compacts :) The collection overview or review should be up in a day or two!

  11. It's even prettier in person, Alice ;) Are you planning on picking up any of the pieces?

  12. The packaging/marketing is all absolutely spot-on — I'm kind of in love. Will review once I can find time to photograph it! I've been itching to swatch the "books" inside all week ;)

  13. I think it might just be ;) I'll try to get the palette review up as soon as possible for you guys!

  14. Ah! That's really good to hear, Teri – thanks :) (I always feel like teaser posts are a bit of a cop-out, but I'd rather have a small amount of product discussion than no content at all!)

    We really do >.< Someone needs to start an OA (Overshooters Anonymous, of course) 12-step program!

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