Sephora Friends & Family 2012: What to expect instead

Just a quick heads-up that Sephora’s annual 20% off sale is now live, but with a few alterations from previous years! From now until the 12th, [ETA: American] VIBs will be able to use the code CELEBRATE for their online discount. To get the same deal in-store, you’ll need to bring in a hard copy of the event — there should be an email in your inbox for it, or you should have received a card recently in the mail.

(Ah, snail mail. How I love thee.)

But what about the BIs?

If you missed out on the F&F sale this year (which was a literal friends-and-family-only event), Beauty Insiders can still take part in the holiday festivities — and if you’re not spending a lot, it might just be a better deal! With any order over $25, use the code ITKIT for a free nine-piece sample kit, of your choice.

(The selections are pretty cool, but the quantities are limited. Stop reading theNotice and get over there now!)

Happy shopping! Hope you’re all safe & warm indoors this week.

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  • I do want to say that I'm really happy that you're posting informed information (redundant lol). I've seen other blogs say that the CELEBRATE 20% VIB sale IS the Friends & Family sale. Sephora themselves has said many times on their Facebook that the F&F already ended in October and, like you said, was literally for employees only. Both sales are two different things.

    Anyways, it's a bit unfair that BI's don't get a 15% off discount at least. :/
    I made use of the code and purchased some products already as an early birthday present. :)

    Such a long comment! Sorry, hehe.

    • Haha, don't worry about it :p I can't do anything in short form — three paragraphs is tiny by comparison!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, my dear :) & happy early birthday!

  • BooBooNinja

    Thanks for working so hard and late into the night to get this post up, Rae. <3
    I agree — I wish this sale covered the BIs too and/or I knew a VIB to go shopping with.
    On the other hand, I'm a wee bit relieved that I don't have to deal with the temptation of a sale.


    • Oh, too true! The only thing better for the wallet than a sale is no sale at all :P


  • Ohhh, so I was wrong. This isn't F&F. Does the friend have to be a BI to use it?
    My recent post October &amp; A Lil Bit of November Favorites!! + Mini Reviews

    • The VIB sale? Shouldn't have needed to be, but the in-store (+guest) event was today only!