New 25/11/12: Armani, Bobbi Brown, and plenty of Becca!

Becca, you say?

Well, yeah. Becca foundations and Beach Tints, but also Bobbi Brown (seriously, how gorgeous do this year’s Bobbi Brown collections look), and Giorgio Armani Lip Maestros, and those stunning Burberry Eye Palettes. 

And don’t even get me started on Clinique! I haven’t had a chance to try any of the Chubby Stick Intenses yet, but I think we all know it’s going to happen as soon as possible. My Chubby Stick fixation is a well-known fact by this point, and it might be a little dysfunctional, but hey.

At least my lips are staying moisturized.

And those sets

Holiday sets need no introduction.

Sephora X

Coming up at Sephora (if it’s not already in your local store) is the Sephora X collection, made up entirely of nail products. Lacquers, base coats, effect coats, you name it.

Now, I love nail lacquer as much as the next person–okay, that’s probably a lie; I never wear polish if I can help it–but… isn’t this a bit much? I mean, yes. The polishes look gorgeous, and the size of the collection is rather substantial. Sephora has you covered from base to top coat, here, but — they do already have Sephora Collection, Sephora by OPI, Sephora Trend Tipsand Sephora + Pantone Universe.

I get that it’s the year of the nail, but am I really the only one who thinks that five in-house brands might be overkill? Just a little bit?

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