Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura | Mon Shu Nail Lacquer reviews, photos, swatches

The product: Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura Nail Lacquer in Shu Shu RedKarl Black, and Royal Beige

When it comes to this Holiday’s Karl x shu collection, the nail lacquers are probably the easiest item to tackle, honestly. From the awkwardly-shaped curler to the seriously stunning palettes (upcoming!), this’ll probably be where I have the fewest words to say.

Probably, hopefully, maybe. 

Shu Shu Red

To start off, we have a stunning burnt orange-red with a glossy, shimmer-free finish. Smooth and well-pigmented, it’s ridiculously easy to apply, but (as could be expected from anything this saturated) a little harder to get off without staining your fingers terribly.

I usually gravitate to bluer reds (less orange/yellow than this one), but it’s hard to fault such a stunning shade. Shu Shu Red is a fantastic, warm, subdued “red,” and it’s perfect for late autumn/early winter.

Royal Beige

As a lover of neutral nails, Royal Beige was the shade I felt most drawn toward. The formula, however, just isn’t up to par: while the shade avoids the fate of many drab neutrals with ethereal gold microshimmer (and I mean microshimmer) keeping it from looking flat, it’s hard to recommend it at $18.

I like it in theory, but Royal Beige sits heavy on the nails with any more than one thin coat — and needs at least three for full opacity.

Karl Black

Next up is Karl Black, which–while a little harder to apply–is probably the most unique shade of the three varnishes. This inky black isn’t quite as dense, but the extra coat is worth it: the formula is packed with gorgeous gold flakes and mixed microshimmer, which give the polish a stunning complexity. The final effect has more depth than a layered topcoat, but the added texture isn’t really in-your-face, either.

While removing this one, I noticed that the flakes and base colour remove at different rates, which reads like a challenge if ever I met one was interesting. If you’re up for something a little more finicky, try applying two coats of Karl Black, then removing the black pigment gently to uncover a unique metallic finish. (Add a matte or glossy topcoat for better wear & a smoother feel.) 

& those darling nail stickers… 

Aren’t they adorable? (And a nice added touch to the collection — each varnish comes with a strip of stickers, which peel off their paper backing & stick firmly to your nail, over polishes, under topcoats, or even on their own.)

The verdict?

At $18 each, I don’t think any of these are must-haves — but Shu Shu Red and Karl Black are definitely nice-to-haves! Royal Beige is one you can pass on, I think; though the shade and shimmer are absolutely gorgeous, the formula’s just not quite as good.

These are definitely more of a luxury than a necessity, but hey: it’s a holiday collection, after all! The three shades do work gorgeously together, conveying a “holiday” vibe without leaning on it like a crutch, and the collection overall is a great buy for a Karl Lagerfeld fan.

(Don’t front, readers. Deep down, aren’t we all, at least a little?)

Karl Lagerfeld x shu uemura nail color in shu shu red, karl black, and royal beige

Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura – nail swatches & stickers

Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura: Mon Shu Holiday 2012

shu uemura nail color ingredients – Karl Lagerfeld collection

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  • Reply mostlysunnybunny

    Loooove Karl Black! I still don't know how I'll react to having a near-black polish on my fingers (last time I tried I freaked. It was some years ago though), but I will definitely lay my hands on one soon :)
    My recent post I’m on Cloud Nine with Chanel Harmonie du Soir!

    November 13, 2012 at 6:30 AM
  • Reply kuri

    They all look gorgeous! It's a pity about the formula of the beige, as it looks so classy!
    My recent post the ridiculous state of shoe sizing

    November 13, 2012 at 8:17 AM
  • Reply xiao

    The stickers are adorable!
    My recent post Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Matte Lacquer Swatches

    November 13, 2012 at 12:15 PM
  • Reply pamela

    they look beautiful yet edgy!! you have the best nails' shape, by the way!
    just stumbled upon your blog and love it!!
    My recent post Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

    November 13, 2012 at 12:23 PM
  • Reply Jen W

    Love Karl Black, and the nail art things. Not a huge fan of the packaging though, I would have expected more luxe from Karl Lagerfeld.

    You have the most perfect nails!!
    My recent post Vera Wang S/S 2013 inspired bridal makeup FOTD

    November 14, 2012 at 1:17 AM
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