Keep it all in Perspective with LUSH Emotional Brilliance | LUSH Liquid Lipstick: review, photos, swatches

The product: LUSH Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick in Perspective

(I thought about grouping these reviews, but let’s be realistic: there’s no way that post would have been under the 1000 word mark. Liquid lipstick today; eyeliner and cream eyeshadow coming up soon!) 

The texture: Okay, alright, so I was ridiculously excited for the new Liquid Lipsticks — but I kind of hated the formula. It’s super-smooth in the sort of way that’s almost oily, and I know (I know, I know) some people adore formulas that feel like oil and powder, but I’m sticking resolutely to my fondness for the ones that feel more like lip balm and pigment.

To be fair, though, it’s really down to a matter of preference. I’m not a fan of products like this one, but it was certainly lightweight, non-drying, and pigmented! 

Swatched from L-R: LUSH Liquid Eyeliner in Fantasy, Liquid Lipstick in Perspective, and Cream Eyeshadow in Wise.

LUSH Emotional Brilliance swatches in direct sunlight.

The surprise: While the feel of this lipstick is too oily for me, I’m actually quite fond of the formula as a liquid blusher. Thin and easily blendable, it both layers and absorbs easily — reminiscent of the Clarins Instant Light Blush I reviewed last Spring, both in format and in price, but with a better shade range (and wider availability).

With a jojoba oil and candelilla wax base, the hydrating formula feels too oily for my lips, but works well (and wears well) on my cheeks. Enough said.

The shade: Perspective is described as a natural, dusky rose, but I wasn’t crazy about it against my skintone. (See it worn as a blusher in this Anna Karenina makeup look from last week.) Unlike many of the other shades, it has a finely-milled shimmer component, which translates a bit frostily on my dry lips — but give it a look if you have a warmer skintone & happen to be on the market for a neutral lip shade!

I’m not sure if it varies by colour, but this one never quite dried down on my lips. From reviews that I’ve read of the Emotional Brilliance line, though, I’m willing to guess there’s a bit more pigment (and a slightly drier finish) in some of the bolder shades, so do try to read reviews for the exact shade you’ll be buying!

LUSH Perspective Liquid Lipstick – on cheeks

The verdict?

I’m a bit divided on this one, to be honest. On one hand, $22.95 for 0.2oz isn’t a bad price (though nor is it a fantastic one), and I love the way LUSH has set up the Emotional Brilliance range. On the other, though, I wasn’t crazy about this lipstick — but I think a lot of that had to do with the shade.

For a hydrating, slick-finish, paraben-free liquid lipstick (or for a seamless, silicone-free liquid blusher), give this formula a try. I wasn’t wooed by Perspective, but there are some definite stunners in the range!

(I have my eye on Drive, Glamorous, Decisive, and Confident… will have to check them out in-store sometime. Photos behind the cut!)

LUSH Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick in Perspective

The ingredients: 

Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Titanium Dioxide, Rose (Rosa damascena) Wax, Tin Oxide, CI45410, CI77019, CI77491.

*Please note: this ingredient list is different from the one on the LUSH site! Same base, but the colourants listed on the Perspective product page are slightly different from those in the product’s physical tag.

LUSH Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick – full range
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  • Ahh I've been wanting Perspective for awhile but my local store (in Western Australia) has been out of stock for the past couple of weeks :( I did pick up Strong and I do like the texture but the colour's a bit too loud for me to wear everyday. The price here in Australia isn't bad at all, the US & Aussie dollar is almost 1 to 1 and the Lush lipsticks are $24.95 here, while MAC lipsticks start at $36.

    • Aww, sorry to hear it! Hope your store gets a new shipment of Perspective soon :)

      (And wow! re: the Australian price. It's always so lovely when a company doesn't add an obscene markup — even when prices are comparable, I tend to lean toward whichever is closer to the American price. If the dollar's on par, there's no reason for a 30-60% markup!)

  • Oooh these look interesting :) x
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  • moushka

    What a beautiful colour! I've been looking for a blush that lasts longer than two hours on my combo skin; maybe I'll give Perspective a try. Don't recall seeing them in stores. Will check out the 'net. Thanks for the review.

    • Hope you like 'em, moushka! I've heard the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushers are have really good wear, as well — give 'em a try sometime, yeah? :)

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