Annabelle Hawaïan Hues Eyeshadow Palette review, photos, swatches

The product: Annabelle Hawaïan Hues Eyeshadow Palette

Included in this season’s Aqua Queen collection (alongside the new Biggy bronzer; review soon), Annabelle’s new eyeshadow palette contains ten new paraben-free eyeshadows in a mix of finishes and shades. I almost wish that these were all part of the regular line–I would love to have entire pans of a few,–but it’s kind of nice that they aren’t.

The palette, which retails for a mere $12.95, is a steal at just over a doller per shade. If you really love one or two of these eyeshadows, I’d say snap up a few backups now, while they’re still on shelves!

The formula: Like Annabelle’s Mono and Trio eyeshadows, the shadows in this palette are nothing to scoff at. While not as buttery as a brand like Senna, or as intense as something from Make Up For Ever, they’re more than decent for the drugstore — easily on par with a handful of mid-range brands, in terms of quality and colour complexity.

Each shade is smooth and blendable, both applying and buffing out easily & evenly. The intensity of individual shades will be covered below.

Annabelle Hawaïan Hues Eyeshadow Palette swatches (dry on primed skin).

The shades: In terms of everyday shades, Hawaïan Hues includes two light/medium neutrals (a sheer, shimmering beige and a warm, shimmery-but-pigmented coppery orange), two medium/dark neutrals (a buttery, intensely pigmented, frost-finish coppery brown and a smooth, blendable matte black), and two violet shades (a lovely grey-violet with silver shimmers and a sheer, glowing lavender).

In the palette are four brights, as well —  a buttery, pigmented bright blue that’s more pigment than finely-milled shimmer (though it has plenty of both), a shimmery blue-green (more teal than turquoise), a shimmery, grassy green, and, finally, a shimmery bright yellow.

Annabelle Hawaïan Hues Eyeshadow Palette — click to enlarge.

Aside from the shimmering beige & the glowing lavender, whose light pigmentation is very obviously deliberate (and stunning), all of these shades range from medium to strong opacity — even the green and yellow eyeshadows. None of them suffer from any chalkiness or patchiness when applied or swatched, but keep an eye out for glitter fallout after you apply!

I was really impressed by the Hawaïan Hues palette, to be honest, and I’d love to see more of these from Annabelle. While some shades were better, they were all still good — a consistency in quality that you often don’t even see from high-end brands, much less drugstore ones. (Ahem, MAC limited edition quads, we’re looking at you.)

The verdict?

Honestly, if you still feel yourself needing a “verdict” at this point, I think you need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. :P

With solid, compact packaging and ten well-chosen shades, I’d recommend this one in a heartbeat. Paraben-free and under $15, it’s worth picking up whether you’re a colour lover or you’re just now beginning to move away from the neutrals!

Annabelle Eyeshadow Palette swatches — Hawaiian Hues, under different lighting.

Annabelle Aqua Queen Eyeshadow Palette packaging. Approx 4″ by 2.4″, or 11cm by 6cm. 

Annabelle Hawaïan Hues Eyeshadow Palette ingredients (paraben-free).

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  • Rae, I really appreciate that you take the time to find and review products from brands that the rest of us might not be as well-acquainted with. It makes your blog so interesting, and it's much more compelling reading for me than all the other 10,000 posts about NARS Fall (although those posts have their place too, of course!). You've introduced me to Marcelle, Anatomicals, Cozzette, Opulent Alchemy, and so many other brands that I had never heard of and am now super interested in! And even when you talk about more common brands like in that L'Occitane post, the photography and presentation are beautiful and appealing. I always get excited when I see a new post from you in my reader, and I wanted to thank you for giving me that special little burst of happiness again today!
    My recent post Cattier Paris Pink Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Caroline! This is… well, it's pretty much exactly what I wanted theNotice to be; someplace where products were presented differently, and the products themselves were new and fresh.

      Thank you for making my day! <3

  • mostlysunnybunny

    There are moments at which I wish I lived in Canada, and this is one of them!!! All of them look so pigmented and smooth!
    My recent post According to Guerlain and Pucci, Riviera is Indigo

  • oooh I've seen another review on this–but THIS is gorgeous! I wish it were available here SO so badly :(
    My recent post Chanel Makes Everything Better!!!

    • :( Sorry, hon! You'll just have to live vicariously through us Canucks for the meantime ;o)

  • Wow! I have never even heard of this brand – but this palette is absolutely amazing!
    So pigmented, and the shades are great.
    Makes me want to hunt it down!

    Sharleena xx
    My recent post Abbey Medieval Tournament

  • I've never even heard of this brand. Do I deserve a spanking now? In my defence though, I'm from Europe ;-)
    But anyway, this palette definitely looks nice.

    My recent post Not everything is what it seems: being creative with multi-purpose products

    • Haha, it's not your fault :p Not living in Canada is definitely justification for never having heard of Annabelle!

  • Larie

    I like this better than the head-sized bronzer! They do look fabulous!
    My recent post The End of a Quest: Dior Angelique Beige

    • :P I'm kind of forming a soft spot for the head-sized bronzer, too, strangely enough! Post on that one soon ;)

  • I'm so happy this palette is every bit as fabulous as I had hoped! It looks amazing in the pan already, but the colors on your skin are just perfect. FOTD soon? ;)
    My recent post Monday at the Shops: Dress Hunting

    • Hopefully! I've been so swamped recently, but it's on my to-do list ;)

  • This somehow reminds me of The Balm Shady Lady Vol. 3…. lovely colours!
    My recent post FOTD: Dramatic Smokey Eyes with Wispy Lashes

    • Ooh, but this one's so much cheaper! Easier to find (in Canada), too :p

  • Miss Kwong

    ahhh i’m so in love with your beauty blog.
    so much information and the eye palette above is absolutely gorgeous.

    Following u now via Goggle +. Follow me back if you like! ♥

  • Love this palette! Can't wait to pick it up and add it to my collection :)

  • bebebrown

    Can we get this in the United States ?