Don’t miss this | A soft, effortless Spring look

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I’ve been doing about a look a week the last little while, but most of them have been for the purpose of, well, the look. Which is to say, the concept of the makeup came first, and was then followed by the selection of products — which is how things usually go, if I’m not mistaken.

This week, though, I set out with only two things in mind: one, create something that would more or less realize the idea of a staple Spring makeup look, and two, feature a number of the products I’ve reviewed recently, so that you lot can see what they look like in an actual look, instead of just on my arms.

You can read the She Said Beauty post here, but just keep on scrolling if it’s the product babbling (and not the tutorial) you’re here for.

(Note: all the product links in this post go to reviews on theNotice!)

The cheeks

Ah, Senna. Quite a few comments were left asking to see these on my cheeks, and I’ve been using them in various FOTD photo sets since they came across my desk. This look happens to include the Senna Sheer Face Color Powder Blush in Clarity and Face and Eye Color in Enlighten, as blush and highlight, respectively.

I’ve been using the two Senna blushers (not including, of course, the hilighter) for a good few weeks now, and I have to say — not loving them any less, even after all this time. I thought some of their appeal might wear off, as it does, but Senna products tend to stick around for me. What can I say? The colours are just that good!

(Or my frontal lobe is just that fixated; really, it’s a toss-up between the two.)

The eyes

To start, I used Vasanti Mount Rushmore through the whole lid – just the shimmery taupe, though, mind. For a touch more definition, I added a few of the Sephora Moonshadow In the Light shadows; lighter in the inner corner and a hint darker on the outer third.

Then, to finish things up, I added two pencils to the look. First, the black eyeliner from Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude Eyes along the upper lashline — I’ve yet to review this eyeliner trio, but I keep reaching for the black. It’s got a bit of shimmer in it, which makes it a bit more interesting than a solid black).

And, finally, a whisper of Marcelle Accent Brow Pencil in Granite through the brows. I’m not crazy about Granite, but it’ll do, you know? I tend to fill my brows sort of (okay, extremely) lightly, so it doesn’t really matter what I use as long as it’s sheer and grey(ish).

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but: grey eyebrow products really do work wonders for cool skintones + black hair! It’s a makeup secret ;)

The lips

Last but not least, two products from a little farther back: L’Occitane Lipstick in Pivoine Délicate and L’Occitane Lipgloss in Rose Frémissant. I photographed this look with both lips; though it’s a small change, I couldn’t decide if I preferred the bare look of the lipstick or the light, playful edge that the gloss gives.

Anyhow; the photo above is the only one with the gloss layered on top. Feel free to decide which version you prefer on your own, because I haven’t any help to give!

A little bit sweet on you | Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in Sweet Papaya review, photos, swatches

Monday, June 18, 2012

The product: Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 06 Sweet Papaya

After last Friday’s Lise Watier Tangerine review, I pulled Sweet Papya from my drawers for a quick comparison. Save for the fact the slim, slant-tip packaging and the fact that they’re both somewhere in the vicinity of “orange,” the two shades aren’t all that similar – but that’s reason enough to see how they measure up, if you ask me.

The shade: While Tangerine is a bright, clear orange heavy yellow undertones, Sweet Papaya is a slightly milky red-orange with finely-milled gold shimmer – enough so that, while there is plenty of shimmer, it’s hard to discern once on the lips both visually and tactually.

What makes it worth talking about now, though, is the opacity. It’s still sheer, but while the “translucent” Tangerine was really just clear, Clarins’ product actually fits the bill for translucent. It won’t give you bright, defined lips, but it’s just tinted enough to deliver a sheer layer of colour and shimmer. 

“Papaya orange” is an iteration of the colour family that I feel like I don’t see very often in lip glosses or balms, but I actually really like it. At this level of pigmentation, the different hue doesn’t make an enormous difference, but it’s a great alternative if you want a more demure version of the orange colour family.

The scent: One of the main reasons why I wasn’t crazy about Tangerine was strong floral scent – it’s a dead ringer for a bouquet of lilies, a scent that would theoretically be fine, but which I’m not actually fond of. At all. (I don’t know; maybe it’ll grow on me?) I typically enjoy the fragrances of Clarins products, though, and the Colour Quench balms are no exception.

Sweet Papaya smells sweet and fruity (I’ve seen it described as a light cherry fragrance), and while it’s not my favourite scent, it’s not too cloying — more like you’ve just eaten a few sweets than like you’ve been frontally assaulted by an angry swarm of chemicals.

The formula: Sort of like the shade, the Colour Quench formula isn’t one of my favourites – but I still do like it. I’d have liked to see it marketed as a sheer lipgloss rather than a long-lasting lip balm, though, because it fits the bill for a good gloss. While not stripping, I don’t find this formula particularly hydrating, but it is both non-sticky and shiny.

If you pick up a Colour Quench balm, go into it expecting a comfortable, sheer, fun summer gloss, rather than a super-hydrating, long-wearing balm.

The verdict

Sweet Papaya isn’t a must-have in my books, but if I absolutely had to wear a sheer orange shade, it would probably be my top pick. I really like that Clarins has gone with a red-based, papaya-inspired shade rather than an orange or tangerine one, because (with fair olive skin and cool undertones,) it makes the orange hue easy to wear.

As I mentioned earlier, though, I think calling this a “Colour Quench Lip Balm” that will deliver “long-lasting moisture & shine” really misconstrues the product. Think of it as a sheer, comfortable gloss, and you won’t be disappointed; expect a hydrating, long-wearing lip balm, and you probably will be.

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Sunday in France: a brief foray into the magical world of

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Instead of the usual “New…” widget, I thought I’d do something a bit different this Sunday – a glance at a few new products in French Sephora stores, with a bit of babble about the site (and beauty market) enjoyed by our beauty-addict counterparts over there.

I have a soft spot for the online shop, even more so now than I did a few months ago. Once the newness of the revamp wore off, I found that I… don’t really like it, to be honest. I’m quite fond of the aesthetic, but I’m a lot less crazy about the actual functionality. (That said, though; the Canada/US site has ingredients listed for more of the products, and I wouldn’t give that up for the world.)

The brands

As could be expected, Sephora shops in France carry a different product range than those in North America — more skincare, more fragrance; less makeup. They carry different brands, at times, too: they get Chanel, Serge Lutens, and La Prairie, for instance, (those lucky dogs), but miss out on Korres, Fresh, and a number of our newer brands, like Ellis Faas or Edward Bess.

Strangely enough, I spied a few North American drugstore brands on the French site; Sally Hansen and Hawaiian Tropic intermingled amongst the expensive skincare and impressive fragrance ranges.

The addiction

The last time I went through the site this thoroughly (I think it was about a year ago), I noticed that they had a bit of an obsession with travelling beauty products. It wasn’t just a passing fancy, though, apparently, because there’s still a small-but-highly-visible section on airplane-appropriate products!

(I don’t know why, but I find that absolutely hilarious. I’m aware that, objectively, it isn’t funny at all. It doesn’t really seem to be making any difference in my reaction, though.)

The bestsellers

Of course, you can’t have a post about a foreign beauty site without going over the country’s bestsellers list. In France, 12 of the top 20 bestsellers are skincare, 3 are makeup, and 5 are fragrance; in Canada, only 8 are skincare, with 9 being makeup, and 3 being fragrance.

If you look at the products themselves, things get even more interesting. French women tend to focus their makeup purchases on mascara, while Canadians buy more base products. (Hey, maybe that focus on skincare is paying off, after all!) The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is the only bestselling product the two sites have in common.

In skincare, the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is the only product to grace both bestseller lists. The list is dominated by Clarins (which, as we all know, I have a soft spot a mile wide for), but the brand doesn’t appear in Canada’s top 20 at all. We’re apparently just running around buying tinted moisturizers and BB creams like crazy at the moment, apparently, which–I cannot tell a lie–actually sounds pretty accurate.

Different, too, are our tastes in fragrance – I’d say the French have more refined olfactory palettes, but that wouldn’t explain how (or why, or what?!) a Hello Kitty EdT made it onto their bestseller list and Balenciaga Paris didn’t. Again, there was only one product in common between the lists: the ever-classic Dior J’Adore. (Don’t you just love it when patterns keep up being all pattern-y?)

And, finally, the reason why I was nosing around to begin with:

They’re just so cute! {1} {2} {3}

A crystal I’d probably be okay with dropping | Lise Watier Crystal Drops Lip Gloss in Tangerine: review, photos, swatches

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The product: Lise Watier Crystal Drops Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss in Tangerine 

[ Psst: I haven’t worn this one around a ton because I’m not crazy about orange, so this is going to be more of a “flash review” than a full-blown production. If you have any questions about the product that aren’t answered in this post, please feel free to ask them in the comments! ]

Lise Watier call their Crystal Drops formula a “wet look” lip gloss, made to “[bathe] lips in a translucent, glistening, ultra-shine.” They note that the glosses are non-sticky and won’t run, and the Drops come in three shades this summer: Tangerine (photographed here), Smoothie (a shimmering nude pink, and Dragon Fruit (a bright, punchy pink).

Lise Watier  Crystal Drops Lip Gloss in Tangerine – swatch

Lise Watier Tangerine lip swatch

This Crystal Drops lipgloss has a light floral fragrance that lingers; a negative in my books, but a plus in many others, I’m sure. The shade and shine, though, didn’t blow me away: Tangerine is super-sheer, almost more clear than translucent. And, while, I can definitely get it to deliver on the “wet-look” claims, I find I have to apply quite a bit to go from “shiny” to “ultra-shiny.”

It’s more of a… regular shine. An okay-shiny lipgloss.

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Don’t miss this » Jessica Chastain Cannes 2012-inspired makeup

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Okay, so this isn’t the look that I’m dying to share with you (that one should be up soon, though; maybe next week?) but it’s a look nonetheless! I did a green-and-gold tutorial for She Said Beauty this week, inspired by the image below of Jessica Chastain at this year’s Cannes festival. It… well, to be totally honest, it turned out completely different from her look, but I guess that’s why they say “inspired,” right?

Anyhow; I’m going to go lament the fact that I don’t look at all like Chastain (and for that matter, Michael-bloody-Fassbender; it’s is extremely unfair that we can’t all have faces chiseled out of stone) by eating copious amounts of inappropriate starches (and, seriously, if anyone caught that reference, you can be my new best friend) in the corner.

See more photos & read the tutorial here.

Products used, more photos, and Michael Fassbender’s face »

Summer lovin’ (or, Rae’s bronzer beau of 2012.) | Lise Watier Summer Sunset Bronzing Powder review, photos, swatches

Monday, June 11, 2012

The product: Lise Watier Summer Sunset Bronzing Powder

Of the entire Lise Watier Summer Sunset collection, the one product that’s really won my heart has been this bronzing palette. I haven’t tried out all of the products yet, but the tones in this one are just right — it gives a very clear, effortless bronze, which is exactly what I’ve been loving this season.

I have a tendency to fall in love with one bronzer at a time, one for every year, and I have a feeling this is going to be my bronzer of 2012 — last year was  FaceFront Third Kiss Rocket Bronzer; the year before that, Annabelle Haute Gold Zebra Bronzing Powder. (True to form, I wore them more or less religiously for a few months, and… haven’t really touched either since.)

The shade: Reminiscent of Chanel’s Soliel Tan de Chanel bronzers (limited edition this summer and last – Beauty Look Book has a great post on both years’ bronzers, here), Lise Watier’s Summer Sunset compact contains five different shades, which blend together to create a lovely glow (minus the $60 price tag).

The brand recommends using the strips of colour in two separate swipes: a focus on the brown shades to add a bronze glow to the high points of the face, and a focus on the pink shades (the two on the left) to add colour on the apples of the cheek. I would have liked to see a bit more pigmentation out of the pink and peach shades–I had to go over each a good ten times for this intensity–but I think the shades themselves were all very well-chosen.

Swatched alone, the compact houses a pinky peach; a clear, bright pink; a rich golden-brown; an ivory-gold hilighter; and a light gold-bronze. The two bronze shades pack the most shimmer and the softest textures, while the ivory is more glow than shimmer, and the pink and peach are translucent mattes. Blended together, you get a soft, rosy-bronze shade; best for lighter skintones, but good for darker ones as well, if you want a  glow and a bit of colour but don’t expect it to fake a tan.

Summer Sunset‘s texture was hard enough to irritate me at first (I prefer my bronzers on the soft side), but it layers flawlessly and without a hint of chalkiness. What really makes this product worth a second look, though, is how finely-milled it is — the gold shimmer gives a gorgeous luminescence to the skin, but it’s smaller and less overtly noticeable than the shimmer in any of my other bronzers.

Lise Watier Summer Sunset Bronzing Powder swatches

Lise Watier Summer Sunset Bronzing Powder swatch, blended

The packaging: Okay, so I’m not crazy about the aesthetic of this packaging – fuchsia and orange stripes don’t really do it for me. If you love brights, though, these clutches (all of the Summer Sunset palettes come in the same packaging) are a bit brilliant, not to mention quite on-trend for Summer 2012.

In a move that I think was very cool, Lise Watier has made this packaging (in a way) reusable: once you’ve hit pan and finished up your products, both the mirror and pans can be removed, to use the case as a small clutch, card case, or clutch/mirror combination.

(The brush is a nice addition, too; I don’t usually like in-compact applicators, but I’ll make an exception for bronzers. Thin, flat brushes are great for layering on bronzers sheerly — sort of like a fan brush, but more compact and with more control. And, alright, I’ll admit that the black-and-fuchsia bristles are rather charming.)

The verdict?

At $35CAD for 11g, Lise Watier’s Summer Sunset Bronzing Powder is on the pricey side for a mid-range buy. It delivers a gorgeous colour, though, more summery glow than autumn fake-tan, and I can’t find anything even vaguely resembling a dupe for it in my collection. (For shade, yes. For shimmer and finish, no.)

If you’re looking for a natural, luminous summer bronzer, give this one a try. Lise Watier has gotten the peachy-bronze shade just right, and while sheer, the quality is definitely there: it layers without a hint of a powdery finish, and the golden shimmer is more finely-milled than any other bronzer I’ve found.

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