COMING UP | Annabelle Aqua Queen, Summer 2012

I’m pretty much the last blogger on this bandwagon, but that’s okay. (I’m sure you’re all used to it by now.)

For their Summer 2012 colour collection, Annabelle is releasing (has released? is planning to release? I have absolutely no idea what’s in drugstores right now) two limited-edition products: a Caribbean Sun Biggy Bronzing Powder, and a rather exciting ten-shade Hawaïan Hues Eyeshadow Palette.

Reviews and swatches upcoming, but for now, enjoy these photos of the products! It’s a small summer offering (probably because the palette, instead of just being a single or duo eyeshadow, covers everything from light grey to golden-yellow and shimmery blue-green), but it’s just… I don’t even really know what to say.

The products are just so summery. It’s like someone took “summery” and threw it in a pot and simmered until it boiled down to two super-summery products rather than ten mildly-summery products.

Terms like “super-summery” are generally a cue that I should stop blabbing, so I’ll leave you at that. The products will be $12.95 CAD each, and the eyeshadow palette (but not the bronzer) is paraben-free.

Annabelle Aqua Queen Summer 2012 promo

Annabelle Caribbean Sun Biggy Bronzing Powder

Annabelle Caribbean Sun Biggy Bronzing Powder, Hawaiian Hues Eyeshadow Palette

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  • Uh, so that bronzer seems like it's the size of my head.

    Who needs a bronzer the size of their head?


      No, but seriously, probably people who plan on using it all-over [their bodies], rather than just their faces. Or, I suppose, people who want to be able to use each shade easily on its own?

  • mostlysunnybunny

    I'm so curious about the palette! Seems like loads of fun colors to play with!
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  • Lol to Larie–yes, it does seem rather large, but each individual shade is SO pretty! I WANT I WANT! Why is Annabelle and Marcelle not available here?!!
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    • :( I'm sorry!! While I'm crazy about some other countries' markets (ahem, Americans getting everything and the kitchen sink, and UKers getting brands like Sleek and Daniel Sandler), I'd be hard-pressed to give up Marcelle and Annabelle.

  • Lotus

    I always find things named "Hawaiian _____" rather amusing. And a little too ironic to buy.

    Maybe it's because I live in Hawaii.

    • Lol!! Yeah, no one really does that for Canadian products — or like, an Albertan Hues palette? I'd be yellow, yellow, and (for the winter,) white. Boring! :p

  • LOL Larie cracks me up. Bronzer size aside, I really really love how that palette looks. Hope the colors are as nice in swatches as they are in the pan! Guess I'll have to wait and see :)
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    • :D She is our favourite! All of our favourite; our collective favourite!

      Swatches soon — sorry; I haven't had the sunlight to photograph swatches yet! >.<