Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense: Intense Black, Intense Plum swatches

I believe I promised eye swatches, yes?

Here are two of the shades featured in our review — just two, because (in true Rae fashion), I accidentally took two photo sets with Intense Plum and none at all with Intense Ivy. So; the inky black and bright plum today, and we’ll leave the charcoal and green for another morning.

Swatched L-R: Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black, Plum, Charcoal, and Ivy.

Intense Black

The terrible thing is (well, I mean, there are lots of terrible things in the comedy of errors leading up to this post, but this one is the most relevant) that I didn’t note down any of the other products used in these photos. So don’t get too curious, because I probably won’t be able to answer your questions! ;)

I believe, for Intense Black, it’s the highlighter shade from Clarins’ Graphites quad that I’ve applied through the lid, over translucent primer. A bit of concealer under the eyes, but nothing else on the lid, and nothing on the lashes.

Clinique Intense Black lid swatch

Intense Plum

There’s an ultra-nude eye that on a pretty frequent basis, especially when testing out or photographing liners or mascaras – a look that’s very natural; almost undetectable (even on film), while still adding a bit of depth to the eye area. I’m not 100% sure, but I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that that’s what I’ve done here. I think.

For a look like this one, it’s just a bit of (1) primer through the lid, (2) black liner pushed into (but not above or below) the lashline, and (3, 4) two eyeshadows – a subtle highlighter on the inner 2/3, plus any brown or taupe on the outer third.

If you don’t have a favourite nude eyeshadow combination, try these highlighter swatches for your lid shade & these taupe eyeshadow swatches to add depth! (I’ve been partial to using a matte medium brown, recently, but I’m afraid I haven’t enough shades in that vein to swatch them en masse… yet.)

What really “makes” the look isn’t the products, but how much of them you use and how you apply them: the difference between a regular “natural eye look” and this one is just the amount of blending. Which is to say, apply sparingly and blend the crap out of everything. 

Finish by (5) adding eyeliner, if you’d like, (6) a quick coat of mascara – always a tubing one, for me, – and (7) blending in a bit of concealer under the eyes.

Clinique Intense Plum lid swatch

More Quickliner for Eyes Intense coverage…

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  • The plum is very pretty! Thanks for the review on these (I couldn't comment yesterday for whatever reason :P). I like liquid liner for precise lines, too, but I've been looking for a smudgy black type thing because black pencils, no matter what the brand, do not stay in place. They're raccoon city! I may give the black one a go.
    My recent post March Favorites

    • Let me know what you think of them, lovely!! And make sure you don't just swatch the black one before buying – the ones with shimmer are so pretty.

  • dani@callitbeauty

    Intense Plum! <3

    Actually that and Ivy are my favourites… Because, surprisingly (as it has never happened before), I'm getting really into greens right now.
    My recent post I Heart New York! (Warning: Photo Heavy)

    • Me too! :D I've been crazy about dark, dark green for the last year or so – never liked it before, and still don't like most shades, but damn. If the shade's right, I am all over it.

  • Christine Brigid

    Intense plum is so pretty– almost looks like a blue undertone. Great swatches, thank you.
    My recent post Best ofs…. March 2012: Make up application tips and tricks

    • Glad you liked the swatches! :) Intense Plum has just the right amounts of blue and red in it, at least for my tastes – enough that it leans a little blue (making it brightening around the eyes, & thus easier to wear), but not so much blue that it goes navy.

  • The plum looks really pretty on you! I haven't tried the liners from Clinique but these look pretty pigmented. How do they wear? Liners usually tend to smudge on me after a few hours.

  • Rachel

    God, you have such great skin! And not the slightest hint of fine lines. I'm jealous!

    • Nah, it's just the lighting & post-production ;) Never believe something just because you can see it!