Brace yourself, internet, because Rae has finally solved the Great Beauty Blogger Problem.

What’s that, you ask? Three words: FOTDs. After. Dark.

Ta-daaaa! No, it’s not the same, but – not terrible, right? I feel like it is not-terrible.

Here are a few photos of a smokey eye done entirely with Clarins Graphites – it’s been months and I’m still in love with the palette, so that has to be a testament to something, right? More photos (including definitely-not-horrendous eye shots) possibly upcoming!

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    I LOVE these! They're super artistic!!! Congrats on figuring this whole after-dark business out!

    Talking about light: I received a whole bunch of stuff yesterday and there is amazing natural light here in Belgium today (though it's minus god knows how many degrees out there). Must kindly ask Muffin the kitten to go sleep somewhere else so I can start photographing everything like mad!

    Sunny xx
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    • Thank you, Sunny! ;o) Hope you had fun taking your photos – I'm a sucker for afternoons with a camera, a window, and a boxful of product ;)

  • dani@callitbeauty

    You are such a tease! I want more photoz NAO!

    Your cheekbones… Should marry Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones…
    My recent post Monthly Favourites – January 2012

    • LOL! Someone needs to marry him off & ensure those genes live on :P

  • projectswatch

    These photos are great! So . . . what's the trick?

    Though I have yet to master the FOTD at all – mine always turn out wonky and super lopsided. Or maybe my face is just lopsided. SIGH.
    My recent post Twelve Essential Makeup Brushes

    • Post on it soon; trying to find time!

      And NO, I'm sure your face isn't lopsided! (Or, at least, no more lopsided than the rest of our faces.) It's all just a matter of figuring out angles & light ;)

  • So pretty! And that ambiance…
    My recent post Review & Swatches: Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner

    • Yes! I'm head over heels for the feel of these photos – super excited to take more in the same strain sometime soon!

      (And oh, god, that is a lot of "s"s.)

  • You look lovely. I actually take all my swatches (nails and face) in the bathroom with flash. I find that I actually get better color pigmentation that way than in the sunlight with no flash .Weird, right?! I also don't paint my nails until the evening and I don't have time during the day to take pictures. I also found that holding the camera out a bit further, putting it on self-portrait setting, and doing a slightly macro shot really gets great results.
    My recent post I Love Your Blog

  • These shots look really awesome – artsy and such, you know? More pictures now, please :P
    My recent post The Thursday Post

  • So amazed. Well done. :) Looking forward to seeing more FOTDs like this. Very artsy fartsy. :)
    My recent post I’m Ready to Party with Candy Brights from YSL Spring Look 2012 Collection.

    • I like 'em, too! Curious to see what the results would look like for other faces in a similar setting – particularly, for light hair colours.

      But, alas! I may never know: somehow, I feel like going blonde just to test out a lighting setup would be a bad idea :P

  • Jamilla

    Your photos are artistic and beautiful! I do take pics after dark, but I use my SAD light to aid room lighting – really works well!

    • Aww, thank you! We have a day light somewhere in the house (I think in my sister's room?) but I've yet to try it out for photography lighting. Perhaps I'll have to give it a go!

  • Stunning! (I mean everything– the photos, the smokey eye look, and you in general :P)

  • Well you need to tell us how to take those pics, then! The lack of daylight is a disaster for FOTD pics!!
    My recent post Beware of the Lipstick Bandits

    • Soon, soon! :D Trying to draft a post, but I'm swamped with other stuff right now >.<

  • Anonymous

    Oh myyyy…
    /George Takei moment over.

    Aren’t you all contours and gorgeousness? I approve, you may keep it. :)

    • LOL! Thank you :) I'm glad everyone seems to approve! This *should* (hopefully) make my life a heck of a lot easier :P

  • I think i might even like this lighting more!&i'm sure you've heard this about a million+1 times but you're cheekbones are really quite amazing!
    My recent post Review: Mac Antiqued Eyeshadow

    • It's all in the lighting, I swear! My cheekbones look remarkably normal in real life.

      I think.

      I don't know; to be honest, I don't really pay all that much attention to them >.<

  • These shots are so artistic Rae! I think you've more than solved the problem, you've reinvented the wheel!

    ♥ Jessica
    My recent post Smooth Criminals: The Lipstick Bandits

    • Aww! Thank you, Jessica :) That means a lot to me!

      Possibly just because it was a really strange way of saying "I like this."

      But probably because you're just generally fabulous. :D

  • Rae, what is your secret for looking so out-of-this-world-pretty? Also, explain this night time photography magic!

    • A dark room, a good lightbulb, and a user-friendly camera :P Will explain soon!

  • These are some great shots. The darkness allows your features to really stand out.
    My recent post Strange Dreams

  • Rachel

    The shots are amazing! They look magazine advertisement worthy, seriously.

    • Aww, thank you! I don't think so, but, well. It's nice to hear! :P

  • you are so amazingly pretty rae. if only i had your skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would be a happy happy girl. cant wait to see more pics of the look.
    My recent post heavily under the influence: products bloggers made me buy

    • Photoshop, darling! (Well, Photoshop, good lighting, and relatively low stress levels. My skin freaks out when I'm not sleeping enough; it's a little terrifying what a difference it makes for me!)

      /end tangent

  • Christine Brigid

    I haven't taken a good picture since we moved from manual to digital. I realize that makes me kinda old but… sigh. I had this great Nikon FM2– anyone else remember those? Now I'm all tryin' to use my iphone and just makin the bags under my eyes look even more purpose. Great pics! Hope hone my skills to where you are some day!

    • Aww, thanks Christine! I have to admit, I never really shot with an actual film camera – we had a point and shoot when I was growing up, of course, but by the time I actually got into photography, it was all more or less digital!

  • Yea, it is really difficult to find what works best with your particular camera and the angles of your face. My camera does not do well with green and purple nail polishes regardless of lighting so that is really difficult for me :-)
    My recent post I Love Your Blog

  • I stop at four letters: F O T D

    Now L O L :D

    I love that Graphite shadow palette, too. Don't have it but I've loved it every time you put it on. :)
    My recent post February Rejects

    • Ha! I'm so happy with the palette – it seems really boring in theory, but I can't seem to be able to stop myself from using it! Not worth breaking your (rather impressive) no/low buy for, though ;)

  • Nina

    Visited yesterday but couldn't write a comment, so here it goes now: THESE. PHOTOS. ARE. FREAKIN'. AMAZING! I strongly believe the second one should be used in an ad. Yes.

  • Hee, I love the Sherlock reference. You look so mysterious! Love to know how you did it! :)

    • …there is a Sherlock reference in this post!? D: (Well, I mean, I guess in retrospect there is – but I promise it was unintentional!)

      (Or perhaps just subconscious. Oh, Sherlock, you've ruined me for the real world.)