Don’t forget to update your subscriptions! | A notice about theNotice (ha, ha)

Just a reminder for all of you who follow theNotice on Google Friend Connect: Google will be discontinuing this service at the end of the month, so please take a moment to update your subscription if you’d like to stay updated & entered in giveaways, etc! (And I have a few choice words I could say about this move, but, well.)

Feel free to follow us through RSS, email, Bloglovin’, and/or Twitter to get your daily beauty fix ;) Hope to see you around!

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  • Joey

    I have been following via RSS for a very long time. It works great. I use Mozilla and have the RSS Icon add-on.

  • Ciambella

    I'm pretty dismayed by Google's decision. I can't help but see it as their way of trying to herd people towards their products, particularly because the key option they offer on their announcement blog post is signing up for a G+ account. I used to be a very big fan of theirs and I still think they're an incredible and innovative company, but they have been making some strange decisions and taking weird privacy stances lately.

  • mostlysunnybunny

    I'm on Bloglovin' and Twitter! GFC has never been available for WordPress blogs, so I didn't start out with it. I can understand how devastating it must be to have it removed though :( Maybe they're forcing everybody to go the Blogger way? Hmm

  • I've been following you on bloglovin so it's all good for me. I hate the idea of G+ though. Apparently, even if your profile is private, your posts/circles can still show up on search engines?? And don't they make you put your legal name too? As annoying and unprivate as Facebook is, it seems a tad better than Google+
    My recent post A friend in need: Giant raffle at!

    • Ugh, me too :( G+ is basically just a mess of spam & sketchy privacy regulations *shudders*