NEW | Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense

How cute is this? ;)

Clinique’s new Quickliner for Eyes Intense will be available in six shades, on counters this month, and promise non-fading, intense colour payoff with up to 12 hours of wear. (For those of you who are curious, the six shades are: Intense Black, Intense Plum, Intense Chocolate, Intense Charcoal, Intense Ivy, and Intense Midnight.)

Like the current Quickliner pencils, the Intense formula will retail for $19.50 CAD.

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    It is cute! If these stay on my monolidded upper lash line I'm SO going to grab all of them!
    My recent post Swatch & Review: ICI PARIS XL ONLY YOU 500 Sleeping Beauty, 193 Hot Chili, 490 Fabulous, & Fast Drying Top Coat

    • Haha, that's basically how I feel about… all liners, ever :P None of the pencils ever do, though! :(

  • dani@callitbeauty


    The purple and the green. THE PURPLE & THE GREEN! <3
    My recent post Said You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'…

  • Jamilla

    This looks quite interesting! I didn't care for the original because of the lack of colour payoff…

  • kuri

    Cute! Hope they can live up to the hype!
    My recent post wait what? bacon and chocolate?

  • Selina

    I am such a sucker for plum eyeliners. And green eyeliners. Purple too. Ah, who am I kidding, I like all of them. Clinique is going to get all my money now.

  • I am kinda freaked out by the inky goo in the commercial. Damn you X-Files, for ruining black goo forever! *fistshake*
    My recent post All-Season Bronzers – Physician's Formula vs Guerlain

    • LOL! I was blessedly never corrupted by the X-Files, so the inkiness just looks like appealing blobs of colour to me :P

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  • BooBooNinja

    These look so yum!
    Rae, do you have a favourite purple and teal eyeliner? I hope you sleep well tonight. Get some rest, hon!

    • Hmm. I've been really liking Clinique's Intense Violet (review sometime in the next 24 hours, depending on…. well, depending on whether or not I decide to write a blog post tonight or re-watch The Great Game, to be honest.) for a purple, but I don't have a favourite – I've yet to find a creamy violet pencil that's vibrant, long-wearing, and completely smudge- and fade-proof, unfortunately!

      As for a teal, I usually go for Marcelle's Caribbean, but it's not perfect, either. I'd definitely check out Christine (Temptalia's) swatches for both, though, if you're on the eyeliner hunt! :) Links: violet, teal.