Excited for… Marcelle BB Cream

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can we talk about how nice it is to see Asian faces in Canadian advertising? Yes? Alright then, I’ll leave you with this:

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26 Responses to “Excited for… Marcelle BB Cream”

  1. I'm excited for this! I hope it's good.
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  2. Ooooh I know, I was so surprised to see an Asian model in a Marcelle's ad as this company usually use the same models! Refreshing change! And I'm SO excited for the BB Cream!

  3. mostlysunnybunny, on January 10th, 2012 at 7:55 am said:

    Hahaha I know what you mean! It's weird how something like this happens a lot the other way around (ie Caucasian models being featured in ads in Asia). If a country as conscious of ethnic diversity as Canada rarely features different ethnicities in campaigns, I think I can wait for another 10 years here in Belgium grrr
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  4. So excited to see this! Both the advertisement and the product itself. Haven't tried out BB creams yet but I'm hoping the Marcelle one will have a good colormatch for me.
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  5. oh, I actually had a chance to try it and this stuff is amazing!

  6. In a way it annoys me that they used an Asian model to sell a BB cream. That sounds really bad so I'll explain further. I'm thinking their reasoning was "Asian girls like BB creams, right? Let's see if we can get them to buy ours! And let's stick in a white girl so they don't feel left out" as opposed to "Let's make our ads reflect the diversity of Canada!" Maybe I'm being cynical but I'd love it more if they used a variety of ethnicities in ads for all their products. But hey, they have to start somewhere.

    I hope this all made sense because I haven't had my coffee yet. =/

  7. If this stuff is good and paraben-free, I am going to pester you Canadians :P
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  8. Alex - Lakehead University, on January 10th, 2012 at 12:37 pm said:

    eek, me too! I hope it's not too expensive!
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  9. Will retail for $22.95 CAD :)

  10. Lol! I might be able to send you mine after reviewing, if you're interested – probably won't be able to wear it long-term ('cones), but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it around for reference or not yet.

    Hoping for a p-free formula, though! Chances are pretty good; I feel like most of the recent Marcelle launches have been.

  11. No, I'm with you on this – but I figured we may as well encourage the heck out of it all the same! Regardless of WHY they're finally using an Asian model, she's there, so now's a good time to let Groupe Marcelle know that we want to keep seeing her ;)

    You certainly made sense (coffee or not!), but I hope I did, too :P

  12. So I've heard! :) I couldn't make the launch parties, though – stuck on the (boring) prairies :P

  13. My fingers are crossed for you! ;)

  14. Gah. I know, right? :( I feel like it's (hopefully, slowly) getting better, though – Asian models are beginning to make their way onto US beauty ads, so perhaps Canada won't be too terribly far behind!

  15. Yes! It would be great to see her join the roster of Marcelle faces (nudge nudge wink wink, Isabel! ;))

  16. Same here! :)

  17. If you decide to part with it, then yes, I would love to have it. We can do a swap or something ;) If not I will just bother Liz until she takes pity on me.
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  18. I can't wait for all the North American BB creams to come out in Canada! I really want to see how they fair with their Asian competitors. Besides Marcelle launching one next month, I know Garnier and Boscia (and another one I can't remember) is launching their BB creams in Canada this month. I also heard Vichy was going to launch one this year as well. As for when, I have not really heard anything about that.

    This is definitely going to be interesting.
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  19. […] those of you that can’t wait until the 16th (online exclusively at shop.marcelle.com) for the new Marcelle BB Cream ($22.50 CAD, in stores Feb 6th), here are a few […]

  20. Or Marcelle online! Will go live on the 16th, and shipping will be free with all orders over $25 ;)

  21. It definitely will be! ;) New post just went live on most of the BB creams that are currently available in North America – though I'm sure I missed some. (Dr Jart+ comes to mind; I couldn't seem to get it onto the widget.)

    I'd really like to see someone review both the North American & Asian versions of a brand's BB creams, and see how they differ, but I'm not sure how quickly that'll happen. After all, it's pretty uncommon that a blogger would be in an area with two different exclusives, limited to different continents :P Will keep an eye out & link it if I find one, though!

  22. I just saw the post! :D Thanks for posting it!

    I am going to grab two Dr Jart ones soon but I am getting them from Asia. I didn't know if they were North America or not. :x I just heard a lot of good things about them

    I wouldn't mind reviewing and comparing both North American and Asian BB creams but the issue is that WOW THAT IS EXPENSIVE LOL If we get any testers soon at Shoppers, I'll try them out and see how they fair in comparison? But, alas, idk how quickly a post like that will go up. v.v Hopefully, someone beats me to it!
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  23. Let me know what you think! ;) I believe Sephora is selling two of the Dr. Jart ones, but I haven't seen them in person yet. (Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough, though!)

    And YES, I know exactly what you mean! I'd love to do it, but definitely couldn't afford to :P

  24. You are right, and wrong ;o) True: Asian girls were the ones to star the BB Cream Craze. The trend started in Asia so yes, we do owe that one to Asian Beauty Bloggers. Second true: YES, Groupe Marcelle is starting to feature and reflect the diveristy of Canada. Regrettably, some gorgeous ads won't make it to the market before almost another year, but they're a'coming!

    Where you wrong is that most (again, not all, but most) of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers with whom I have been collaborating over the past 3 years are of Asian descent. This ad is a reflection of the products' origins, a parcel of Canada's diversity and, the way I like to think about it, an ode to some of MY Beauty Bloggers ;o)
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