tokidoki Vegas palette review, photos, swatches

The product: tokidoki Arte Palette in Vegas

The eyeshadows: The tokidoki Vegas palette includes four eyeshadows, described on the Sephora site as “pearl white, pearl grey, iridescent purple, and pearl dark purple.”

The pearl white is pretty standard (if any of you picked up last year’s Sephora BI birthday set, with Aspen Summit, I’m pretty sure it’s similar), and the iridescent purple is fairly “normal,” too – reminiscent of FaceFront Retro-Robotic Violetta, a shimmery mid-violet with red (rather than blue) undertones. (Think MAC Star Violet, but more pigmented.) They’re good shadows, medium pigmentation and blendable formulas, but they won’t blow you out of the water.

The other two shades (the two on the right), though…

In the top right is the pearl grey, which is just – wow. It doesn’t look all that special, but it swatches absolutely gorgeously. For a grey, it has quite a bit of yellow pearl (and violet-y undertones); the end result is sort of… mushroomy. I know, it doesn’t make a ton of sense right now, but just – look at the swatches! (It’s prettier visually than textually, and–like many great taupes–even prettier in person.)

And, finally, the dark purple. It’s not as unique as the grey, but it’s still well worth having. It’s a bit boring in theory, but it’s perfect in execution! I’m sure my fellow violet-lovers will understand when I say that purples are often pretty in the pan, but end up swatching too black, or too blue, or just too boring, you know? This one is a truer purple than most, though, which is definitely something I can appreciate.

tokidoki Vegas palette swatches – four eyeshadows, then the blush heavily/lightly

The blush: Described as a “soft bronze pink,” the blush in the Vegas palette made me think of NARS Orgasm right off the bat. Upon comparison, though, I can see that I was way off: they’re far from dupes, with Orgasm being more shimmery, less pigmented, and quite a lot more peach. More importantly, though, I’m a little concerned for the Sephora+tokidoki team – because whoever wrote up the blusher description is clearly struggling with language comprehension.

All of the three words apply, but it’s not a “soft bronze pink” blush. Colour-wise, the blush is pink. Period. It’s a strong, clear pink, and it happens to contain a healthy dose of gold shimmer, but that doesn’t interrupt the overwhelming pink (read: non-bronze)-iness of the shade. The formula is quite soft, so make sure to “dab” your brush to pick up colour; don’t sweep or push.

But, the blush, overall – it’s soft (in terms of texture), and bronze (in terms of shimmer), and pink (in terms of shade). However, it’s certainly not a “soft bronze pink”!

Top row, L-R: Clarins Miami Pink, Clinique Smoldering Plum

Bottom row, L-R: NARS Orgasm, tokidoki Vegas blush, generic 10 palette (leftmost shade on the top row of the palette)

The verdict?

For a measly $10USD/$12CAD, I cannot recommend this palette enough. The quality of both the eyeshadows and the blush is quite surprising, and though I’m very much not into the tokidoki packaging and branding, I’m willing to forgive it. I like the thin, lightweight cardboard packaging, I love the shades included, and the price tag & paraben-free formula are just the cherries on top!

I’m hoping that they’ll add another few Arte Palettes to the tokidoki lineup, but it would be nice to see a matte blush in the next one – this shimmery pink is a bit too in-your-face for me. Nonetheless, it’s a great, cheap palette, and it’ll hopefully make its way into quite a few stockings this December!

Vegas palette eyeshadow swatches

packaging detail

ingredients and back label (click to enlarge!)

tokidoki Vegas Arte Palette

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  • AHHHhhommmgg. I NEED THIS. The colors look gorgeous!

  • dani@callitbeauty

    The shades in this palette is right up my alley! Can't wait to see the swatches!
    My recent post Monthly Favourites – November 2011

    • Added! And they really are – this would look great on you, Dani! (Though I totally still stand by my earlier statement(s) of "everything looks great on you." Seriously, it probably breaks multiple laws of nature, but like – EVERYTHING!)

      *flails* :p

  • Such a cute palette! All of the toki doki sephora palettes seem to have been hot items these past few months as most sell out so quickly!
    My recent post It's the time of year. Why not spread some cheer?

  • Jamilla

    It's such a sweet palette! I love anything by Toki Doki!

  • BooBooNinja

    If only I weren't on a no-buy!
    I eagerly await your swatches.

  • BooBooNinja

    Rae, I'm sorry to ask this again but I can't find your response and I don't remember where I asked the question…

    Re: Marcelle Loose Face Powder
    For NC 20/25 skin, which do you think would be better: Translucent or Translucent Medium?
    GlitterGeek posted that Translucent Medium is blends seamlessly into her skin, and I think she is NC 35/40.

    • I'd say Translucent! But they really do blend in seamlessly – I'm around NW15-20 and tend to wear Translucent, but Translucent Medium works for me, too, in a pinch :)

      • BooBooNinja

        thank you!
        I was in Superstore today and looked for it, but no dice.
        That makes it 3 places that carry Marcelle but not the loose face powder. :(

  • Woah man! Such bright vibrant colors. I have a hard time working shades like these. I'm glad to see that they're a lot more pigmented than these types of colors can be. The palette reminds me of one of ELF's quads and I was really disappointed in it because the colors were so powdery. These look amazing~

    • They are! For the price, I found them just lovely to work with — perhaps not *the best* shadows I've tried, but definitely one of the best in their price range. And those colours! :D

  • You're right, those two eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous! I don't wear purples a lot, but I can definitely see myself pulling these out :) Every time I read your blog, I want to buy a million things dohh
    My recent post Something Silly

    • :P I'm sorry!! But you should totally go for this palette – it would look great on you. ;)

  • smashinbeauty

    Nice thanks for the review

  • It's super cute and looks like a great buy, but none of the colors call to me. I do hope they put out more like this, though!

  • Soo

    I'm one of those that's totally into the tokidoki packaging, have been for years, which might be why.

    I stayed away from these cause I kinda hated the 2-3 Stila ones I tried that had similar packaging.. I might have to pick this one up now, thanks to you. maybe check out the other ones too..

    p.s. I love that you reviewed tokidoki! I can't think of anyone else I follow who has. it was a very descriptive review with lovely swatches.
    My recent post Urban Decay Mini Bundle Giveaway

    • Aww! Sending you ♥s. Thank you!!

      I was so close to NOT reviewing this, but after testing it out, I had to. If you're a tokidoki fan, I'd say this one's more or less a must-have ;) I was expecting haphazard Stila-palette-quality out of this, too, but it (thankfully) proved me wrong!

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