Get it now | Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder: it’s heeeere!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The one-day pre-sale is here. Will you be trying Benefit’s newest powder? (I’m waiting ’till I can see it in-store first – but it does certainly look pretty!)

Find Hervana on the interwebs…

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? I’m loving the swatches that I’ve seen so far, but I don’t know about $28 (& even more in Canada). It looks like a great blush, but not a phenomenal one! Benefit, I dare you to prove me wrong.

I believe Hervana comes out “officially” in January (Dec 26th for Sephora), but please correct me if you have more up-to-date info!

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15 Responses to “Get it now | Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder: it’s heeeere!”

  1. Haven't looked at swatches yet. Not sure if I want to. Eeeek.
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  2. Oh, you want to. Trust me, you want to. :D

  3. omg is that a matte benefit blush?

  4. I wish! I'm pretty sure it has shimmer, but I'm waiting for it to hit stores to find out just how much ;)

  5. jamilla, on December 5th, 2011 at 12:54 pm said:

    I must ponder this….

  6. This just looks so pretty and love the advertising product shots really good :) I'm tempted… x

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  7. I just looked at the swatches…I need this. IT NEEDS TO BE ON MY FACE NOW.
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  8. Am I the only one that likes Benefit less and less everyday? :/

  9. I don't doubt that I will eventually get this one as I have loved all of my Benefit bluses, but I can wait to see it in person. Paying $32CAD plus shipping from Sephora is not an option.
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  10. Bleh. I know, right? I'm always just like – yeah, I can wait a few weeks to skip the shipping fees :P

  11. Um… yes? Maybe? I don't know!

    Why are you liking Benefit less and less, my dear?

  12. LOL! It does photograph quite prettily, doesn't it? : )

  13. I know!! The photos are great — best way to promote your product, imo :P Just make sure the photos are irresistible!

  14. LOL! But do you really have to think *that* hard about it? :P Pretty blush + makeup junkie. 'nuff said. :D

  15. Honestly I don't know. But they just look "meh" to me now, no interesting packaging, no product to my taste. Maybe prices around here are a cause? :/ I don't think so, but who knows :/

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