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Have a bit of a re-review for you today, rather than an… actual review. Of, um, new things. That we haven’t already covered to death. (Stay with me, I promise this’ll start making more sense in just a sec.) Anyhow, I’ve been wearing theBalm Stainiac more or less every other day, for the past few months, and I wanted to give it a re-review in time for this weekend’s US sales! So, um, yes.

The product: theBalm Stainiac cheek and lip stain in Prom Queen. (Which, incidentally, is phenomenal on the lips but only sort-of-okay on the cheeks.)

I fall in and out of love with lip products on a pretty frequent basis, so when I find something that I actually stick to, through multiple seasons? It’s a pretty big deal.

Prom Queen, described as a “light rosy pink,” gives just the perfect natural flush of colour to my lips. It looks rather coral in the tube, and even in the swatch, but for whatever reason – it really doesn’t read coral on my lips. The colour is very much just an intensification of my natural lip colour, and it’s by and far the most natural-looking lip product I own, both in the shade and the bare-lip finish.

theBalm Stainiac swatch: Prom Queen on dry, bare lips

With the number of stains on the market today, I guess the most important part of this review is not how is the formula? but, rather, how does the formula stack up?

In short: it stacks up well. Very, very well.

Of all the lip stains I’ve tried, be them gel or liquid or cream, this one measures up the best in all categories. There’s no flavour, scent, dryness, or stickiness in the resulting colour; it’s never a fight against the clock to get it on in time (I accredit both the formula and the the doe-foot applicator for this one); and, of course, the colour looks really natural – not overly bright, like many lip stains.

Oh. And did I mention: it barely catches on my dry bits, and fades like a watercolour? That is: it fades in the centre first, of course, but does so in a very ombré sort of manner. There’s never a hard line of demarcation, and it can bet me from breakfast to lunch without touchups, no problem.

L: theBalm Prom Queen only // R: theBalm Prom Queen + Annabelle Coralicious (seen also in: this pink lip comb)

How to apply

(or, “if you’re not doing it this way, you’re not allowed to bitch about the results!!“)

To start, I’ll 1. exfoliate my lips, making sure they’re free of any lip balm or gloss. Then, I’ll 2. carefully apply a layer of product with the doe-foot applicator. After maybe 10-20 seconds, I’ll 3. take a damp q-tip over the entire lip area. It picks up a lot of the colour, yeah, but it’s integral in 4. leaving you with an incredibly even, long-wearing wash of believable colour.

To finish the lip, 5. top with some lip balm, sheer lip stick, or gloss (petroleum-free works best to keep the colour on), and you’re good to go. (The formula isn’t stripping, but it’s like having bare lips! You’ll want something on them, for sure.)

theBalm Staniac in Prom Queen + Annabelle Volumelip gloss in Coralicious

A few last-minute notes…

Stainiac usually retails for $17US, but theBalm is doing 40% off sitewide for Black Friday. Use code BLACKFRIDAY from 9AM PST to 11:59 PST to pick up your Prom Queen for a measly $10.20. That’s practically drugstore prices, people! (Actually, in Canada, I’m pretty sure we have some drugstore lipstains that cost more than that.)

The ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propylene Glycol, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Methylparaben, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol. (+/- pigments and dyes)

(P.S. Check out this theBalm Stainiac review for more photos, swatches, plus my initial impressions!)

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  • AdorableOnYourVanity

    I have the orange one from this range and I absolutely love it! I would surely would have loved to take advantage of that sale, but shipping to Canada is ridiculous – like $20. Too bad, because I am a big theBalm fangirl.
    My recent post Introduction + Giveaway (Canadian)

    • Aww, that sucks! I hadn't looked at the shipping costs, but I'm not surprised :( *sighs*

  • Jamilla

    One word: GORGEOUS!

  • That *is* a very believable wash. It's fundamentally your natural lip color enhanced in the slightest, prettiest way.
    My recent post Reassurances

  • Pink Glittter

    Sounds like a great lipstain. I really want to try thebalm but I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to buy myself anymore makeup right now.. I might cave with the sale though.
    My recent post Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

    • This would be a great product to start with! Their Shady Lady eyeshadows, Plump Your Pucker lipglosses, and timeBalm concealer would be good introductions to the line, too ;)

  • I debated whether to get this for a very long time and finally decided not to. And now they're gone from Sephora and not sold at the Rexall I frequent. OH WOE!!!
    My recent post Alternative to the amazing Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: It's a Sunscreen!

  • Jess

    How exactly do you "exfoliate your lips"?

    • Google it & find which method works best for you! Most people use a heavy lip balm followed by a soft toothbrush or washcloth, I believe :)

  • itzamara

    where did u get this color i cant find it anywhere

    • I believe this shade has been discontinued, although you can still get the Beauty Queen (red) Staniac!