Two midweek launch rambles

Thursday, November 24, 2011

(To keep you occupied while I try desperately to get my arse in gear and finish a post with actual!content in the meantime…)

Essie, at Nordstrom

No real reason for including this one. I just really, really like that they’ve sorted them into such easily-accessible colour families and wanted to share :P (Oh, hello there, OCD! I didn’t see you there. OCD, meet theNotice’s readers. Readers, please meet my OCD.)

Gareth Pugh x MAC

This year’s MAC Holiday collection features the dark, lacquered colours and slightly “off” vibe typical to fashion designer Gareth Pugh’s collections. To me, Pugh’s work feels rather like a very structural interpretation of the dominatrix look: clean, unapproachable lines and a sort of space-punk atmosphere.

The collection is (thankfully) more wearable than the runway looks, and sees the re-release of Strada, which was discontinued from the regular line a year or two back (though it is still available through PRO shops).

No need to rush for these Tokyo Future Cream Illuminators | FaceFront Gold Rush, Rising Sun reviews

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The product: FaceFront Cream Illuminator in Rising Sun and Gold Rush

I was a bit iffy about these illuminators from the get-go, but I gave them a try nonetheless. No matter how I wore them, though – sparingly or sheerly, high on the cheekbones or mixed into my cheek colour, – I just couldn’t get the an appropriate effect out of either shade.

I’m not crazy about the formula of these Cream Illuminators; on one hand, they feel a little greasy when being applied, but on the other, they somehow seem too “solid” to blend out easily. Which – I mean, hello, physics. Aren’t greasy things supposed to have more slip?

If I was behind the formula (which I’m not) and I had to guess the problem (which I don’t), I’d say that it’s probably an issue of a a slightly skewed silicone-to-carnauba ratio. Actually, I’d probably recommend taking out the carnauba altogether. Maybe blending in some organic coconut oil; include it in a summer collection and really play up the coconut appeal. Y’know. If someone asked. (Which they didn’t.)

Gold Rush

Rising Sun

Gold Rush, described as a “super pearled white gold cream with bright 24K-colored refleks [sic],” runs a too green to impart a believable luminosity. Rising Sun, on the other hand, is supposed to be a “warm peachy-gold withs subtle golden reflecks,” but I feel like it got sidetracked in transit, missing the turnoff for Peachtown and ending up in Copperville. Perhaps running over a wild Subtlemon on its way.

In other news, I am starting to doubt FaceFront’s ability to discern what is gold and what is not. These, as you may have guessed, are definitely not.

The large flecks of glitter (in both, but particularly in Gold Rush) transfer and migrate throughout the day, and are easily identifiable even without a 20x magnifying mirror or direct sunlight. Perhaps on someone with strong olive undertones, a medium-dark skintone, and tiny, perfect pores, they would work… but I am none of those things, and quite frankly, neither are most human beings.

FaceFront Tokyo Future swatches: Gold Rush

FaceFront Tokyo Future swatches: Rising Sun

The verdict?

Though they’re just $11 each, I can’t find a single thing I like about either of these illuminators. (Well, I guess, the formula is scent- and paraben-free. That’s good, right?) They’re just extremely disappointing, in general, but the fact that they’re FaceFront (who have created some of my absolute favourite shades in the past) makes it even worse.

It’s sort of like – well, okay. Let’s say that you read about a new lipgloss that was coming out in three months. And you got all excited, and you waited, and you waited, and you checked out the promo photos and went yes, this is the one, and it was supposed to be a really lovely sheer plummy-rose with just a subtle, ethereal gold sheen to it.

And then it came out, and you bought it online, and you waited, and you waited, and you waited some more, and finally, at long last! it arrived on your doorstep and you unboxed it AND IT WAS GREEN WITH SPARKLES AND THE TEXTURE OF ROSIN.

This? This feels feels a bit like that.

Ingredients and additional photos »

Hair Pad Giveaway: now open to comment entries!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Please visit the original giveaway/review post to leave your comments. And make sure to remember to click the appropriate Rafflecopter button, or your comments won’t be counted as entries!

As always, good luck ;) Talk to you later today (or maybe early tomorrow) with a review or two – signing off early for the night; sorry!! Tons of exciting things coming up for Nov/Dec this year, though. I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

(If you don’t, well, we’ll just have to bring out the ninja attack dinosaurs until you cry uncle. Consider yourselves warned.)

Holiday Shopping | Assorted sets and products

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Morning, beauty junkies! This is the last instalment of our Holiday Shopping series (links below to the other parts). But don’t fret, because we’re not nearly done with the holidays yet! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing a Gift Guide, some holiday product reviews, and more, so keep your wallet ready and your eyes on your monitor :P

More Holiday Shopping

Coming up on theNotice | FaceFront Tokyo Future

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Features should be going up over the next few weeks ;) I don’t have the entire collection on hand, but you can find a full product listing below!

Reviews and swatches will start in a bit, and I’ll see if I can get a look up soon, too – I’m not over the moon about all of the textures (more on that in upcoming posts), but the colours are all absolutely breathtaking. FaceFront honestly outdid themselves on a couple of these shades; they’re stunning!

How FaceFront describes Tokyo Future…

Tokyo Future has been inspired by the vivid colour, lights, fast pace and ever-changing technology of modern Tokyo, Japan: characterized by its electric purple, mature, deep oceanic blue and refreshing magenta pink. However, it is also a collection remembering Tokyo’s tradition and past. The warm hues of earthy brown and green as well as an inspiring, crimson red lip color celebrate the fusion of past and present.

In short, Tokyo Future is a collection perfectly suited for Fall/Winter, but best for the imaginative soul to create, repurpose and renew into his/her own colorful canvas for years to come.

Product listing + more images behind the cut »

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