A fall face of the day (ft. Sephora Moonshadow and Annabelle Muddy)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It’s only a day late, EVERYBODY CALM DOWN.

(Read: sorry that it’s a day late! :P Hope you enjoy the FOTD – I just got caught up in all this Thanksgiving business and wasn’t able to find the time to post!)

Because I had originally put on this look for product testing (rather than to feature as a makeup look), it’s super basic – just a touch of blush, a bit of contour, and a whisper of colour. I found I had troubles getting a lot of pigment out of the Moonshadow palette, but I’ll talk more about that in the review. Primer (which I used) helps a bit, but it really does need to be foiled for that “punch” of pigment.

Well, then again, I’m fairly certain I chose the most finicky shadow in the palette to work with. Which was totally not my fault; I couldn’t help it! Hand me something sort of mauvey-pink and I’ll fall over my feet trying to get at it, every time.

The other product I was trying out for the first time was Annabelle Muddy, and I have to say: I’m impressed. For a brown liner, it’s remarkably unboring (shush, it’s totally a word), and the wear time is leaps and bounds better MAC Teddy (my other brown liner love, based on looks alone). The formula’s ridiculously smooth, and I was surprised to like it as much as I did!

(Which is dumb. Because – when aren’t I surprised by Annabelle? You’d think I’d have gotten over the constant shock by now.)

(Rae, 0. Lack of response inhibition, 1.)

Products used

Eyes: Sephora Moonshadow baked palette, Annabelle SmudgePaint in Muddy, MAC Matte2 Eye Shadow in Blanc Type, Imju Fiberwig Extra Long mascara

Cheeks & skin: Smashbox Matte Eyeshadow in Smoke (contour), MAC Matte Powder Blush in Fever, Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer in Light

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30 Responses to “A fall face of the day (ft. Sephora Moonshadow and Annabelle Muddy)”

  1. You're right! That brown eyeliner really is such a pretty colour.

    Oh, and MODEL HAIR in the first photo. That is all.
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  2. You totally look unboring. I don't have much else to add because I'm too busy gawking at your eyes.
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  3. I looOoove Muddy! Also notice you're using Fiberwig. Is it the one you were debating whether to get or not?

  4. Pretty Rae/Evil Rae — you've inspired a lemming for that shadow palette! Must rummage in stash for a dupe!

    p.s. CANNOT CALM DOWN!!!
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  5. Ok. So does that mean that you have natural lips-meaning sans lipstick or gloss-in these pics. CAUSE I AM JEALOUS AND LOVE YOUR LIPS.
    Oh, and the eyeliner is pretty too lol!
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  6. messywands, on October 11th, 2011 at 10:05 pm said:

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  7. Jamilla, on October 11th, 2011 at 11:47 pm said:

    The liner is incredible, and as always, your lips are perfect! B)

  8. AdorableOnYourVanity, on October 12th, 2011 at 12:29 am said:

    Smudgepaints are like THE discovery of the year so far for me. Never seen such a product before which works so well, to my surprise, really! You look stunning <3
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  9. your skin is so flawless!!
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  10. I don't usually go crazy over brown liner, but Muddy is GLORIOUS! The all caps probably wasn't necessary, but I can't get over how pretty it is. Pretty FOTD too, by the way :)
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  12. I laughed at "Lack of response inhibition" :D *Some*one has taken some heavy-duty behavioural psych/neurology courses… On topic, sparkles!!! Yay!! You make me want to like neutrals…

  13. These are such gorgeous photos of you!
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  15. Just went out and bought Muddy based on this post :) Do you use the brush that comes with it to apply it, or another one? I have zero liner skills (I normally never wear liner, but this post inspired me!!).

  16. Thanks :) I'm sure it's more my (lack of) liner skills than the brush, but I can't get a nice clean line like you did in this look – must practice!

  17. I find your posts extremely helpful because I have the similar eye feature!
    I am your new follower!
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