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Psst – the posts aren’t ready just yet, but New for the Holidays will be going up soon! Probably next Sunday ;)

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  • Holy smokes! That one Givenchy eye shadow is $56? …why?
    My recent post Foundation Swatches

    • Hrngh. I have absolutely no idea. *dies* D:

      Here's the description:
      What it is:
      A multipurpose eye shadow that can be used wet or dry.

      What it does:
      This versatile shadow provides a high coverage, deep pay-off, color release and a matte effect. Contained inside a sleek mirrored compact with a slide-out drawer that holds three mini brushes, this item can be used as an eye shade, eyeliner, or an eyebrow enhancer.

      What else you need to know:
      The formula contains spherical powders for a creamy and fluid application, micronized powders for a homogeneous and smooth film, lamellar powders for a smoothing effect, light esters for a thin and non-sticky film, and vegetal oils for a soft and creamy texture.

      Each of the three included brushes serves a unique purpose: the fan brush lightly dusts color under the eye and on the eyelid for a soft effect; the rounded brush creates precise, smoky eye application; the eyeliner brush can be used to apply a neat line along the lashes, from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, to achieve an ultra graphic finish.

      So basically…. "here is an obscenely expensive eyeshadow that we're only going to release in black; please buy it"?

  • Oh gawd…. I knew I shouldn't have looked. So many pretty things! Eeeeeeep!! >_<
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  • I was really looking forward to Shu's collaboration with Wong Kar Wai, but the design and packaging are underwhelming so far :$.
    My recent post Rouge Primer: Vichy &amp; Clarins

    • Aww, sorry to hear that it let you down! :( I hate that – when you get all excited for a collection, and it comes out and you're like AAAHH! and it's like AAHH!! and then you actually look at the images and it's just like… ah.

      Underwhelming. Or maybe just regular-whelming. Either way – sadfaces! :(

  • fieran

    The Moonshadow palette in In The Dark is so beautiful. I'm such a sucker for blue eyeshadow. *DROOOL* You always pick out all the gorgeous stuff.

    Don't mean to side Givenchy but I guess that 56-dollar eyeshadow is meant as a 3-in-1: shadow, liner, and eyebrow filler. Though, last I read, we're not encouraged to fill our eyebrows in pitch black as it would look too stark. I'll pass, 56-dollars can get me a Chanel eyeshadow quad. At least there are 4 colours there :)
    My recent post Fluffy Pancakes

    • Haha, I'm glad you think so! ^^ The In the Dark palette does look gorgeous, doesn't it? :)

      Bleh. I just still don't understand the Givenchy price tag! I mean, you can do all that with a good $5 black eyeshadow, too :P