I know it’s hard to believe, but I have not in fact died.

So, I guess I like, went and got really ill and returned to school and started Remicade and blah blah blah, which sort of led to our posting schedule getting shot to hell. (Remember the good old days, when I used to post, like, fifty times in a month?) (… yeah, I don’t remember them too well, either. Everything’s kind of a blur.)

Anyhow. Let’s fix this neglecting thing, yeah? :) Here’s what I’ve been up to.

A tangent about… hair

For starters, I went and put a bunch of black lowlights into my hair. Which is exciting! (Be excited, dammit, it’s exciting.) I mean, you’d assume that my hair would already be pretty black to begin with (what with the being Asian thing and all), but it’s actually quite light – light enough that my natural colour is now functioning as highlights.

(Just how light, exactly? Check out my hair in this postthat’s how light.)

I wasn’t sure about it at first, but now I’m certain: I love it. I love it a ridiculous, ridiculous amount. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!

A tangent about… closets

And then there was a closet redo. I forgot to take “before” photos, because I’m ridiculous and forgetful, but here’s a quick photo of the “after.” I’ve long been a fan of built-in shelving (it just feels so roomy!) but – well, let’s just say that I’m inordinately pleased with this as well.

(Yes, before you ask, I’m a bit of a clothing minimalist. This is in part due to the fact that I feel uncomfortable about extraneous items, but honestly? It has more to do with the fact that I absolutely abhor shopping.)

A tangent VERY RELEVANT SEGMENT about pretty shoes

One of the things I found while cleaning out my closet was my favourite pair of heels: my “goal shoes,” if you will. One of these days, I’m going to be well enough that I can wear them again, without having to worry about MTP swelling or spinal support or ankle joints.

This is the plan.

It’s going to be fantastic.

And, lastly, late at night:

Hope you’ve all been well!! xxx

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  • AdorableOnYourVanity

    i love, love the pens on your desk. Mine is full of post its and assigments to be done and notes to be reviewed.
    Your hair is gorgeous. I remember it was only yesterday that you complained about your unexpected hair cut, but they seem to be back to long, or at least long enough, right? You dislike shopping??? Unbelievable! Well these days I have resorted to online shopping. But I am excited that Top Shop made its way to Vancouver & Calgary…but the ridiculous HST/PST always kills my impulse to shop. Waiting to go back home and haul.
    Oh and I never wear heels. NEVER. Almost never. I guess when you live in the icy prairies, you start to think of UGGS as chic. Almost. Maybe. haha
    My recent post Who got my love in September?

    • Haha, it was actually aaaaages ago! But yes, I think it grew out pretty fast – which I'm quite happy with :) It's time to get it cut again, as soon as I have time! (The ends are pretty scraggly.)

      Uggs will never be chic, but that doesn't mean you can't love them anyways :P

  • Jamilla

    Welcome back! Love your hair!

  • LOVE your hair!! It's so shiny and looks great! It's grown a lot! I hardly ever wear heals myself, but you go girl! I hope you get well enough to rock them!
    And love the closet redo. I seriously have to go through my wardrobe. I do that every season and donate the stuff I haven't worn in a year.
    I hope you feel better soon. It breaks my heart to think of someone so young in pain. BIG HUGS.

    My recent post This Week I'm Thankful For…

    • Thanks, love :) Tbh, I've never understood why people find it so upsetting that I'm young & chronically ill. I'm just like, being chronically ill sucks, period – no matter what age!

      ♥ and hugs :)

  • I dislike shopping, too. I like buying things, but I hate trying them on. It's ridiculous. If they would only standardize women's clothing sizes…ugh.

    Love the shot of your desk. I remember the days of multicolored pens and notes and essays…haha I sound ancient.
    My recent post NOTD: All That is Gold Does Not…Hey, Wait.

    • Oh, my multicoloured pens will be with me forever! It's the only way I can keep myself focusing on anything :P Not because I'm really into the colours, per se, but just because it's another level of organisation…

      …and there's no such thing as too much organization. :D

  • Oh, oh, and my hair is light, too, for an Asian gal! It's never really been black, it's a dark chestnut, really, with lots of natural red highlights. It's odd, but I rather like it :)
    My recent post NOTD: All That is Gold Does Not…Hey, Wait.

  • I've never thought of black lowlights – BRILLIANT! AND IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    So glad you're feeling better and so upbeat. I also have shoes that I nearly gave up on but am determined to get back into. ;)

    And your closet is unbelievably tidy. Considered me wowed in every respect.
    My recent post Progress! My fifth empties post!

  • fieran

    OMG you dislike shopping? Please, please teach me how to dislike it. I'd be a completely different person if I didn't shop. *Cough* On to more interesting topics .. love your hair. It's really nice. My hair too black to absorb any dye unless I bleach it and I'm terrified of that so I have boring black hair.

    • LOL! I get really overstimulated (*and* find it really difficult to find things that fit), so disliking shopping is pretty normal for me :P

      Don't be scared of a little bleach, honey! With the right stylist, it can be a wonderful, wonderful thing ;)

  • jenn

    this is me being geeky but you have Pinel's Biopsychology text. i had him as my prof in undergrad. lol.

    • Ahhh!! Oh my god, I am SO jealous – was it incredible? Tell me it was incredible! I'm absolutely head over heels with the textbook; I can't believe you actually got to take a class with him! :D

      • jenn

        it was pretty incredible. he's a bit of a character and a little bit full of himself but tells the best stories and really makes you critical of the field. my BSc was in neuroscience. it just so happened he was going to retire after our year so i guess i got lucky. he's a pretty cool guy in general.

  • Kate & Zena

    Those pens….I WANT THOSE PENS!!!! They are so cute!

    I only need built-in shelving for the sweaters I can't hang like my knits (and I only have two) and my plethora of shoes. What I need is more rods and more square footage for all my craft stuff! I'm out of space!!!

    The lowlights you got really add depth to your hair. I've never doubted Asians could have as much variety in terms of hair color as everyone else, so I always thought your hair was natural. Now, Asians who have brown hair so light it seems blond….that I question. Your hair, no. People question my hair because it's so rich in color and dimensional, so I know what it's like. They say, "You can't be serious. It's natural? That hair can't be natural." Um, yes, it is. Always has, always will be. (And I'll give you a hint: don't play a joke on me and say I have a gray hair. I'll automatically go to a mirror and hunt for it. When I find you've been pulling my leg, I get pissed. My hair is kind of my pride here.)

    Excuse me if I sound stupid, but what's MTP?

  • I think I HAVE those pens! So glad you're feeling better!
    My recent post October: Read

  • You so pretty! Yes poor grammar but that's how I felt. LOL LOVE the lowlights!