YOU Fridays: all about eyeliner

I keep forgetting that YOU Fridays exists/existed, but I’m feeling the need for a resurrection! Here’s a blank for you to fill out in the comments. No worries if there are empty spots; I’d rather hear one or two faves than none at all :o)

  1. Blackest black liner:
  2. Longest wearing pencil liner:
  3. Favourite liquid liner:
  4. Favourite gel liner:
  5. Favourite purple liner:

My answers…

  1. Blackest black liner: Eep! I don’t know; I’ll have to re-swatch my (disturbingly large) collection of black liners and get back to you.
  2. Longest wearing pencil liner: Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner, so far – I just wish it would last on my waterline.
  3. Favourite liquid liner: Up until a month or two ago, I would have said Ellis Faas, hands down, but Annabelle’s Liquid Eyeliner is some pretty stiff competition. Factor in that the price and packaging are loads better, and I might just have a new favourite ;)
  4. Favourite gel liner: Still looking for “the one.” I’ll, er, get back to you on that one, too, yeah?
  5. Favourite purple liner: I have a few, but none that are really BAM! violet!, you know? They all seem too blue, or too brown, or just too blah. The upcoming NARS liner sounds great (St. Mark’s Place), but with my luck, it probably won’t last on my lids. Anyone have recommendations?

Happy Friday, lovelies! Can’t wait to read about all of your liner favourites :o)

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  • Rasilla

    “Blackest” pencil liner: milano liquifeye
    Longest wearing pencil liner: Annabelle smoothliner
    Favourite liquid liner: gosh extreme art (tho a little bit of patience is required)
    Favourite gel liner: I don’t have a fav…
    Favourite purple liner: I don’t do a lot of purples cause I still make mistakes w it, but the Annabelle smudge liner is nice

  • Joey

    Blackest black liner: meh
    Longest wearing pencil liner:GOSh velvet touch only win here b/c they have a better finish but mark – no place to run liners last for days. lol
    Favourite liquid liner: GOSH EA. long wearing formula, great colour range, good finish, WP and great applicator. (luvs!)
    Favourite gel liner: I hate getting brushes dirty if i don't have to. lol
    Favourite purple liner: TF perfect black orchid

    • Haha, I seem to be the only person around nowadays who isn't a huge fan of the GOSH EA liner :P I did really like it, but I've found so many other formulas that are just as good (or better) without the extensive drying time! It takes foreverrrr to dry on my lids – perhaps that's just my eyes being weird again?

  • blackest black: probably UD Zero, but I don't wear it that often. *too* black! Lol.
    longest wearing pencil: erm. um. UD? *flails* I'm sorry! I haven't explored that many brands of pencils!
    Favorite liquid liner: Benefit Magic Ink.
    Favorite gel liner: I don't like them. Any of them.
    Favorite purple liner: I don't have one of these, either! I was thinking of getting one of the Sephora ones, though.
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    • Ooh! One of their Flashy pencils? Let me know what you think of it! :)

  • messywands

    Blackest black liner: LMdB Noir
    Longest wearing pencil liner: Armani crayon yeux something something. It was that limited edition one that everyone went crazy over – with good reason
    Favourite liquid liner: kji & co 24 hours eyeliner injection. gotta love asian cosmetics ^_^
    Favourite gel liner: too much unscrewing for my taste
    Favourite purple liner: that said, I just swatched and purchased YSL's new cream liner in Black Cherry. It reminds me of UD crash, go try!
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    • I will! Though I'm already a bit afraid of how much their liners will be in Canada >.< Thanks for the rec, lovely :)

  • Blackest black liner: Umm probably Kryolan Aquacolour, but I rarely use it since you need to add water to active it and I'm lazy XD

    Longest wearing pencil liner: Not sure! I don't generally wear pencil liners as liners, more as bases or on the waterline. My new Kat Von D one that came in a gift set seems great, even though it has glitter which I'd think would make it less intense!

    Favourite liquid liner: I'm such a liquid liner n00b, so I've only really tried and liked the L'Oreal Lineur Intense. I have a bunch of others sitting unused in my drawer though :'(

    Favourite gel liner: Kryolan Aquacolour. I'm also liking a MAC Fluidline I picked up from a blogsale though, and my generic Coastal Scents/Ebay liners.

    Favourite purple liner: I don't have one!
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    • LOL, I'm lazy too :P Will have to give the Kroylan a google, later – I don't think I've read any reviews of it! I have a soft spot for theatre makeup ^^

  • BeckBeck

    Blackest black liner: I rarely wear black so I don't have a good answer. (I prefer dark browns on me.)

    Longest wearing pencil liner: I've had good luck with several – Too Faced's new Perfect Eyes, MUFE Aqua Eyes, and I actually found the new Maybelline Master Drama quite hardy too.

    Favourite liquid liner: Stila Stay All Day or Lorac Front of the Line Pro – both pens, both with firm fine tips that let you make a very thin, daytime/professional appropriate line. I love the colors available from MUFE and Lancome, but their applicators are trickier to work with for me and I end up going full Amy Winehouse half the time.

    Favourite gel liner: Bobbi Brown.

    Favourite purple liner: UD Rockstar, though I think it's more plum than purple.

    • I've heard such good things about the LORAC Front of the Line pen – I have to say, it's pretty tempting! Perhaps if I ever manage to finish off one of my black liquid liners, I'll give it a go :P

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