Inadvisable ideas | Press-on eyeliner by Dior

I’m sorry, Dior, but: what?!

I’ll admit, it reminds me of the temporary tattoos from my childhood – keyword being childhood. I mean, there’s the whole Violent Lips thing (which Sephora’s carrying, too, and which I still think look absolutely ridiculous), and then this, and it’s just –

I mean, who thought this was a good idea?! This is very clearly not a good idea!

But the Stella It-Dress collection (to run off on a completely unrelated tangent) – now that’s a good idea. The three bottles look absolutely gorgeous, and I’ll admit, it does redeem my faith in the industry, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. You don’t have to shock everyone to get them to look at you, and the subtle-but-lovely packaging (which feature the same floral, feminine, familiar Stella) definitely has my attention.

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  • Jamilla

    The thought of removing that liner scares me! I do love Stella, though!

    • Lol! I hope they made it to dissolve with just a bit of makeup remover :P Getting temp tattoos off was a nightmare!

  • yes, because we all have the same eye shapes; don't we, dior?

    those bottles are lovely and i hear the scent is lovely as well. must get a whiff soon!
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    • Yes! It's not really "me," but Stella is really pretty – feminine without being bubblegum, which is refreshing :P

  • The liner – SOMEONE will want to buy and try it, even if the rest of us don't.

    The fragrance – pretty, but not my taste. The bottle IS gorgeous!
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    • Haha, true, true. And then they can report back to the rest of the blogosphere! :P

      I feel the same way about Stella :)

  • Not gonna lie, I'm intrigued. I'm a total sucker for stuff like this.
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    • Lol! Well, if you give them a go, make sure to let me know what you think of them :P

  • Citrine

    I have seen these eyeliner stickers ( the version has clear base with glitter on it so it's like a super concentrated glitter eyeliner) a few years ago in Hong Kong and I believe several Japanese indie brands make it, it's a pretty nifty idea as long as the person wearing have some sort of crease going on, and that the crease is wider than the width of the sticker (or it just ended up looking like a piece of tape).

    • Of course, the Asians do it first :P It's strange that a press-on liner would come out in Japan or HK first, though – most of us are rather creaseless!

  • as much as I don't think the stickers will fit my Asian eyes, I still want to try these! :x
    I am however, completely unwilling to pay for them though.
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    • LOL, my thoughts exactly. Curious, but not curious enough to purchase them!

  • olivia

    The price of the Dior liners is a bit stiff. I am an eyeliner freak and the thought of just sticking something on takes the fun out of eyelining for me. However, if there is ever a complete stick on entire-face look, I will go for that! :-D

    • Haha, well played :P I have to admit, as much as I love makeup – some days, I'd have to agree with you there.

  • Oh goody, I'm not the only one who thought this was a batsh*t crazy idea. Cheerio, then!
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    • You're in good company! There seem to be plenty of us around who think the idea's insane :P

  • Errrrrr………I kind of love over-the-top, weirdo stuff, but this seems just idiotic.

  • All I can say is W.T.F :|
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