With so many possibilities out there…

… you’d think they could manage to design different bottles every now and again, yeah?

But oh no! They’re all the saaaame. They’re all the SAME! D:

From L-R: Marc Jacobs Lola & flanker, designed by Jacobs and Coty Prestige artistic director Deborah Aruta, followed by the BCBG and Beiber copycats. And, okay, so I actually like the BCBGMAXAZRIA bottle the most, but it’s essentially just riffing on the same concept!

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  • Hahahaha:D
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  • The BCBG bottle is the only one I like out of the four. The Justin Beiber bottle… maybe it's a nice fragrance (I don't actually know), but the design is a little bit all over the place.
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    • Exactly! It's messy, and rather child-like – more of a toy than a perfume bottle.

      But hey, when your market is thirteen year old girls…

  • C P

    I was actually thinking that the BCBGMAXAZRIA was my favorite also. In my opinion that design isn't really all that great so i don't understand why it would get copied so much, but that's just me.

    • Same here :P I kind of like the BCBG version, but the original? I can see where it was going, but it's really just not my thing.

  • eight

    Hahaha, I was at Shoppers a few days ago and I was like, "Oh, the new Marc Jacobs—-oh wait. It's Bieber perfume."
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  • I have new respect for Marc Jacobs now. It's so obvious to anyone that the Beiber bottle was at least "inspired" heavily by the MJ one. And Jacobs' team even wanted to sue but Marc put a stop to that and provided this lovely quote from Chanel, "He who insists on his own creativity has no memory." Talk about begin the bigger man. :) Plus, Oh Lola! smells great!

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    • I haven't smelled Oh, Lola! but I want to :P

      I agree that Marc handled the knocking off of the design really well – it came off as really graceful and classy, when it could have become quite the media shitstorm (if you'll pardon my language.) If anything, it just looks really embarrassing on the part of team Beiber!

  • C.L.

    Marc Jacobs was first with this design when he created it for the release of his perfume Lola in 2009. The fact that it is still being replicated today says something about the success of the design. After all, imitation is flattering, right?

    • Yes! An incredibly annoying form of flattery, but obscurely flattering nonetheless :P

  • Pretty House of Y

    I'm sorry to be off topic but…
    Justin Bieber? Really?
    Good Lord. :P
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  • LOL, yes! I know!
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  • Cat

    I definitely tend to stay away from overly designed bottles (my minimalist self cringes), so I've never actually smelled any of these scents!

    Bieber's invading EVERYWHERE!
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  • I like the BCBG one :D I think it's the monochromatic color scheme there that makes it more appealing.
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  • Emily

    i lol'd when i saw this post. i was in sephora recently and was explaining/ranting to my friend how the lola and bieber bottles were practically identical and the sales person at the front was like "I KNOW RIGHT??"

  • I agree. It bothers me – even my poor boyfriend's heard about it. But he's an optimist so he's just happy that there's pretty stuff at all. Sigh. I'm less forgiving.
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    • Haha, and so you ought to be! I think it's cute that he's that optimistic… in a puppy-dog, small-child kind of way :P

  • Best scent goes to Justin Bieber.
    Best bottle design goes to BCBG :)
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