New for Fall at Sephora and MAC

Every weekend (or every other weekend, or every third weekend if it’s a particularly slow month), theNotice features the recent product launches that have caught my eye. But… I don’t know what it was about this week. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t done it in a while?

Anyhow, this weekend, we’re splitting things up a bit. Today, we’ll be featuring the MAC Me Over! collection widget, plus the new lines that have launched at Sephora, and tomorrow, we’ll feature the normal “New x/x/x” widget, with products from all over the board. Oh, and lots of blathering on about random things. Keep an eye out for that blathering.

Ellis Faas

That’s right, Ellis Faas! I definitely didn’t see this one coming, but it looks like Sephora’s picked them up at long last. Which is, well – pretty darn exciting.

You can read all of our Ellis Faas reviews by clicking on that link, but just in general, here are my three favourite Ellis products at the moment: Light E303, Creamy Eyes E104, and Milky Lips L201, aka Ellis Red. (See L201 on the cheeks, here).

UK hits

Along with Ellis, Sephora’s bringing over two more brands from across the pond: Soap & Glory, which disappeared from Target shelves a while back but will be reappearing stateside shortly (Canucks will recognize it from Shopper’s stores, and I’m under the impression that it’s staying there), and nails inc, which is basically the hottest brand in nails at the moment (or so I’ve been told by rather unsavoury characters kidding!)

MAC Me Over!

I’m not really sure why, but I wasn’t really excited for this one – MAC’s fall collections are simply too large, if you ask me. I just sort of get overwhelmed and then flail everywhere and, finally, give up trying to follow them entirely.

Hope your weekends are off to a lovely start, my dears! Talk to you tomorrow x

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  • MAC has gotten ridicilous! it's wayyy to overwhelming, even for people who LOVE makeup. yikes…

    as for ellis faas, i've always wanted to try their products! better troll the interwebs for swatches now.
    My recent post Maybelline's Shine Sensational Pop Stick in Fruit Punch Looks Good Enough To Eat!

    • I know! I mean – when you're overwhelming beauty bloggers, there is a problem. We're a hard bunch to overwhelm! :P

  • jamilla

    Need some Ellis Faas!

  • I agree about MAC – it's what kept me away from them for the longest time, and even now I'm rarely that interested, except to see what lipsticks are coming out (thanks to you, btw :P). I am excited about ellis faas at Sephora though, as I've wanted to try them (also thanks to you :P) for the longest time, but didn't want to order from their website…I can easily return things to Sephora, you know?
    My recent post Cartoon EOTD: The Fairly OddParents

    • :P The fact that I was able to corrupt you brings me endless glee.

      ENDLESS GLEE!!!! :D

  • This collection from MAC just had way too many products, and it gets to the point where I honestly don't know where to look, so I just stop looking.

    Yay for Ellis Faas at Sephora! Love their products, so I hope more people will be able to try them out now :)
    My recent post Tasty TGIF Tidbits: Lazily Photoshopping

    • I know! There's just so much going on – talk about overwhelming :s

  • eight

    I have never tried a MAC product, and seeing all these new collections every month has me puzzled. Seriously, why do they have so many???????
    My recent post Yes, this will be happening

    • Gah, I don't even. An overstaffed, overachieving marketing department? :P

  • Yeaaah the collection from MAC overwhelmed me. I did swatch that one quad…involving evil. And by involving evil I mean it was so bad I dropped it and ran away hissing like a frightened cat.

    I WANTED to try Runaway Red but it's just a bluer version of Russian it turns out. So sadly nothing from this collection for me. SIGH.

    • It is indeed! But… well, that's a good thing in my books. I skipped on it anyways (way too many reds in my collection as it is), but I still think it was the one major "hit" from the collection :p