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Fall is coming; fall is coming! Alert the presses!

Somehow, I always forget that autumn… exists. Every single year. I dread summer, and then I adore it, and then I dread it again as soon as the mercury hits twenty-five, and then I adore it until, one day, I realize that fall is on its way.

And then I’m torn. Because as much as I hate the summer heat, I love the lazy days and the constant sunlight. I love being able to take photos (almost) whenever the feeling grips me. I love the late nights and the almost non-existant mornings and the smells; the way the air smells in the summer.

But damn – I don’t think anything will ever be able to eclipse my love for Fall/Winter collections.

skin, base, and fragrance

And a few more things

The similarities between the two quads below are really getting to me! I mean, they’re not actually all that similar, but for whatever reason, my brain’s just gotten stuck in a rut around them.

The first one is Guerlain’s Écrin 4 Couleurs palette in Les Noirs (and what gorgeous blacks they are), and the second is my beloved Clarins Graphites.

And then we’ve got a but of a curious thing; paper lashes. I’m sure you’ve heard about them by now, but I never really expected them to go mass, you know?

Sephora is now carrying six equally weird charming styles of PAPERSELF lashes, online and at their NYC Meatpacking District store (which opens mid-September). They’re quite a costly lash, at $17, (and I somehow doubt you’ll get the same wear out of these as you would out of a regular false lash fringe), but I suppose it’s the novelty!

& finally, I’ll leave you with a quick pic of Ultraflesh’s Ninja Star Compact, which I think is a little bit insane and a little bit hilarious:

all images are (c) their click-through.

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  • I was so excited for summer and I keep buying bright summer colors, then reminding myself that fall/winter is starting soon! Although, I live in Dubai so our summers last a little longer than the rest of the world :) I'm really looking forward to wearing darker colors :)
    My recent post A Few of My Guilty Pleasures (Tag)

    • Haha, I'm in Edmonton, so our summers are a little shorter than the rest of the world :P

      And hey – there's always next summer! ;)

  • omg, LOVE the NARS & Armani palettes!

    did you sign up to get the free sample of Burberry Body? i did and i'm SO excited to get it!
    My recent post Maybelline's Shine Sensational Pop Stick in Fruit Punch Looks Good Enough To Eat!

    • as;dfkj I know, right? They look ridiculously pretty!

      & no, I did not – though I'm not really sure why… >.<

  • I want two of the NARS night series polishes :D And yes, I am equally torn…I love lazy summers and the fact that I can go outside to check the mail without throwing on five layers of clothing. But I love crisp fall days and the spices and smells of fall baked goods and food, and I ADORE boots…therefore I adore boot season :D
    My recent post Cartoon EOTD: The Fairly OddParents

    • I know! Mmm. And the way the air smells at night after a super-hot day /dies

      BOOTS! I always forget about how much I love boots! (Perhaps because I haven't any super-cute ones because I'm always freaking out about orthotics, lol :P)

  • What's so insane about a compact with its own built-in weapon?
    My recent post Invitation to Lunch at Work

    • Lol! Oh yeah, totally normal :P

      (Eeeeee I want that to be a normal thing! :D)

  • cclarebear

    That clarins quad?! Lemming induced successfully – I need it!!!