Ramblings | Marcelle opens an online shop & Rae blathers on about her favourites

After quite a lot of anticipation, I have some awesome news for you ladies – Marcelle has opened up its online doors for US and Canadians shoppers! While most Canucks will probably keep shopping in-store to avoid shipping & pick up limited-edition items (which won’t be stocked online), I think this is awesome news for American gals.

I mean, Marcelle. It’s MARCELLE. *flails* (If I couldn’t get my Marcelle staples, I’d probably go nuts within a year. I’m very, very attached to them!)

I absolutely adore…

(Click through the images to read their respective posts!)

But I need

(Again, click the images to get to the product reviews!)

& I’m intrigued by…

(Images click through to the Marcelle site – I haven’t tried the products below yet, for an assortment of reasons! ‘Cones, time constraints, short attention spans, and the fact that I only have one face :P)

Happy hauling! xx

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  • I think it's pretty awesome for beauty junkies in the USA as well!
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  • I only ever read about Marcelle in your blog – so I'm not terribly terribly acquainted with them. But any chance to gather your Canadian intelligence and use it for my own devious American methods is fine with me!
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    • LMAO! This made me smile. And so do international brands, BTW. Love reading about Marcelle.
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    • Ciambella

      Thumbs up for Canadian intelligence and devious American methods! Mwohohohohohoauaoaghgllkk

    • LOL! That seems to be the general conclusion, yes :P Free shipping with all orders over $50 right now, so I'd definitely encourage you to start devising up a shopping cart!

      (Rouge Xpressions. Waterproof eyeliners. Essentials skincare! *flails*)

  • anna

    Is it my birthday? This is so exciting. I have been wanting Paris Rose ever since you swatched it!

    • Haha, it really is just about that exciting! :P Hope you love Paris Rose as much as I do – it's a stunner : )

  • Those lipsticks look awesome!
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    • They seriously are ;) Gorgeous formula, and the colours are all to die for.

  • Oh how I love lipsticks <3