Lid lockdown | Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour Review

If you were hoping this post would lay your lemmings to rest, you’re out of luck – it won’t.

Instead, this review is a bit of a love story. It’s about a girl and her Clinique Lid Smoothies, and it follows them through application (smooth and irresponsibly easy), then the promised eight hours of wear (without a single crease), and then through a rain storm, a run, a nap, dinner, and desert.

Sit tight, and please keep your arms and legs within the roller coaster for the duration of the ride.

The product: Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Color

The shade range: Alright, so first and foremost, we’re going to talk about the shades. I have just five of the twelve shades available, but I’m 98% certain that these are not going to be the next big thing – and I’m pre-emptively blaming it all on the colour range.

Like most Clinique products, these shadows are really “tame.” That is, the colours aren’t particularly daring, and they’re all on the sheer side. They can be layered, yes, but on the whole? Nothing that’s going to stop traffic, and (let’s be honest) it’s the traffic-stopping shades that usually catch the attention of the blogosphere.

{check out the swatches}

The formula: Now, this is what I think makes these shadows phenomenal. Though sheer, these Lid Smoothies wear for well over eight hours with zero smudging, fading, or creasing. They live up to their water-resistant claims and hold up perfectly in the heat, but at the same time, you don’t need elbow grease to get them off – just warm water and makeup-removing cleanser.

I can get twelve to fourteen hours (!!!) of wear out of these with minimal creasing, both on their own and with powder eyeshadow overtop. The creasing (which, weirdly enough, was way more pronounced on my left lid) didn’t appear until around the tenth hour, so these definitely get two huge thumbs-up from me.

Honestly, I can’t rave enough about these. I know they’re not going to work for everyone, but I’ve only ever found one other product (incidentally, also cream eyeshadows) that wears on my lids all day without creasing, and that’s the Ellis Faas line.

Clinique vs. Ellis Faas: If you want colour, you have to go with Ellis – their products pack a major pigment punch, and these Lid Smoothies are ridiculously sheer. However, in terms of cost, ease of use, availability, and packaging, Clinique definitely has Ellis beat!

(In case you’re looking for them, here are our review for Ellis Faas Lights and Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes.)

Bit O’ Honey used as a primer (horizontally) under powder eyeshadows (vertically) – it really picks up and locks down the colour!

Top: indirect sunlight / Bottom: flash

Packaging and application: These are being marketed as “cooling” eyeshadows, which I was worried about at first. When it comes to my sensitive eyes, “cooling” is usually code for “DANGER; look out!” The cooling’s in the packaging, though, in this case: a smooth, sleek, metal applicator. It’s something I haven’t seen before (or, really, anything like it), and so I’m giving Clinique mad props for innovation on this one ;)

The applicator does indeed feel cool in the eye area, but more importantly, it does an amazing job of blending out product – no brushes or fingers needed. You know how doe-foots are supposed to help spread products, or built-in brushes are supposed to help blend, but they never actually work? Well, this one actually works, and the metal’s not only soothing on my eyelids (great for the morning, when they’re still a little puffy!) but it spreads the product out evenly and without any tugging at all.

The verdict?

Sheer or not, I’m crazy for these Lid Smoothies. They’re easy to apply, widely available, and well-priced, but most importantly? They have incredible wear time. For a girl who’s been let down by both Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, these are a godsend!

The only flaw I can think of for these is that there aren’t any super-pigmented colour options – but I’m willing to forgive and forget. Clinique’s Lid Smoothies not only make lovely washes of colour (I’ve been hooked on Born Freesia in particular), but they function fantastically as eyeshadow primers, too, intensifying colour and wearing all day (and then some) without creasing or fading.

{more photos}

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  • butbutbut, i *just* read another review (m&bb) and karen said she only got 4 hours of wear. i am confusified!

    i was *really* hoping that i could make a decision without having to buy it, but… damn…

    My recent post Monthly Favourites – July 2011

    • I know – I read that one, too! Sorry to make the decision hard for you >.<

      I would go with a "best guess;" that is, do you usually like the same lid products as Karen? (I don't, so perhaps if what works on her creases on you, you should give these a go! But if what works on her lids works on yours as well, I suppose I'd give them a miss.)

  • My eyelids are repellent to most cream eyeshadows, but I really hope to run into these at Clinique. They're beautiful swatched :)
    My recent post Tried and True: Chi Leave-In Treatment Masque

    • I hope these work out well for you, too! Make sure to swatch Born Freesia in person; it's my favourite at the moment ;)

  • Jamilla

    OK! I will go to the Clinique counter!! I do love my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows, but your review has convinced me to try another cream shadow!
    My recent post FOTD – Bobbi Brown Lip Color 9 Burnt Red and Armani Eyes to Kill Eye Color Trio 1

    • Hurray! Hope you like them – I haven't tried the Bobbi ones, but they look really different from the Clinique ones. Which, if you ask me, totally justifies owning both :D

  • Wish the colors were less dull. xP
    My recent post Request: A Little Too Green

    • LOL! Of course you do :P I'm using these mainly as primer, though, so I haven't any qualms with the colours!

  • Gah. I told myself no more eye shadows! But you know, I don't have any cream shadows – at all – and I always thought I'd like to have some, just for the ease of it all…sigh.
    My recent post MAC Sublime Culture: Cremestick Lipliner

    • i'm sorry! (Not very sorry, but enough to count. Yep. Definitely.)

      Personally, I think everyone should try everything at least once – and, I mean, that mentality went exceedingly well for you + the lipsticks, so… :D

      ( If they don't work out for your lids, though, I AM TOTALLY NOT TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! :P )

  • Those swatches look pretty cool, but yeah, the colour range leaves a lot to be desired. Oh well, at least they have the staying power, eh?
    My recent post Lise Watier Fall 2011 Quatuor Wet & Dry Eyeshadows in Équinoxe + Métamorfix Liquid Transformer Are True Love.

    • Indeed! I'm using these mainly as primers, so the colour range isn't too big of an issue ;)

  • If they are that longwearing, I think I'll have to take a look…
    My recent post My Favorite Sunless Tans

  • Jilliterate

    You summed up exactly my initial feelings — these colours are very…"tame," to put it nicely. I've been ignoring pretty much all the reviews of these, because the colours don't catch my eye, and ergo I'm not really interested. For me, eyeshadows are go bold or go home. :)

    • Lol! Well, it's good to know what you like – saves a lot of time when you don't have to figure it out again and again!

      For blog looks, I definitely like my colour, but for everyday? I'm a neutrals and sheer-shadow kinda girl ;)

  • Well. Now I guess the peach shade shall be mine!
    My recent post Palette of the Week: Lise Watier Equinoxe Palette

  • eight

    OK, now I want these. I think they'd be perfect for work!
    My recent post Yes, this will be happening

    • Exactly! Clinique may be boring, but they make some awesome work-appropriate products.

  • AdorableOnYourVanity

    They are too sheer for me unfortunately. I'm not a big fan of Clinique's color palette, but the quality must be good. They make good everyday stuff.
    My recent post SpaRitual Evolve//Summer 2011 Collection

    • I agree! Plus, the colour lineup doesn't seem to change too terribly often, so you can stick with a staple for ages : )

  • Kate & Zena

    Yay! I love it when I get dissenting opinions! Clinique and I generally get along (and apparently it gets along with you) so I have to buy some of these…..especially that blue and that purple and t he lightest one you have! Cream shadows tend to last a looooooooooong time on me (ahem, my addiction to Benefit creaseless cream shadows.)

    I love you, Rae! (Okay, they're .50 more than my Benefit CCS's, but I'll forgive you. These are pretty and travel friendly! More reasons for me not to be rushing out the door for school!)

    • LOL! Is it crazy that I do, too? Always nice to hear different points of view – not all products can work for everybody, after all!

      Really, really hope you like these. And the packaging totally makes up for that 50 cents; it's such a dream to use.

  • I love these! The applicator feels amazing! I like the sheerness of them. I bought Ginger-ly :D

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  • wow, i am loving your blog!!! great photos!! :)
    My recent post Memo Boards

  • Lisa A

    Wow these look great! Just a quick question though, do you naturally have oily eyelids?