Liked it, loved it, hated it: what you’ve tried because of theNotice

As a passing curiosity, I’ve been wondering what products people have picked up because of theNotice – and whether or not you’ve liked them!

I suppose there isn’t really a legitimate reason for my posting this poll (it’s far from a “how could we improve” or “what did you think of” survy), but I just wonder sometimes, you know? As a blogger, you put so much of your free time into your site, and I always wonder how many of you are reading just for the reading (which for the record, is still an awesome reason to be reading theNotice, and makes me obscenely happy) vs. how many of you are reading in order to find new products to love (also a phenomenal reason, but this one appeals to the product junkie in me, rather than the academic).

And okay, so maybe I’m overly tired and consumed a disproportionate amount of sugar today, and okay, so maybe that’s clouding my judgement, but the curiosity is still genuine all the same.

Take the survey below!

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