Sneak preview: Clinique Lid Smoothies

Clinique is adding a brand-new Smoothie to their lineup, and (unlike their lip smoothies), this is one that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. I’ve only been testing them for three or four days, but thus far, I’ve been really, really impressed with how well they wear.

I’m holding out on the review and swatches until I’m completely certain these are as good as I think they are, but  you *need* to start lusting after these, STAT. I’m not sure of the US and international release details, but Canadians will start seeing these on counters next month (that’s just one week from today) and, well: they might just be “all that” –

… and then some.

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  • The two purple shades look interesting, as does the green!
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  • *gasp*

    exciiiting! can't wait to see swatches and the like!
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  • jamilla

    they look lovely, but the colours look a bit insipid. Love to see what they look like on the lids.

    • Haha, true – I wasn't thrilled by them at first, either. But, I'd wait to see the swatches and review before passing judgement ;)

  • The applicators are so cool! Love that darkest purple/brown shade :)

  • So neat!! I can hardly wait for your review!
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  • Ohhhh no, no no. No more eye shadows for me! *stubbornly refuses to even peek at Clinique counters*
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  • Nina

    Coolest applicator tips I've ever seen! O.o

  • janice

    ohhhhh. can't wait to see your review + swatches, esp of the peachy-pink shade!

  • makeupmorsels

    My God, why are you so good at enabling me?! Love the applicators on these, looking forward to seeing the swatches!
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    • fieran

      Agreed… Rae I think you should get "enabler of the month" award :)
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      • LOL, I'm sorry!! *hides* There's just been some really awesome products recently; I had no choice but to rave about them! :P

  • lyn

    I am waiting for Clinique to release this locally too!
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  • I can't say any of the colors CALL OUT to me…but I may try one of the neutrals as a base. I didn't like UDPP's consistency in any of the shades at Sephora or Too Faced's at Ulta.

    I hope you know that your true love has been romancing the eyelids of many other beauty bloggers. POLYGAMOUS EYE MAKEUP.
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    • LOL! It's a sad state of affairs :( *sigh*

      The consistency of this one isn't anything particularly surprising, but the wear (at least on my lids) is significantly better than the ones you mentioned! Plus, the shade range (even if it doesn't really call out to, erm, anyone) *is* larger than UD and TF's ;)