A lazy Sunday with Ellis and Clarins

I’ve been rediscovering my Ellis Faas products recently (I adore them, but always forget about them because I have to store them off to the side of my drawer, what with the pen-style size), and I put this confection together this morning out of curiosity.

I always turn up too much product when working with the Milky Lips L201 (Ellis Red) lipstick, so I keep the overflow in a basic five-gram jar, then use it up over the course of the next week or two. Today, though, I tried L201 on my cheeks – heck, why not, right?

Long story short, I loved the finished result so much that I ended up blending a dab of 201 with a great, lightweight, also ‘cone-free Clarins moisturizer so that I can recreate the look without too much trouble in the future. The photos are significantly darker than usual (sorry!) as the sun seems reluctant to come out from the clouds, but I figured slightly darker photos are better than nothing!

(Plus, darker photos are a bit of a guilty pleasure. Shh, don’t tell.)

Why those products?

I love a sheer, red cheek, which isn’t hard to find if you’re okay with using lip products on your cheeks. However, while a surprising number of lipsticks contain silicones (betcha didn’t see that one coming!) Ellis lipsticks don’t. I already knew that I could get a really natural-looking red lip stain by using a bit of 201, so a similar flush on the cheeks wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Swatched really, really sparingly, then just… sparingly.

To sheer it out, I picked Vital Light Day because I knew it would give a lightweight “slip” to the bespoke blusher, but then sink into the skin and leave a hydrated glow (rather than a heavy, sticky moisturizer sheen). Honestly, though? You could make your own cream blusher with anything you have on hand, whether that’s a tube of your favourite MAC lipstick and a dollop of primer, or a basic Revlon SL blended with a bit of Vaseline.

Anyhow. That’s my ramble of the day… now go be a pseudo-chemist and play with some makeup!

Edited to add: as I mentioned the sun’s being hugely uncooperative today (read: gorgeous in person, awful for photos), but here are a few full-face shots with Ellis Red on my cheeks. The first is in direct sunlight; the second, in an awkward hiding-from-the-sun position with (gratuitous and unintentional) lip-biting:

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  • Very subtle and pretty :D I hate twist-up pens…they gush :P
    My recent post Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment Comparison Post

    • Bleh, same here! I always have to be sure to keep a jar on hand >.<

  • What a great idea! I am off to try this with my new orange lipstick now… :)
    My recent post Orange Love Affair- Meet MAC Neon Orange

  • This is very clever! I must give it a go when I start using my Ellis Faas lip colours. I just hope I don't have the problem of twisting up too much product. I hate it when that happens hence I dislike packaging like this :(
    My recent post Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua Silky BB Cream SPF29 PA – A Japan x Korea collaboration

    • Same here :( Most of the time, it makes the product a total write-off for me, but I do make an exception for Ellis – the products are honestly too good for me to ditch 'em due to questionable packaging! What can I say; I'm in love :P

  • Fabulous idea, be sure to put it in link love next time, a lot of people can use this tip. And sunday with Ellis and Clairns looks kind of beautiful ;)
    My recent post MAC Sunbasque Blush ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! And… it kind of does, doesn't it? It makes me think of strawberries and sun-reddened (but not burned) cheeks ^.^

  • not a fan of twist up lip products but ellis faas has some really lovely colors . I own like 8 or maybe more *counts sheepishly *
    My recent post Sephora Favorites Beauty &amp The Bride 108 Value-

    • Haha, I know what you mean, Sarah! I have a lot of troubles finding eye colours that don't crease on me, and lip colours that don't slip around on my lips, so despite the twist-up packaging… I've ended up with rather a lot of Ellis as well :p

      And I mean, heck, I'm all for it – it means that I can share more & more about the line with you lovely ladies, after all! ^.^

  • Vesna (beautyaddict)

    Very pretty!
    I have one Ellis Faas lipstick but I wasn't really that thrilled. I love the idea and everything, but I think it doesn't work for me (the packaging doesn't though the product it self was good). :)

    And if you don't mind this question – how old are you? I just can't figure that out :D Your skin looks like you're twelve, but I know you aren't and have hard time guessing your age, lol :D And I'm so curious :D

    My recent post Guest post- BB Creams And All About Them

    • Aww, that's too bad :( While I don't like the packaging, I find the products work *really* well on my skin/etc – so they're very much worth the hassle, at least for me!

      As for the age? A lady never tells :P I'll go with "old enough to worry about my GPA & (ugh) file taxes, but not old enough that my wrinkle-worries are legitimate." (LIES! Wrinkles are a completely legitimate worry at any age!)

      I'd love to hear your guess, though, just for curiosity's sake ;)

      • Vesna (beautyaddict)

        This will probably be a huge fail but I'll try either way… :D

        You look really young to me, but you do have that dose of adulthood (hope that's the right word) so I'd say you're somewhere around 24? It's really hard for me to guess when the other person isn't caucasian (and I'm not that good when it is so… ) :D

        My recent post I’m in love – MAC Girl About Town lipstick!

        • Hey, that's not actually all that far off! :) I'm absolutely awful at guessing ages, as well – generally, I'm just lucky if I can get within ten years >.<

  • Angela

    What a great idea and a gorgeous outcome. Haven't tried Ellis Faas yet but 201 is looking awful tempting..
    My recent post senzugardener-WANT but not that long loltoo amazing for