Trim meets tasty with Dr. Tabor’s Crispy Lace Non-Naughty Nibbles

The sun finally came out of hiding for a couple hours, so I’ve finally been able to take photographs of my most recent obsession. Nope, it’s not blush, and it’s not lipgloss or sunscreen…

The product: Dr. Tabor Crispy Lace Non-Naughty Nibbles

Why they’re awesome: I’m currently hooked on these because they’re super lightweight (which makes them easy to throw in my bag & carry around), but they’re still tasty and surprisingly filling – more filling than a basic ‘ol granola bar, even! Not to mention, they’re better for you than a lot of granola bars are: there’s about three grams of fat in each bag, two grams of fibre, and seven (!) grams of protein.

Some of the reviews I’ve read mention that they’re not very flavourful, but I actually beg to differ – I’ve tried three or four of the flavours already, and all of them have been quite flavourful, if you ask me! But, I suppose, it’s worth noting that I have like, the most bland palette ever :P

But you’re not on a diet: Yes and no. I’ve never gone on a diet to lose weight, and I don’t ever plan to (I love food way too much!) but I am on a gluten-free, caffeine-free, low-dairy, low-sugar diet. I know, it can get pretty crazy, but I’m lactose intolerant & things like gluten and sugar really aggravate my fibromyalgia.

My dietary restrictions mean that it can be pretty hard to find food that I can eat on the go, which is why these are perfect: one little bag of Non-Naughty Nibbles can tide me over from breakfast to a late lunch (think an 8 AM breakfast, then lunch around one or two), and I’m more than happy to prevent a mid-afternoon blood sugar crash by eating a bag of tasty treats! :D

Find them at: Dr. Tabor, QVC

P.S. Have you heard of Sensa? It’s a unique weight loss tool that’s designed to reduce caloric intake, making the food you’re already eating even more diet-friendly. And yep, it’s gluten-free, too ;)

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  • I got sent these too, and they are really good! I likey them a lot.

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  • Hmm… I might be willing to try it if I didn't have to commit to 15 bags. =[
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    • I just found a slightly smaller quantity here – 12 bags; two of each flavour. Not sure if that helps or not, but I thought you might like to see the link anyways! :)

  • The flavors look really good! I want to try the cheddar, the apple pie and the jalapeno ones. Have to agree with Vijiis though – It'd be better if there were smaller quantities or even a mixed-bag order available.
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    • Lol, and I'm like, "Why don't these come in larger quantities? Fifteen isn't *nearly* enough for me!" :p But I suppose you're right; to try them out for the first time, it's quite a few.

      I'm not sure about the ones on the Dr. Tabor site, but QVC has 16 bags of assorted flavours for $16 – which is kinda awesome; most protein bars and things like that are at least double that price!

  • I am not a fan of the flavor names! I'm all for healthier snacks, but I don't think having names that are constantly reminding you of your dress size is a good idea. Glad they taste good, though, and that you were able to find something that suits your needs.
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    • Man, me neither – but I guess, if it sells, right? I imagine there are a whole lot of people out there focusing more on the "skinny" than on the "let's be obscenely healthy and gluten-free" :P