Reader request | 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer vs. Make Up For Ever Face & Body

Janice, one of our lovely readers, emailed me asking for a comparison between MUFE F&B and 100% Pure’s tinted moisturizer. As usual, I went totally overboard with my reply (hello, product junkie; what did you expect?) so my brief email has morphed into a full-on post, complete with photos.

Self-control is totally overrated.

Texture and scent

The products themselves, in their respective containers, are remarkably different: Make Up For Ever Face & Body has a very distinctive, gel-like texture (think “runny jello”), while the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 looks like any other boring moisturizer.

Personally, I think the weird texture of the MUFE is completely enthralling, but the product has one major drawback – a rather strong, artificial fragrance. I’m not a fan of scented products, especially not ones this strongly perfumed, so I’d definitely say it’s something to take into consideration.

MUFE F&B #38 (Pink Porcelain) in a sample jar, on its side – check out that texture!

Finish and feel

Face & Body has a more satiny finish than the 100% Pure, and sits on the skin just a tiny bit more. Which, I mean… I actually prefer it; I’ve always had a soft spot for foundations with a satin finish.

On the other hand, the tinted moisturizer is just that – an awesomely tinted moisturizer. That is, it sinks in to leave absolutely no powdery or foundation-y bits behind. While both the MUFE and 100% Pure look completely natural, the 100% Pure is flawless even under magnification, unlike the MUFE, so I suppose it just depends on what you’re going for!

For these reasons, I’d recommend the finish of the MUFE for normal to oily skintypes, and the 100% Pure for very dry to normal skins. (If in doubt, a touch of powder in the t-zone sets the tinted moisturizer beautifully, and I don’t find myself getting abnormally oily or anything during the day.)

100% Pure TM in Creme / MUFE F&B #38

indirect (very overcast) sunlight without flash; click to enlarge

Colours and coverage

For both of these, I prefer the MUFE: it has a more flexible coverage and comes in sixteen shades, as compared to 100% Pure’s seven shades and sheer finish. Both can be layered, and niether do that icky balling-up thing when you do so (which is usually the fault of heavy silicones, like dimethicone and methicone) but the MUFE can definitely be layered more – I’d say that F&B can give you sheer to medium coverage, whereas the tinted moisturizer gives more along the lines of very sheer to medium-sheer.

(For clarification, though: I don’t think the seven shades are holding 100% Pure back at all! Because it’s more sheer to begin with, there really isn’t a need for any more shades.)

100% Pure TM in Créme / MUFE F&B #38

flash support in indirect (very overcast) sunlight; click to enlarge

Availability and ingredients

Depending on your country, availability will probably vary; Face & Body can be found in Sephora and at MUFE counters, while 100% Pure is usually only stocked in beauty or organic boutiques. Price-wise, they’re very similar, with the MUFE coming in just a bit cheaper: in Canada, the MUFE is $42 for 1.69oz, vs. $41 for 1.8oz of the 100% Pure.

It’s the ingredients that get me, though; F&B contains fragrances, parabens, and silicones (so I can’t use it), while 100% Pure’s moisturizer is free of all the above. Plus, the latter comes with an added SPF 20, which is always a good thing to have around!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer in Créme


All in all, I do prefer the MUFE Face & Body foundation – but 100% Pure’s Tinted Moisturizer is one heck of a product, too!

If your skin can tolerate silicones and your nose can tolerate scents, I would opt for the F&B due to its satin finish and additional coverage. If not, then the 100% Pure is a fabulous choice if you’re looking for a TM to even out your skintone, particularly if you have a drier complexion.

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  • I actually started to hate my 100% Pure TM – it oxidizes on me like a complete mofo (excuse the language), leaving orange stripes on the sides of my face. I guess I'll only be able to use it when I have a decent fake tan going on (and I have the lightest shade as well). x
    My recent post Review- elf Beauty Encyclopedia Eye Edition

    • a;flsdjk damn I forgot to mention that >.< YES, the oxidization drives me crazy! The lightest shade often ends up too dark on me as well, though I don't end up with stripes? (I rub it in like a madwoman, though, which probably has something to do with it) :p

  • 100% Pure is actually in my local drugstore. I'm debating whether or not to try the TM out. Hmmm…
    My recent post Sundara Cosmetics Review- Overview Details and Things

    • Let me know if you try it! And make sure to account for oxidation, xP

  • Why do they feel the need for really heavily scented foundation? I mean, really? Bleh. I don't think I've ever heard of 100% Pure, either, but looks lovely!
    My recent post The Thursday Post

    • Gah! I have no idea – it seems completely nonsensical to me. I guess, like, maybe there's something else in there that smells funky and they felt the need to cover up the scent?


  • Always wondered about the 100% Pure stuff. Great review! I will need to check it out.
    Smells in face products don't bother me as much as scented mascara-what the heck is that all about? I don't get it at all!
    My recent post Orange Love Affair- Various Orangey Blushes

    • Lol! I have to admit, their blueberry-scented mascara's pretty awesome :p Totally nonsensical to scent a mascara, of course, but I just love the scent!

  • jhr2678

    I greatly appreciate the post. I had been wanting to try the MUFE face and body for a while. but HATE scents in my makeup, and now know that i should pass on it.

    • Glad it was helpful! I don't see why they had to go and scent it; it's really lovely aside from the strong fragrance :(

  • Rae, I feel like every time you review something by 100% Pure, I have to try it out!
    I only wish 100% Pure was available in stores so I could do color matches properly.
    My recent post Review- Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer

    • Haha, sorry darling! I'm all over their pomegranate moisturizer right now – SPF 20 and ridiculously lightweight ;) If you're going to cave & test out the line, I'd definitely recommend that one to start with!

  • janice

    thank you so much for the detailed review rae! yay for going overboard! :p

  • ivonne

    I love Face&Body Make up for ever so much, do you know any dupes for this foundation? thank you :)

    • None, sorry! Though if like a liquid-gel/straight liquid texture (rather than the more traditional liquid-cream), you may like Armani's Maestro foundation, or its L'Oreal dupe!