Silver Fox appreciation post

The pigment

Words? Who needs words?

(Okay, I need words. Even if this post was planned out to be nothing but a mindless picspam, I need words! This gorgeous shimmery  shade is FaceFront’s Silver Fox, a silver pigment with lilac undertones and a delicious “wet” sort of finish, even when used dry. You can catch it in action in this violet and silver makeup look.)

The swatches

I’m sorry, these swatch photos should be could be are all rather sub-par because the sun won’t properly come out… but you’ll just have to deal. I promise to make it up to you sometime, somehow!

After much contemplation (okay, okay, after a few moments of contemplation), I decided to just post all three – hopefully, the range of swatches will help show off how the light affects the pigment. They’ve all been taken in indirect partially-cloudy sunlight, and the last photo was taken with flash.

The animal

Image via Focks Yeah, Foxes! and more information on the silver fox Wiki page.

The journalist

Image via The Inquisitr.

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  • Shivani

    Actually, I am mildy disappointed because I thought that the entire post was going to be dedicated to Anderson Cooper. The pigment is gorgeous, though but the name is utterly misleading. :/
    My recent post Benefit Bella Bamba ♥ ♥ ♥

  • makeupmorsels

    HAHAHA I love those last two pictures :P The color is gorgeous, but the finish is just…insane. I thought it was a gel/cream shadow at first, especially in that third set of swatches.
    My recent post Watercolor EOTD Tutorial

    • I KNOW! D:

      (Why yes, I am running around head over heels in love :p)

  • olivia

    LOL I scroll down the post and see Anderson Cooper! HAWT! I just wish he would switch sides then all would be great! :p

  • It does look wet/foiled, even when it's dry – gorgeous! And the creature, it's so fuzzy looking! :D
    My recent post EOTD- I Have a Soft Spot For Greens

    • Eeeee I know! I want one :D

      (Except for how I don't, because I'd be afraid that it would eat me in my sleep.)

      (Daily dose of logic: an eaten Rae is an unhappy Rae.)

  • Rae! I love coming here to find brands I'd never heard of before (and probably will never get my hands on) BTW Am STILL waiting on my Ellis Faas order. Getting a mite worried :P
    My recent post Luxury Lipstick Face-off- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine vs Dior Addict new vs Guerlain Rouge Automatique

    • Haha, I'm glad that I can fuel your masochistic streak :P

      Hope your order shows up soon, lovely! With the crap service of Canada Post, I'm used to waiting aaaages for things, so I can't really commiserate with you – if it had already gotten to you, I'd have said it seemed unusually quick :p But I do hope it gets to you soon; waiting for stuff in the mail is never much fun at all!

  • Anderson Cooper was such a hilarious touch….I laughed out loud because I didn't expect him to be part of a "silver lavender fox" makeup post… He is hot though….too bad he bats on the other side…
    My recent post 7-Day Salad Handbook

    • Lol! But he so belongs in this post – you just can't say "silver fox" without talking about Anderson Cooper! :p

  • This made me laugh! Thanks so much!
    I'm convinced now-I need to order this one and the melon colour too, although I think I'll wait until the postal strike threat is over.
    My recent post Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil

    • Haha, you're welcome my dear :) *hugs*

      I hope you like them! This one in particular is just *crazy hand waving*. I've been all over it recently :P

  • lovely colour!

    as for anderson cooper… i get it, but i'd go for john slattery :p.
    My recent post Monthly Favourites – May 2011

  • lovely colour!

    as for anderson cooper… i get it, but i'd go for john slattery :p.
    My recent post Monthly Favourites – May 2011

  • lovely colour!

    as for anderson cooper… i get it, but i'd go for john slattery :p.
    My recent post Monthly Favourites – May 2011

  • lovely colour!

    as for anderson cooper… i get it, but i'd go for john slattery :p.
    My recent post Monthly Favourites – May 2011

    • Hmm. I don't know; the whole hardcore-journalism thing is pretty hot :P What can I say… I like a man with brains!

  • Kate & Zena

    Awwwwww, look at the foxy woxy! It's so cute! (Although I'm horrified that some people keep them as pets. Wild animals such as foxes, wolves, et cetera deserve to stay WILD. Yes, I know there was a movie called The Fox and the Hound. I own it. I even cried the first billion times I watched it. It does NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD DOMESTICATE A FOX. /End of rant. It ruffles my fur to see people make wild animals pets.)

    I still say that color reminds me of a nail polish color I had when I was younger. Just sayin'.

    • aslkfda;gjgh I know EXACTLY what you mean. One of the worst parts about cute animals in movies is that every eight year old will want one – and then six months later, you have all your little Nemos being flushed and dalmatians going to the pound. :(

      (I'm just thankful no one's tried to domesticate a fox and been eaten for their efforts. Though, they *would* have deserved it.)

      • Kate & Zena

        Wait, the fox has been eaten? I'm confused by the last comment. Explain the last comment. (The Autistic one is confused.)

        I did get a guinea pig a few months after newest Dr. Dolittle came out on video in the 1990s. HOWEVER, I kept him and took very good care of him–all 4 years of his life (Spotty-aka Spots–was only supposed to live one because the vet said he supposedly had leg cancer, he lived three extra years!) He was given a very grand funeral; well, as grand as one can give on a rainy day and for a guinea pig. I had one more guinea pig and after that, my mom forbade rodents. So now, there's only Z and that's probably a good thing.

  • MFunnyValentine

    OMG that Silver Fox journo is HOT. I'm going to go outside into the 3degree weather just to calm down, I think XD

    Love the eye shadow too!
    My recent post Worship Wednesdays- Jane Birkin

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