FaceFront Lust Quest pigments: review, swatches (part two)

The product: FaceFront Artistic Pigment in Soloura, Sea Soldier, and Steam

Don’t miss: part one, with photos of the other three pigments & general thoughts on the collection!

Solura (lite) – a gorgeous yellow-toned hilight. Not the most unique shade, of course, but gorgeous nonetheless ;) If you used a less-dense brush, this would look lovely on the cheekbones as well – perhaps a bit of a NARS Albatross dupe?

Sea Soldier (steel) – sea-foam green meets teal, according to FaceFront. I’d have to agree; it’s a really lovely, summery bright blue-green. I’d like a touch more pigmentation out of it, but it’ll still layer really well, and the finely-milled shimmer hits the nail right on its head!

Steam (pewter) – summery orange (rather than traffic-cone, which is always a plus). It’s a colour family I’m not usually fond of, but I actually really like how this looks next to Sea Soldier! The pigmentation’s decent when used dry with no base (as swatched above), but it’s awesome when foiled.

The verdict?

I really like these – surprisingly a lot, actually! While the other three from Lust Quest would normally tickle my fancy (hello, violets and greys), I think they did a better job with these ones, to be honest. And heck, they’re perfect for summer!


Sea Soldier


Swatched wet on unprimed skin in indirect (setting) sunlight – Solura, Sea Soldier, Steam

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  • I just don't know why anyone would choose to buy these instead of less costly and better pigmented indie colors =/
    My recent post Cant stop loving coral

    • *shrugs* To each her own, I guess! Price-wise, they're not more expensive than other indie colours that I've seen (these have 5g/jar, while most others are 1-3g, hence the price increase), and I guess I like that they're run like a "regular" company, even though they're actually a small one – for instance, the site's easy to navigate, and doesn't go down for weeks on end (ahem, fyrinnae :p)

      May I ask what your favourite indie brands are? I'm always on the hunt for new ones! : )

  • Wow, these colors are so soft and pretty :) I love pigments like that. Beautiful swatches!
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  • All three of these look gorgeous, especially Sea Soldier and Steam – and I love how finely milled they look! I rarely foil anything, though. :D
    My recent post More Brights and More MAC Lips- Vegas Volt

    • I love the look of Sea Soldier and Steam too! Gorgeous!!!
      My recent post elf Mineral Haul! Swatches and Review!

    • Why ever not?! D: I'm a complete foiling addict; the effect is always just – awesome. ^^

      • laziness :D If I wet my brush. then I need to go get another one for dry things later, and find someplace to dab my brush…haha. this all stems from the fact that i'm both crazy and lazy.
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        • LOL! No, I totally understand what you mean – I have the exact same (two) problems! :p Ended up waiting for a good sale, then picked up brushes just for foiling >.< #lazywin

  • I don't know why, but I seem to really like that orange!
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  • Kat

    Soloura is perfect on you! It looks like that (by me coveted) kind of highlight that just looks like beautiful, shiny(??!).. well, glistening skin! (However I write that, it just sounds unappealing) And not glittery. Or teal. Though that's good for somewhere and sometime, the way this looks on your skin is just right :D

    • Exactly! I love, love, love the sort of hilight that's just – sort of like skin, but luminous and lit from within and just… *makes flailing hand motions*


  • Rose

    I'd like to see an EOTD using Sea Soldier and Steam :)

    • No promises, but I'll see if I can find time to do one this weekend! :)

  • Vesna

    Sea Soldier is definitely up my alley! And yes, these do look better than those in your previous post (part one).

    p.s. your link which leads to part one is wrong – it leads to part two :D so you should fix that :)
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  • Sea Soldier and Steam look awesome! Both shades are my kind of shades. :)
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  • these colors scream spring!! love the idea of the sea soldier done with a hot pink fuchsia lip!! i would go all out!! i’ve never heard of this brand though?? like your site- very cute and great makeup info for addicts like myself:)

    • Thanks, Jenny! :) I have to agree with you on Sea Soldier; it would look fab with a fuchsia lip.

      FaceFront's still pretty small, which is probably why you haven't heard about them – they relaunched just recently (a year, maybe a year and a half ago, if I'm not mistaken). And they're online-only, unfortunately, which keeps them rather underground!