When it comes to corals, how sheer is too sheer?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The product: Annabelle Volumelip gloss in Coralicious

The formula: We’ve reviewed these in the past, so feel free to head on over there if you’re interested! Here are a few key points –

  • All VolumeLip glosses are paraben- and scent-free, which is awesome.
  • They’re not super moisturizing, but they’re also not stripping,
  • The pigmentation ranges to very sheer (like this one) to medium-sheer,
  • And above all: they’re not sticky!

bare lips / lip swatch of Coralicious

The shade: Coralicious is a gorgeous strawberry-coral in the tube, and looks almost like a dupe for the lovely Paris Rose but don’t be deceived; it goes on really, really sheerly! There’s just a dash of really finely milled shimmer and a hint of pigment, so it delivers a very sheer, natural lip… emphasis on the “sheer”!

I like my glosses to pack a bit more punch, so this one’s not exactly up my alley. It would be a great choice if you’re looking for something to bring a little life to your lips with no need for a mirror or touch-ups, though ;)

coralicious / so sanguine

The verdict?

As always, I really like the light, smooth formula of the Volumelip line. However, I’m not huge on Coralicious in particular – it’s a lovely shade, but just goes on so sheer! Pick it up if you’re looking for a paraben- and scent-free gloss that delivers a soft shine and just a hint of lustre, but just don’t go expecting much tint from it.

Bonus points, as always, for the cute packaging and awesome price, though!

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9 Responses to “When it comes to corals, how sheer is too sheer?”

  1. I barely see a difference. Eh… not for me.
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  2. instead of coralicious, i would call it… barelicious. get it? coz there's nothing there?

    yeah, i just woke up. don't judge me :p.
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  3. Larie, on May 12th, 2011 at 9:47 am said:

    I like sheer colors normally, but I also like them to have the benefit of being moisturizing, or at least carry an SPF rating – otherwise, it's not worth the hassle of even putting product on, for me. I have always like the look of "so sanguine," though :D Too bad there's no annabelle here.
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  4. I like my corals looking like corals not bare :P I love the look of So Sanguine actually. Now, THAT's a coral! :D Wish Annabelle was available online or somewhere where I can get my hands on them. They seem to have lovely sutff! :D
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