Silver Fox appreciation post

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The pigment

Words? Who needs words?

(Okay, I need words. Even if this post was planned out to be nothing but a mindless picspam, I need words! This gorgeous shimmery  shade is FaceFront’s Silver Fox, a silver pigment with lilac undertones and a delicious “wet” sort of finish, even when used dry. You can catch it in action in this violet and silver makeup look.)

The swatches

I’m sorry, these swatch photos should be could be are all rather sub-par because the sun won’t properly come out… but you’ll just have to deal. I promise to make it up to you sometime, somehow!

After much contemplation (okay, okay, after a few moments of contemplation), I decided to just post all three – hopefully, the range of swatches will help show off how the light affects the pigment. They’ve all been taken in indirect partially-cloudy sunlight, and the last photo was taken with flash.

The animal

Image via Focks Yeah, Foxes! and more information on the silver fox Wiki page.

The journalist

Image via The Inquisitr.

Off-topic | foodie photos

Cramming for a midterm between now and tomorrow, so you can have a few pancake photos in the meantime :P Enjoy!


FaceFront Lust Quest eye

Monday, May 30, 2011

Remember when my brain wasn’t a chaotic mess, and I used to post FOTDs each and every Monday?

… yeah, I don’t really remember it either.

I wanted to create a (mainly) Lust Quest eye this week; something a little more “up my alley” than last week’s melon and teal eye. The result? This thing! While doing it, I decided one very important fact: my favourite part about this collection is totally the finishes of the eyeshadows. There’s just something about the shimmer of Silver Fox that’s just so on-the-nose that I had to use it in a look to show you – that fresh, shimmery, wet sort of effect.

Anyhow. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I hope you get what I’m talking about! Enjoy the look :)

(More photos, products used, + swatches…)

New 29/05/11 + Sunday Steals and Deals

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello, Surf, Baby! I’m dying for the pigment stacks (the swatches I’ve seen so far online look awesome), but I’m holding back for now ;)

This week’s steals and deals…

The Body Shop (.ca) has not one, not two, but three awesome deals going on right now: buy three get two free, buy two get one free, or buy one get one 50% off. I’m not sure what the US deals are right now, but these three will run until the 5th of June! {The Body Shop}

To promote the new Bronze 2011 collection, the Clinique (.com) site is doing free shipping and a summer goodie bag with any purchase over $40 until the end of the month. {Clinique} is having a flash sale with a bunch of beauty products at up to 70% off until the 30th {Dermstore}

Sephora always has a plethora of awesome things on their Beauty Deals page, so I’m just going to point you that way instead of linking each and every one… {Sephora}

And, finally, Philosophy has free shipping and a free sampler bag with purchases over $50. Use pickskincare for a skin care sampler bag, pickfragrance for a fragrance one, and pickphilosophy for a favourites bag. {Philosophy}

FaceFront Cyber Gel “Magnetica” review, swatches

Friday, May 27, 2011

The product: FaceFront Cyber Gel in Magnetica

{cyber gel recap}

Alright, so I’ve decided that FaceFront’s Cyber Gels are like their answer to MAC Big Bounce shadows. Because they have a funny, slippery texture, and they’re pretty sheer, and not really what you’d expect from a cream shadow. Except for how they’re different and not really all that much like the Big Bounces at all.

Erm… anyhow.

I blame the severe lack of sleep for the shoddy photos in this review. Mainly, the suspicious flash photography around the end…

As a liner: This is where I think the Cyber Gels shine – on the waterline. However, when worn on the lid, these are just… average. Maybe a little less, even. Application’s a hassle because they set so quickly, and they transfer after an hour or two – something that makes the other two shades a no-go for me. Magnetica is more sheer and shimmery than Black Jax and Visionary Violet, though, so I find the transfer is limited to a line of shimmer, rather than a stripe of colour.

As a shadow: Magnetica’s… actually, not just Magnetica; all of the Cyber Gels. They’re just so strange! When they were fresh, I found that they went on quite patchy and creased badly, but with time (and perhaps because they’re starting to dry), they’ve been growing on me. As long as I keep the colour sheer and prime underneath, I find that creasing can be kept to a minimum.

Weirdly enough, this makes me think of a silver Urban Decay Sin UDPP counterpart – that almost-slippery texture, the sheer base colour, the wet-looking sheen due to the glitteriness of the product…

Try it/skip it if…

Try it if you’re looking for something with great waterline wear, if you want a fast, glittery wash of colour, or if you love the shade – it’s a great mauvey silver!

Skip it if you want a long-wearing, opaque lid colour, or if you’re prone to eyeliner transfer.

Swatched on the far right. Indirect sunlight, no flash. (More photos here.)

Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray is a fresh, silicone-free surprise

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The product: Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray

Redken describes this as a time-touch hair fragrance, and I’ll admit that such a label doesn’t exactly put it up my alley. However, I’ve read good things about other products in the line, and I’ve been promising more silicone-free hair care posts for a while now, so I figured… well, what the heck, right?

I’ve been trying my best, recently, to make sure I haven’t passed up a gem in my pile of products – and this is another one of those gems ;) It’s the first product I’ve been able to use in my hair since going ‘cone-free, and I’ve been absolutely loving it. The scent really does last all day, not really “hanging about” so much as it comes and goes with movement and such. I’d expected that “bursts of oceanic scent” would just be marketingese (that’s the technical term, of course), but the description is surprisingly accurate!

From a haircare point of view, the product’s not too shabby, either. My biggest worry was that it would make my scalp break out (our ‘cone-sensitive readers might know what I’m talking about here), but it’s smooth sailing with this spray. I usually spritz it on after styling, sort of as an afterthought, and it leaves my hair soft, shiny, and touchable – another huge thumbs-up. No sticky residue, helmet-head hold, or limp hair here!

The verdict?

If you like fresh, aquatic scents, definitely give this one a go. It’s sort of like a hair freshener, if that makes any sense, and I love the simple, beachy vibes it gives off. The packaging is my only complaint (it’s a little too light on the “mist” and little too heavy on the “soak”), but for the long-lasting freshness and the 100% touchable finish (like I haven’t any product in my hair at all), I’m willing to forgive and forget.

While we’re being honest… I’m dying to see more silicone-free products from Redken. They did a really lovely job with this one!

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