The orange lip trend. Or, re-visiting Annabelle’s Volumelip glosses.

The product: Annabelle Volumelip lip gloss in So Sanguine

The shade: So Sanguine is a gorgeous orange/orange-red gloss with medium pigmentation and no shimmer. It’s amazingly on-trend, and really wearable (especially for something so orange)! Not exactly my shade of choice, but nonetheless gorgeous.

It’s super, super cute on Arianne, though, who totally rocks the orange lip ;)

The formula: We’ve reviewed these in the past, so feel free to head on over there if you’re interested! Here are a few key points –

  • All VolumeLip glosses are paraben- and scent-free, which is awesome.
  • They’re not super moisturizing, but they’re also not stripping,
  • The pigmentation ranges to very sheer (usually the light, almost-nude shades) to medium-sheer (usually the vivid shades, like this one),
  • And above all: they’re not sticky!

The packaging: I should probably mention one more thing – that the packaging has been fixed! My first two VolumeLip glosses, Cherryoké and Sweet Tweet, feature the original, hard tubes… which means that I haven’t been able to use either in months, what with my hands and all. (Breaks my heart; Cherryoké is gorgeous!)

This tube, however, is blissfully soft in comparison :)

The verdict? It’s the same as it was last time: without a doubt, you must try these! So Sanguine is the perfect choice if you’re looking to try out the orange lip trend without going all-out, but the line has enough options that I think everyone will be able to find at least one shade that they adore.

(just a touch, so you can see the amount of pigment!)

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